Chhattisgarh Pre-Pharmacy Test 2020

CG PPHT - Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Pre-Pharmacy Test 2020

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CG PPHT Syllabus 2020: Pdf Download, Exam Pattern

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CG PPHT Syllabus 2020 is published by CG Vyapam on its official website. Candidates must aware of exam pattern and syllabus, at the time they prepare for the exam. Chattisgarh pre pharmacy test duration is 180 minutes. CG PPHT 2020 question paper contains total 150  objective type questions each of 1 mark. It is a state level exam conducts to offer admission to pharmacy course. Candidates can check the complete article to get detailed information.

CG PPHT 2020 Syllabus

The syllabus has been released by CG Vyapam Candidates can check the cg vyapam ppht 2020 syllabus in the given below points:-

  • Units and dimensions, Dimensional analysis
  • Acceleration due to gravity and its variation
  • Hooke’s law
  • Specific heats at constant volume & constant pressure
  • Heat conduction in one dimension
  • Periodic motion
  • Wave nature of light
  • The human eye
  • Bohr model of the atom
  • Bar magnet
  • Coulomb’s law of electrostatics
  • Electrostatic potential
  • Electric current, Ohm’s law
  • Measurement of voltages and currents
  • Electric power heating effects of currents
  • Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field
  • Electromagnetic induction induced emf Faraday’s law
General and Physical Chemistry
  • Structure of Atom
  • Constitution of nucleus
  • Chemical bond
  • Solutions
  • Solid State
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Ionic Equilibria in solutions
  • Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Kinetic
  • Electrochemistry
  • Surface chemistry, Colloids and Catalysis
Inorganic chemistry
  • Principles of metallurgical operations
  • Chemical periodicity
  • Comparative study of elements
  • Transition metals
  • Coordination compounds
  • Chemical analysis
Organic chemistry
  • Calculation of empirical & molecular formulae of organic compounds
  • Preparation properties & uses of alkynes, alkanes and alkenes
  • Nomenclature
  • Methods of preparation
  • Polymers Classification
  • Bio molecules
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinate geometry of two dimensions
  • Coordinate geometry of three dimensions
  • Vector algebra
  • Differential calculus
  • Integral calculus
  • Differential equations
  • Statistics
  • Numerical methods
  • Linear programming
  • Structural Organisation of cell, theory
  • Mendel’s Laws of inheritance
  • Difference between prokaryote & Eukaryotes
  • Five kingdom classification
  • Elementary knowledge of Microsporogenesis
  • Tissue & tissue systems
  • Enzymes & growth hormones with reference to their classification
  • Ecosystem-Structures and function
  • Role of plants in human welfare
  • Food preservation Methods and importance
Multicellularity-Structure And Functions of Animal Life:
  • Structure & function of Animal tissues-Connective, Muscular, Epithelial,Skeletal and Nerve.
  • Histology of Mammalian organs- Stomach, Lung, Intestine, Liver Kidney, Testis and Ovary.
  • Structure and physiology of different organ systems of the Human body-skin, Excretory system, Nervous system, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Reproductive system.
  •  Muscles on the basis of movement, Skeleton, joints, Receptors.
  • Endocrine system with special reference to various Endocrine glands of man & Hormonal coordination Vitamin & minerals (source and disorders due to deficiencies).
Developmental Biology and Genetics:
  • Gametogenesis along with structure of Sperm and ovum. Female reproductive cycles in mammals.
  • Types of eggs. Development of mammals upto three germinal layers, Fertilization, cleavage, types of cleavage and blastula, Foetal membranes-Structure and functions in mammals. – Growth, repair and ageing, amniocentesis.
  • Chromosomes, types of chromosome, Hormonal, Chromosomal and Genic balance theory of sex determination. Sex linkage and Sex linked inheritance in Man. Human Karyotype and chromosomal abnormalities and syndromes.
  • Blood Groups & their significance, Blood bank.
  •  Genetic engineering (Brief idea), Tissue culture, Mutation, gene mutation.
  • Human population-Natality, dynamics Of human life with respect to food supply, Mortality, Sex ratio, Population explosion, housing, health and standard of living impact of population, problems and their control.
Taxonomy Evolution Economic Zoology:
  • Classification-  Basic features of classification, Binomial and trinomial nomenclature.
  • Classification of different animal phyla up to classes with characters & suitable examples.
  • ORIGIN OF LIFE. Theories of Organic evolution-Darwin, Human evolution Lamarck, Synthetic. Evidences of organic evolution.
  • Economic Zoology‘ Sericulture, fishery, Agriculture, Lac culture, Poultry and peral industry.
  •  Insect carrying diseases in relation to man. Protozoan disease in relation to man. Cancer-types of cancer and cancer cell.
  • Communicable diseases (Hepatitis, AIDS) STD, Immune Response, Antisera and vaccines, Allergies.
  • Alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction, symptoms and control.
  • Wildlife conservation.
  • Pesticides-Uses, advantages and hazards
Candidates can download the CG PPHT 2020 Syllabus PDF.

CG PPHT 2020 Exam Pattern

Candidates should know the exam pattern before applying for the exam. Candidates can check the previous year exam pattern as mentioned below:-

  1. Mode of examination: Offline pen paper mode
  2. Total number of Questions: 150 Questions
  3. Total number of marks: 150 Marks
  4. Type of Question: Multiple choice Questions
  5. Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics
  6. Marks for correct response: Allot 1 mark
  7. Marks for wrong response: no negative marking

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