How To Write A Great MBA Personal Statement: Best Tips For It

    How To Write A Great MBA Personal Statement: Best Tips For It
    How To Write A Great MBA Personal Statement: Best Tips For It

    In the present time, students are often faced with the use of MBA personal statements. To apply for work, or get to the college, students are in obligation to write their application essay also known as a personal statement. Something that students find very hard to overcome about writing an MBA personal statement is its beginning. The problem doesn’t lie in the act of writing itself, but the start of it. However, we are here to erase all your worries and help you to understand how you should write a great personal statement and what tips to remember. So, stay tuned and find out.

    Be Original

    The first piece of advice we will give you is to be original. It is often the case that students don’t know how to express themselves in the right way. Instead, they are tempted to borrow the ideas from others and just copy or rephrase them. In order to write an MBA personal statement that will attract attention, you must write your own thoughts and avoid being accused of plagiarism. Unfortunately, plagiarism is present in the writing world much more than it should be. A lot of inexperienced writers and students borrow others’ creativity and take it to their advantage. You must prevent this and focus on your creativity and imagination. Your personal statement is about you and only you. That’s why, in the beginning, you must pay attention to the originality of your ideas and write something that other candidates cannot provide. Your uniqueness may be the key that will open the door to your success. That way, you will stand out and the committee that is charged for admissions will consider you as a valid nominee. Don’t write what the committee is going to expect from almost every participant. Try to visualize like you are in front of them. It will boost your thinking and creativity will show up.

    Specify Your Working History

    If you possess some working experience, it can be beneficial for you to mention it. The candidates with such experiences are more likely to be acknowledged than the ones without them. People that will read your application will be aware that you don’t miss this important factor. They often pay attention to this detail as they consider it a big plus for the applicant. So, try to be specific and paint your working experiences with the brightest colors. You must be aware of how important this part can be for their decision so don’t be careless when writing about it. Students are not paying much attention to it and that is where they are making a huge mistake. Don’t be like them and listen to this advice of ours. If you worked somewhere for some period, even as a volunteer, it will give the committee a different perspective on you as a candidate. It will mean that you can contribute and can provide communication skills too. Working experience often develops strong skills of this kind as people are in contact with others all the time. This is something that a result from your tests cannot affect. It is not all about getting good grades, some practice is truly recommendable too.

    Clarify Your Aims

    The pursuit of an MBA Degree often requires a goal. Students who want to achieve it will probably have a goal they are aiming to reach. You should not be an exception either. When writing your statement, try to share information about your goal and what you plan to achieve. One of the areas that MBA personal statements can be visible is marketing. For example, if you are good at it, try to describe what exactly you plan to do. Maybe you possess good manipulation skills and can persuade a customer to buy a product even if he doesn’t like it at first sight. If that’s the case, don’t forget to emphasize it. It will give the committee the right and wide picture of your capacity and potential. People who plan in advance are well-organized and that is a skill that anyone admires. Have that in mind and try to explain where you see yourself in the upcoming decade and how this MBA personal statement can help you in your path.

    Describe Your Talents & Personality

    To get a desirable MBA Degree, you must feel a responsibility and duty to pinpoint your talents. Students are young people who are often afraid or simply hesitate to write about themselves. You must be decisive and determined in order to achieve your goal. If you are capable of providing high-quality services in some areas, feel free to let the readers of your application know that. This is a time when you mustn’t be shy. Open yourself up and list all the talents you might be having. Furthermore, essays about personalities are common today. Writing services are the ones that discovered it quickly. Even the best essay writing service constantly needs to make sure in their writers’ personalities but also in the customers’ too. That should be enough proof that you must value your personality at first. Let the judges see your true self and what kind of person you are. Give your personality a space to come up and show it in the best manner. It will be useful if they know the way of your thinking and how you are finding the solutions to the problems. So, specify your personality so the committee will know what they can expect from you.

    State What Makes You The Right Fit

    A typical MBA essay is from 750-1000 words long. It should give you enough space to feel comfortable to describe what makes you an ideal fit for their program. This is a part where everything you have done sums up. You must be determined and not kneel in front of a challenge. Grab your chance firmly with both hands and be confident. Readers of the admissions often like to see some leading skills from the applicants. If you express a certain amount of passion towards the MBA program, they will be aware of what it means to you. This will make it clear that you are serious and that you truly want it. So, put your heads up and stay focused!


    We tried to suggest to you some of the best tips on how to write your MBA personal statement. If you strictly follow them, there is a high probability of getting a positive result. Just be and stay what you are and don’t let anything stop you from reaching your dreams. We wish you the best of luck in your future applications and hopefully, we helped you in some way.

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