Cisco 100-105 Exam – Your First Step in the IT World


    Cisco 100-105 Exam – Your First Step in the IT World: There are certain jobs in the IT world that require different kinds of skills and knowledge, and the way to prove that you have the relevant skills is to take the exams that test them. Cisco offers some of the most widely administered and accepted exams in the IT industry. Having the Cisco certifications in your CV can make you stand out as a job candidate, and the certificate obtained after the 100-105 test is especially important as it is an evidence of your grip on some basic topics in the field of IT.

    A general overview of the exam

    The 100-105 certification test consists of approximately 45-55 questions, which follow various patterns and can be multiple-choice, drag and drop, or they can be simulations, simplest or tests as well. It can be extremely useful to visit some of the tutorials that are given by Cisco on the format of the questions. In the exam, it is sometimes possible that you might panic when you see a new type of questions that you are not used to, but you can avoid this stress by actually taking some time during your preparation for familiarizing yourself with the question formats.


    The time limit for this exam is about 90 minutes, and the passing score, which may be changed by Cisco, ranges from 800 to 850 out of 1000. Checking regularly the Cisco website may be a good idea to remain aware of any changes in their grading policies so that you can adjust your preparation accordingly.

    What will I learn?

    Passing the 100-105 exam will lead you to the CCENT certification by Cisco, the advantages of which are often not understood by many. However, getting the CCENT credential means that an IT specialist understands Ethernet switching, variable-length subnetting, NAT, VLAN, IP address, and etc. As you can see, there are many skills that are very important for any network technician seeking to land a good job in the IT industry, and taking the 100-105 test is the first step towards obtaining these skills. There are five main topics tested. They involve LAN Switching and Routing fundamentals, network fundamentals, infrastructure services, infrastructure maintenance. The weight of the LAN Switching fundamentals topic is the biggest one. It contains 26% of all the exam questions. To prepare for these questions, it is recommended to use practice tests. Taking more practise tests helps you understand the exam format better and feel more confident during the real exam.

    Where can I use the skills from this exam?

    If you look at the work that a network engineer does on a daily basis in an enterprise network, you will realize that the skills gained in the ICND1 exam are the most crucial. Some of the skills that become very handy on a practical basis include managing VLANs and portal security and troubleshooting and examining ACLs, usually on firewalls.

    Among other things, this trains you to become a network engineer. This role is often called on for support by application teams to determine application performance issues. There can be numerous causes for such issues, and the Cisco 100-105 exam can help you prepare for a situation. The IT specialists often do not understand the true nature of client/server relationships, and this is where the skill set of a network engineer comes in handy. This situation is just one of the many in which you can use the abilities you obtain from the preparation. This certification instils in the skills that are unique only to you, and if you are the only one in your company with the CCENT certificate, you will probably be the only one with these skills making you an important asset for your company.

    Why should I get the CCENT certification?

    One of the things about the CCENT certificate is that the more you use the skills learned in your daily routine, the more you will understand their importance. You can utilize these skills to troubleshoot the application issues that may be occurring on a network. This credential can help you gain experience in troubleshooting 1-7 issues, something that can help you make adjustments to your network and enhance performance. As a CCENT certified professional, you are better equipped than a non-certified specialist to deal with performance issues because you not only know the superficial characteristics of these problems but you also understand their root causes and how to address them.

    The need for more Cisco certifications

    As we have stated before, the Cisco 100-105 exam, its skills, and its importance are often underestimated by many people, and that is extremely wrong. As we have discussed above, these skills are, perhaps, some of the most important ones that a network technician should possess. In addition to this, writing the 100-105 test is the first necessary step that you need to take in order to obtain the more advanced Cisco certifications. If you truly want to become completely certified by Cisco, the 100-105 ICND1 exam is even more important for you as compared to someone who is taking it for just a particular job. This is because it gives you a basic, foundational understanding of network characteristics and issues, which is something you need to know before moving on to the higher Cisco credentials.

    Quite often, it is the special skills of network engineers, which make them more suited to dealing with network and application issues as compared to other IT specialists. Nowadays, when there are countless people taking all kinds of certification exams, it may be good to sit for a test that will be valued by many companies, and that is not taken seriously by other candidates.

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