10 Common Mistakes in Writing Nursing School Admission Essays

    Writing Nursing School Admission Essays
    Writing Nursing School Admission Essays

    Now, all the world is seeing how essential nurses’ work is for humankind. Everyone can see how challenging it is and how crucial it is for nurses to receive a proper education. If you are one of those who want to serve people, even when it means risking your life, this profession is for you. However, it isn’t very easy to get into a good school, especially if you also plan to apply for a scholarship. We are sure you have a list of rules telling you how to write a nursing school admission essay. What you don’t have is a list of most common mistakes made by people trying to do it right, and failing. 

    Mistake #1. Thinking that it is a simple task

    Well, it is not. Even if you are good at writing essays in general, it is not a guarantee you can deal with this task at the needed level of quality. It has a very specific structure, should be written in a particular tone, and it is possible you are not experienced enough (no one is) to do it from the first try. So make sure to take this task seriously from the very beginning.

    Mistake #2. Dealing with it the last minute

    It is not the task you can write in hours before the submission date and call it a success. Of course, you can try, but remember that the stakes are very high. If you lack time dramatically, it is better to address a professional writing service to help you out with this assignment. One of such sample websites is WriteMyPaperHub. A simple “write my essay for me” request if enough to get everything done on time and just the way it should be done. 

    Mistake #3. Approaching it as a formality

    It is a serious task which often is decisive when it comes to whether you will get your spot in college or university or not. It is not a formal task, like some questionnaire, it is an essay that will be read, probably several times by different members of the entrance committee. You don’t want them to think that you are not serious about your future, do you?

    Mistake #4. Lack of individuality

    Just for a minute, this of yourself as a committee member. You need to read dozens of essays, and they are rather similar. They cannot be fully different, because they answer the same questions, it is logical. However, most of them lack individuality, and only some of them stand out. Yours should be the one that stands out.

    Mistake #5. Using free samples

    They are horrible, and they make you think in a particular way. All you need is instructions from college or university, general guidelines, questions if any, and your experience and imagination. If you want real help — order your admission essay online, but choose an expert and trustworthy writing service. If you can’t, or don’t want to do this, ignore any free samples out there.

    Mistake #6. Ignoring questions

    Some educational institutions want you to answer questions, not just write a free-style essay. Don’t ignore those questions. They are not a formality. However, if you have some topics to cover, find a way to connect them with questions. Of course, not everything can be connected, but for most of the topics, it is possible.

    Mistake #7. One admission essay for many schools

    Of course, you won’t write an absolutely separate essay for each admission you plan to submit. However, you need to add some individual traits to every essay. Those traits should be related to a particular educational institution. Spend time reading about their research specialties, history, pro bono opportunities, etc., and you will be able to add some meaningful custom details to your essay.

    Mistake #8. Forgetting about goals

    Your essay should clearly show why you need this education, why you want it, and what you will do with it later. Skip all the details, but explain precisely why it is so important for you. Don’t only write about your past, your experience, but tell about how the world may benefit from the fact that you may become a nurse. Be realistic but ambitious in your plans.

    Mistake #9. Low-quality writing

    We saved this to the last, as it is a rather obvious point. We, however, can’t ignore it. Even if you have brilliant ideas, you need to prove that you can express them in writing. Many mistakes, technical omissions, weak sentences, confusing twists kill your chances to get accepted. Use proofreaders, read your paper aloud, check it several times before submission. 

    Mistake #10. Tedious formatting

    Don’t ignore formatting rules just because it is not a standard college essay. Committee members get very irritated by reading an untidy essay, which looks more like some blog posts. It is an academic world, and your paper should represent the respect you have to it. 

    Of course, just reading this list will hardly do you any good. You need to start using it, checking whether you are prone to make such mistakes or not, and decide what you can do about any potential pitfall. It is very irritating to get rejected when it comes to the job of your dreams. So, focus both on the rules related to how to write an admission essay, and don’t forget about possible mistakes. If you are not sure you have enough experience, knowledge, or time to write this paper on your own before the submission date, delegate it to professional authors. Remember about your final goal, and use all the means you can reach you to achieve it. Good luck with your submission, future nurse!

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