How to Write a College Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

College Essay
College Essay
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To start with, a lot of students frequently face the problem of getting their writing assignments done. Some of them do not know what to write about, another part knows pretty well how to hook up the admission tutor, but does not know how to write it appropriately in terms of grammar, syntactic, and structure. If you are the one mentioned above, you will never again get stuck with the rhetorical question ‘who will write my paper for me?’, because we have already made a list of essential tips to make your essay polished and impeccable. Be sure to follow them, and you will score the highest point after the committee reads and checks it.

Get Arranged

This is the first and the most predominant tip because you must figure out what you have to do. Even though a lot of schools stick to delineated rules, there are still many colleges, which have their requirements and application processes. So, first of all, you should become familiar with the essay you need to write. If you do that, you will save your time and have the most productive approach to your writing tasks. And do not forget to check up the word count, because it varies from one college to another.

We all know that in order to write a good essay, one should divide a plethora of time to do it successfully. That’s why we recommend starting being involved in your paramount assignment a couple of months before the deadline.


After you got to know the requirements, you should start thinking about choosing the topic you want to write. There are usually different essay prompts to select on a college application. They are prone to be broad, open-ended questions, which give students a bunch of themes to be completed. However, bear in mind that you don’t have to describe your whole life in one essay because the committee will be perplexed with this information. Instead, focus on some defined experience and depict it from a variety of perspectives, which will show what you value and how it helped you to overcome potential obstacles you have previously faced.

Developing a Topic

Finally, you have picked a question, which is detailed, insightful, and meaningful to you. After that, just let your hand draw any thoughts associated with the subject you are writing. Don’t focus on a structure and word count because by doing that, you may easily draw a blank while correcting your mistakes or whatsoever.

When you are done with this task, simply try to narrow it down by eliminating the least useful takes in your opinion, which you don’t like in comparison to other ones. Moreover, the language of the essay should not be strictly formal, which means that you are likely to write freely, as if you would write to your favourite teacher. But do not exaggerate, you must hook the admission staff not only by your language but also by being engaging. So, to be short but precise, use a free language simultaneously and engagingly develop your subject, and the half job will be done successfully.


Okay, now you have a draft of your writing work with your main points included. Then you should focus on a structure, which will give your sketch a view of the complete essay. As you know, the structure is contained of introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction, provide the reader with your targets about this work. Do not be accurate because you will develop it in the body paragraphs. Just hook them with a well-written intro, which will make them curious about your further part of the paper, which is the body.

In your body paragraphs, you are to describe those aspects, which you have previously mentioned in the intro. Attach to your points some exclusive examples and relieve their gluttony after reading the introduction.

Finally, in conclusion, just shortly summarize what you have written above so that they will indisputably remember your manuscript.

But keep in mind that this written discourse in still considered to be the sketch, so remain here because there are some more tips to be done.

Editing Your Paper

We bet that no one writes an exquisite first draft. No matter if you feel that you wrote it correctly, just refresh your mind and have a rest for a couple of days by putting aside your work. Surely, after getting back to it, you will find some issues to be improved. You may well give it to the peers to glimpse at it, who can quickly draw your attention at the things you were not thinking about. You are likely to use online sources to check if you have some minor issues like typos, but do not overestimate its capability; sometimes, they can spoil your thought by correcting wrong words.

You can also check an essay service review at TopEssayGuiders if you want to be fully confident in your thesis statement, style and grammar. If you’re still unsure, get a free grammar check from Writer’s tool.

Finalizing Your Paper

Once you have written your final article, give yourself a break for a week, and then get back to it and read it carefully. Scrutinize each sentence, checking every word to make sure it is correct. You are likely to give it to read to your friends, but ask to focus only on errors and typos because you don’t want to change your overall tone of the essay. One may say that it sounds weird because the level of thoroughness is overused. Still, it is worth spending your time to ensure that it is polished and you don’t have any confusion in the paper.


Finally, the moment has come. Now you should submit your essay, whether online or not, along with the rest of your application. And be proud of your hard work, which is the brick in your future academic wall.

Final Word

There is a vast list of tips on how to write a perfect essay that exists, but you never know what to focus on to write it correctly. However, we showed you the most significant ones, which is complicated with your facts, would increase your chances to be accepted into a college.

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