6 Reasons People Choose To Study Medicine

Young Intern at the Hospital Completes Task
Young Intern at the Hospital Lab completes Task and receives feedback
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Many parents encourage their children to study medicine. However, their motivation is often for the paycheck and prestige. The truth is that there’s more to becoming a doctor than those things.  Medicine requires a lengthier study time compared to other degrees, yes. It also has demanding entry requirements. However, those weren’t enough to discourage people who are passionate enough about becoming a physician. In fact, there’s really nothing to be disheartened about. For instance, when applying to medical schools in the US, the AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) has made applying easier for students these days. Medical Aid published an article about it, guiding first-year applicants who are about to go through the online application process. 

Medical students sitting and talking
Medical students sitting and talking

If you’re still not convinced, here are more reasons why people choose to study medicine:

  • It’s Never Static or Boring

As technological advances speed up the scientific discovery’s pace, researchers in the medical field make breakthroughs every day. Physicians also now have new ways of engaging with and helping patients, thanks to new technology. These unprecedented methods have added new dimensions to practicing medicine. Examples of these medical technologies are imaging, diagnostics, and home devices.

What medical students learned a couple of years ago could soon become outdated, so doctors must always be prepared to keep learning. Paradigms of how the scientific world think about diseases’ cause and treatment are quickly changing. It has made medicine practice more daunting nowadays. While it’s true, the constant changes have also made the field more exciting.  

Medicine is never static nor dull, which is people who study it are those who love exciting breakthroughs.

  • The Chance To Help Other People

Many medical students have come from a family of physicians and got inspired to care for the sick. Others are from disadvantaged communities and are driven to pursue medicine because of their desire to address the underserved population’s unique healthcare needs. It only shows that many people enter the field to have the chance to help others. 

More control over their health-related decisions and more of a relationship with doctors are things that many patients want now. This has pushed physicians to become more open and better prepared for engaging with their patients. It’s no wonder why many doctors are working in underserved communities as part of their training. It’s also the medical field’s way to be more open to broader issues in humanity. Concepts of shared decision-making and patient-centered care are also now broadly accepted in medicine.  

It’s an exciting time for people who want to have the chance to help others to enter the doctor profession because a physician’s role is broadening.

  • Balanced Learning

There’s a hefty amount of theoretical work involved in medicine, although it shouldn’t come as a surprise because people’s lives will be in a doctor’s hands. However, it’s essential to note that a large chunk of the field is actually practical work. Hence, it’ll give people who dread reading hundreds of books a sigh of relief. 

Work placements will allow students to engage and interact with patients. It’ll also expose them to the different available specialties of a doctor. These things are usually done on university campus hospitals or the partner medical centers of the medicine college. 

The balance between theoretical studies and practical learning is another reason why many people want to pursue becoming a doctor.

  • Employment Is Almost Guaranteed

Unless humans stop getting into accidents or contracting a disease, there will always be a need for medical doctors. The high demand for physicians is why medical students are already working less than a year after graduating. 

In fact, more than 90% of medicine graduates already received job offers six months after completing their degree.

  • Many Specialties To Choose From

A dizzying number of specializations await medicine degree graduates. Anesthetist, pediatrician, and surgeon are only some of the so many career paths in medicine. 

A medicine degree holder can work for the government and be a medical officer assigned in a specific area. If you’re into sports, you can also work with sports teams as a team doctor. Some physicians even venture into healthcare technology and try to create revolutionary medical apps or devices. 

As long as humans get sick, medical training can take anyone pretty much anywhere. That flexibility is what pushes some people to study medicine.

  • The Chance To Work In Multidisciplinary Teams

Doctors will always be around professionals of different backgrounds or disciplines. As a physician, you’ll work closely with pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, and nurses – to name a few. The varying points of view will surely be refreshing. Many people study medicine because they know they won’t be surrounded by the same people (e.g., fellow doctors) all the time.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve gotten better insight into the life that awaits a medicine student. Sure, the lifestyle can be challenging to keep up with and it’s not an easy career at all, but the things mentioned and discussed in this post are only some of the many positives that make becoming a physician worth it. Send your application to medical schools if these reasons have piqued your interest!


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