Practice Tests or Exam Dumps: Which of These Two Tools Can Help You Explore Cisco 200-901 Exam Topics


The Cisco 200-901 DEVASC exam is a prerequisite for the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate credential. It is a 120-minute long test. The recommended course for this certification exam is Developing Applications & Automating Workflows using Cisco Core Platforms. In addition to this official recommendation, there are other resource platforms that you can visit to find top-notch study materials for your test. One of such sites is Exam-Labs. You will be able to explore a wide range of tools that will equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to excel in the Cisco 200-901 exam.

At the time of this writing, the Cisco 200-901test hasn’t yet been released. But we know that it is available in the English language, and the candidates can register for this exam with Pearson VUE. The fee for this test is still unknown but it will definitely fall within the range of other Cisco exams.

What topics should you explore to know more about Cisco 200-901 exam?

To get you started on preparation, Cisco has released the exam topics that will be evaluated in the actual certification test. According to the vendor, these objectives are simply guidelines of what to expect during the exam. However, there may be additional related topics that can be included in the delivery of a specific test. Let’s look at the subjects as given by Cisco.

  1. Development& design of software – 15%

This topic covers a wide range of subtopics that the candidates must ace to be able to achieve success in the exam. All in all, you need to perform the following tasks for the Cisco 200-901 test:

  • Compare different data formats, including YAML, JSON, and XML;
  • Illustrate parsing of regular data format to the data structure of Python;
  • Illustrate the theory of test-driven development;
  • Evaluate the methods of software development, including waterfall, agile, and lean;
  • Describe the advantages of organizing code into methods, functions, modules, and classes;
  • Enumerate the benefits of version control;
  • Use regular version control processes with Git;
  • Identify the benefits of common design models.
  1. Understanding &utilization of APIs – 20%

The Exam-labs students must be able to construct the REST API request to achieve the given task of API documentation; describe regular usage patterns as they relate to web-hooks; identify constraints in the course of consuming APIs. The candidates also need competence in explaining regular HTTP response codes connected with REST APIs; troubleshooting problems given HTTP response code, request, & API documentation; constructing Python script that calls REST API with the use of request library. The individuals for this exam should also be able to use regular mechanisms of API authentication, including API keys and custom token. The ability to compare regular API styles is also important to your success in the Cisco 200-901 certification test.

  1. Cisco platforms &development – 15%

Among other things, the applicants should know how to construct a Python script that utilizes Cisco SDK given SDK documentation. They also need to know about the abilities of APIs and Cisco network management platforms, as well as the capabilities of Cisco compute management platforms & APIs. The learners also need the knowledge that will enable them to describe the abilities of Cisco collaboration platforms & APIs, capabilities of Cisco security platforms & APIs; explain device-level APIs & dynamic interface for NX-OS and IOS XE.

The individuals also need capability in identifying the appropriate DevNet resource for the given scenario and apply theories of model-driven programmability in the Cisco environment. They should also be able to construct code for performing certain operations supported by a set of prerequisites and specific API reference documentation.

  1. Security & deployment of apps – 15%

This topic requires that the candidates learn to describe the advantages of edge computing and be able to identify features of various application deployment representations, such as public Cloud, private Cloud, edge, and hybrid Cloud. It also requires skills in identifying features of application deployment types, including bare metal, containers, and virtual machines. The test takers should also be able to explain the components of CI/CD pipeline in application deployments and construct Python unit tests. Additionally, they should know how interpret the contents of Dockerfile; use Docker images in local developer setting; identify application security problems associated with encryption, data handling, and secret protection. You should also be able to describe the deployment of firewall, load balancers, reverse proxy, and DNS in an application.

  1. Infrastructure & automation – 20%

To be able to answer questions on this topic, you should have skills to explain the value inherent in model-driven programmability for the infrastructure automation, as well as be able to compare the management of a controller level to a device level. The examinees also need to be able to describe the usage and roles of network simulation as well as test tools such as VIRL and pyATS. Other skills required forthose who are taking Cisco 200-901 are as follows:

  • Explain the ability of automation tools;
  • Identify workflow that is being automated by a Python script using Cisco APIs;
  • Interpret results of NETCONF or RESTCONF query;
  • Interpret unified diff and basic YANG models, as well as sequence diagram including API calls.
  1. Network fundamentals – 15%

This Ciscotest requires that the candidates have the capacity to describe the function and usage of VLANs and MAC addresses; describe the function and usage of routers, gateways, subnet mask/prefix, and IP addresses; describe the role of regular networking components. The students should also be able to interpret a fundamental network topology diagram with components, such as routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, and port values. They also need the relevant skills in describing the function of control planes, data, and management in network devices. The individuals should know how to describe the significance of network constraint on the applications.


The test takers should study the different aspects of these topics to be able to achieve their desired success. There are various resources to help you understand all of them. You can start your preparation from the Cisco learning platform and then move on to Exam-Labs that offers the best prep tools for your Cisco 200-901 exam.

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