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GD Goenka University Design Aptitude Test

Exam Date: 06 Aug - 19 Aug 2023 (Tentative)

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Exam Date: 06 Aug - 19 Aug 2023

GD Goenka DAT Syllabus 2023: Design Aptitude Test Syllabus for GD Goenka University Admission

Updated On - April 21 2023 by Abhinandan Singh

At GD Goenka University School of Fashion & Design, the GD Goenka Group offers education in Fashion and Design disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is administered by GD Goenka and is used to determine eligibility for admission to the Bachelor of Design (BDes), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Science + Master of Science (BSc + MSc, Dual Degree), and Master of Science (MSc) programs.
Aspirants must first pass the DAT to be considered for admission to the GD Goenka University School of Fashion & Design (SOFD). Shortlisted candidates in the GD Goenka DAT 2023 must thereafter appear for a personal interview phase. GD Goenka SOFD also accepts CEED and NID Entrance Exam scores for admission.

GD Goenka DAT Syllabus 2023

With the help of the GD Goenka DAT syllabus 2023, candidates will obtain an understanding of the categories, subtopics, and marks allotted for the examination. Sectional topics from several fields are covered at the GD Goenka University. All students must be familiar with the structure and format of the question paper in the GD Goenka Design Aptitude Test 2023  Course before beginning their preparation. The curriculum contains the topics and chapters from which the initial examination questions are derived. 


1. Divergent thinking, critical skills, critical reasoning, and formation theory are all distinct kinds of thinking.
2. The capacity to reason about multiple, potentially contradictory options at the same time.
3. Awareness of social, cultural, historical, and political issues
4. Perception and observation skills improved.
5. Creativity is defined as the ability to come up with new ideas.


1. Making, drawing, and digital manipulation are all examples of practical visual communication abilities.
2. Understanding and controlling materials and analysis was used to identify the chosen discipline (e.g. website construction, industrial manufacturing processes, pattern-cutting)
3. Skills in visual appreciation

GD Goenka DAT 2023 Exam Tips For Preparation

You must follow a good GD Goenka DAT Exam preparation strategy to boost your exam preparation. Refer to some of the tips below.
1. Prepare visual Notes 

If you wish to increase your visual intelligence skills, start studying notes for this exam. As a result, anything you read should be presented visually. Take a screenshot or a note of something you read about a dancer, for example. This will allow you to revisit and modify those topics as needed, gradually increasing your confidence.

2. Review previous examinations

You will build confidence and achieve good results by practicing prior papers and learning the pattern and types of questions asked in this test.

3. Make a schedule that works for you.

Making a solid timetable is one of the most significant GD Goenka DAT Exam recommendations. A well-planned timetable and timing will enable you to excel in this paper without difficulty. Do not go a single day without studying for the exam. Try to maintain a level of consistency, as this is crucial for this exam.

4. Keep track of your time as you work on this paper.

The timely completion of a paper is critical to a student's success. It is critical to devote a particular amount of time to each question to do this. If you keep to the time limit, your paper will be finished ahead of schedule.

5. Draw softly while studying for the exam.

It is suggested to sketch lightly while preparing for this exam so that you may spend less time erasing it. You can darken the image after you're satisfied with it. Reduce the amount of time you spend using an eraser as much as possible. This will free up a lot of time for you to concentrate on things like detail and shading.

6. Pay attention to the small things.

When you give preference to details, the drawing comes to life. The examiner can better comprehend what the applicant wants to portray from the sketch because of the detailing. Use shading as needed, and take care to give it a polished look.

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