How Can Salesforce Admin or Developer Certification Make You Different from Other Candidates?


Do you enjoy helping others by providing different solutions to improve processes? How about doing it using a certain technology? Salesforce credentials are the most efficient solutions based on such technologies for different businesses. You can use this platform to respond to the current requirements and successfully perform admin functions. If you wonder why you should put the effort to take the exams to earn the Salesforce certifications, the following paragraphs will give you all the necessary reasons for doing so. Keep reading the rest of the post and you will get convinced that investing in any of the Salesforce credentials is the best thing you can do for your future.

Salesforce Certifications – Brief Outline

If you enter on the Salesforce official website, you will find different accreditation options that will help you leverage your skills in using the Salesforce platform. Overall, you can find 5 categories of the Salesforce badges, such as the Salesforce Administrator, Architect, Developer, Marketer, and Consultant. To know more, all of these sections contain 4-6 credentials that you can pursue, where each requires passing an exam. As each certification has a different path, you should read carefully the requirements and steps which you need to take to get the desired badge.

Reasons for Getting Salesforce Badges

Irrespective of the certification you decide to obtain, you will get some competitive advantages over other candidates. As not everyone manages to pass the Salesforce exams, if you are the lucky one, then you will enter an exclusive group of people who invested their time and money in upgrading their skills. By adding an international credential to your resume, your chances to have a bright career and become a valuable member of your team will grow significantly because:

– You will learn how to use Salesforce functions and solutions from top experts. Salesforce is one of the most popular platforms which is used by many businesses around the world. Thus, apart from developing different accreditations for candidates, this vendor has a skilled team of trainers who are dedicated to sharing their tips and tricks on how to use the solutions effectively.

– By earning a prestigious credential, your access to international corporations will be easier. Recruiters appreciate those candidates who spent their free time preparing for such accreditations. It is valid proof that you are a reliable specialist whose skills have been validated in one of the most exigent exams.

– This is a great opportunity to learn more about Salesforce updates. As technology trends are changing, Salesforce is also adapting its services to meet the business environment requirements. Therefore, by preparing for passing the Salesforce certification exams you will learn everything about the platform itself and will understand how to use it to improve business processes.

– All in all, some of the Salesforce badges can get you $141k yearly, according to the vendor itself. For more details of the annual income that you can get with the certifications from this vendor, check their official website.


Indeed, any Salesforce certification can differentiate you from other candidates for many reasons. Their badges are your golden ticket to obtaining a higher-paid job and working in an international company. These credentials are valid proof that your professional skills have been tested and you can add value to any business process. As training is the secret weapon when it comes to getting Salesforce accreditation, you can improve your chances to pass the assessment by using the vendor’s materials.

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