Prepaway – 7 Benefits of Passing Oracle 1Z0-071 Exam

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The only way to clearly understand the workings of the Oracle Database is getting very proficient in SQL programming. Oracle 1Z0-071 certification exam is a perfect tool to master the ultimate skills that are used in the design and implementation of SQL statements in an Oracle Database.

1Z0-071 exam is associated with the following certifications:

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate

Passing this exam will bring you one step closer to the status of a certified professional.

1Z0-071 Exam Details

Prepaway is a well-structured exam that has 73 multiple-choice questions which should be completed in a maximum of 100 minutes. All candidates interested in taking this test must pay a fee of $245.To pass the exam, an individual should attain a score of at least 63%. Please note that in order to get certified you will need to pass several tests.

Still, as you prepare to take your 1Z0-071 certification exam, you should ensure that you are conversant with the following exam topics:

  • Using SQL
  • DML and TCL Techniques
  • Basic SELECT Statements
  • Table Joins Definition
  • Conditional Expressions and Conversion Functions
  • Data Display from Multiple Tables
  • Set Operators
  • Creation and Management of the Tables Using DDL Statements

Most of the information concerning the exam topics are available on the Oracle University website.

Benefits of Oracle 1Z0-071 Exam

The ultimate goal of passing an exam such as Prepaway is certification, right? But have you ever thought about how certification exam can advance your career? Even if you have not done any certification exam yet, then I am double sure that you are going to make up your mind today and take Oracle 1Z0-071 exam. Certification is a must for any IT professional. The benefits of Oracle 1Z0-071 exam are clearly highlighted below:

  1. Skills endorsement

Passing exam shows that you are conversant with the SQL programming language. In short, certification exams confirm your skills. Remember that it is only by passing an exam that you can prove yourself to be very competent in your area of expertise. Besides, employers would like to see proof of your skills before they assign you a role to play in their company or organization.

  1. Career standards

Life and career are all about steps, climbing one ladder after the other. Certification exams upgrade you from an ordinary IT professional to a specialist in SQL programming. More so, Oracle is a globally known certification vendor, therefore, the passing of 1Z0-071 exam will make you a valuable employee.

  1. Market your skills

Every year, IT professionals graduate from different institutions of higher learning. With millions of professionals graduating every year, only those who have done certification exams are recognized whenever they attend a job interview. This is because competence is the key to being selected for the job. Have you ever attended a job interview where you are just one of a hundred candidates? This is the moment when you will realize that certification can market your skills.

  1. Convince your employer

Come to think of yourself as the CEO of IBM, Dell, or even Microsoft. Where will your confidence lie when selecting between a certified professional and ordinary specialist? Surely, you would prefer to hire the one with certification because at least you can be sure that this candidate possesses the skills you require.

  1. Updated knowledge

This is the most important aspect of your IT career. You need to update your knowledge in order to keep up with the ever-evolving Oracle requirements. What’s more, Oracle keeps upgrading their database technologies in order to satisfy the needs of the industry, so you must ensure that your knowledge is relevant. Passing 1Z0-071 exam confirms that you are well aware of the latest advancements in Oracle technologies.

  1. Show your commitment

The decision to pass a certification exam clearly shows that you are committed to your work and career. Every employer would like to have you in his or her company because you have demonstrated an incredible desire for professional growth. As we all know, the most important tool in every career is commitment and dedication to your work.

  1. Continue your professional growth

If you have previously received a degree or diploma in ICT, then Oracle 1Z0-071 exam guarantees you a deep understanding of the concepts you have previously acquired. As a result, you will grow your Oracle database skills.

Job Opportunities

  • Database Architect
  • Database Developer
  • Database Designer

Oracle certification guarantees you at least a 10% salary increase once you have managed to pass all required exams.


Oracle SQL programming is the best skill to learn for the future because many businesses today are adopting Oracle database. If you still have not decided whether to take Oracle 1Z0-071 exam or not, then we hope that after this article, you will register for the test as it can open many doors for you in the future! Take time to prepare and you will surely pass. Good luck!

Available Application Forms
JEE Main 2019 Application Form by NTA Apply Here
BITSAT 2019 Application Form Update Apply Here
JEE Advanced 2019 Updates Available Now Check Here

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