Popular Careers Where You Can Fight A Pandemic Like Coranavirus In The Future


    Are you inspired by the stories of all the professionals who are fighting at the frontline with the global outbreak of novel Coranavirus and devastating the lives of many? These stories are not fiction, this is a real heroic act, served by many such people who are staying awake, suppressing hunger and taking care of others despite the enormous risk involved in COVID-19 outbreak. So who are these people fighting in the frontline when a pandemic like this happen? These professionals are from different fields such as a general Physician, a Paramedic, a Nurse or a Social Worker, a Civil Servant or a Police Officer, to the Security Guards and the Vegetable and grocery vendors or the Sanitization Department- all are fighting together so that the citizens does not face any problem at this moment of crisis.

    Do you want to be one of these over the next few years and be prepared to face the challenges arising out of such novel pandemic disaster?

    Such critical situations involve a large team of professionals in different areas. Let us look deeper and understand the different careers that fall within the broad areas of work.

    Research and Development 

    This involves the study of a microorganism from scratch and collecting data as to how it is reacting with the human cells. The R& D branch consists of two types of Research- Scientific Research and Medical Research

    The key people involved in the research team are- 

    Biological scientists:

    1. Microbiologists– Microbiologists study about microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungus and other microorganisms. They research about how these microorganisms grow and evolve, changes in their genetic mechanism and how do they affect plants, animals and humans.
    2. Virologists – The Virologists are mainly specialized in the stuy of virus, their structure, evolution and growth and their affect in other living organisms. 
    3. Epidemiologists – These professionals are involved in study and research about the causes of diseses and health related disorders. They closely read the affect of these diseses over a geographic region or among communities an find out ways to fight with these diseases.
    4. Geneticist – Geneticists study the genes of humans, animals and microorganisms. They study about the gene mutation, h0w various biochemical processes take place inside the mitochondria of human cell and the genes and genome sequences
    5. Molecular Biologists – These professionals are concerned with the biological and biochmical processes which take place inside the human body, plants and animals.

    Medical Scientists:

    1.  Immunologists – Immunologists are concerned with the study and research on the immune systems animals and humans. They understand the process of immune system and how it fights against the diseases.
    2.  Pharmaceutical Scientists – They study, research and discover about different medicines such as tablets, capsules, injections, syrups etc to combat the diseases.
    3.  Clinical Resesrchers – They deal with the safety and find effective ways to deliver a newly discovered medicine or treatment method in the medical department.

    Mass Fatality Planning

    This includes Medical and welfare assistance, Planning, Management and Communication.

    Medical and Welfare Assistance:  

    1. Medical and Clinical Practice – The General Physicians and Specialist Physicians provide the first level of medical care for patients suffering from dideases like COVID 19 and the specialist physicians on the other hand provide speciality healthcare when the patience’s condition is critical and it requires hospitilization. The professionals involved in this field are- Physicians, surgeon, pathologists, public health consultant.
    2. Allied Healthcare Professionals – These professionals aid the doctors and specialist physicians to provide medical care or clinical care. Such as- Nurses, Medical Laboratory technologists, Emergency and Critical care  technologists, respiratory therapists etc.
    3. Paramedics – Paramedics department helps the Allied healthcare professionals to provide assistance to the patience.Some of these professionals are- Emergency medical Technician, General Nurse, Patient care Assistant, Hospital/ Healthcare Administration, Medical social workers, etc.

    Planning, Management and Communication

    These professionals are not involved in the medical department directly but they play a major role to conduct proper planning and management of an epidemic and pandemic situation. They help in controlling the mass, providing guidelines for safety and good health of the citizens, taking decisions for the welfare of society, etc so that we can fight together to eradicate the viral threat altogether. This branch includes professionals like IAS Officer, Public Policy Expert, Police Officer, Public Health Administrator, Public Communication Expert and media professionals like Journalists, etc.

    You too can be a part of this and save mankind from such disasters in future

    The rate of transmission of various microbes that are transmitted from various animals to humans and has been seen in last 25 years(such as Swine flu, HIV, Covid-19, etc), we need to be prepared to face the challenges during such a critical situation. Therefore, a large number of these professionals are required to serve the nation amid the pandemic and epidemic disasters in future. We can no longer keep the human lives at stake and hence we require a large team to fight such mishappenings at future.

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