Top online tools & resources to prepare for exams

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The features of the different study tools allow students to prepare for tests, assessments, and quizzes ranging from entire courses. These tools are available for different purposes from covering the entire lectures towards the quick preparation for the examination. Whether the subjects are related to literature, mathematical calculations, or it’s about physics equations, these online tools can help you in this regard. Educational tools can be downloadable, web-based while some of the modern methods include smartphone apps. Educators usually use these online resources in the classroom to assist students in making their course completion in a better way with a better understanding of the concepts. The young students can also use these tools for their preparation for the exams. Most of the tools are usually used at the time of the examination for quick study and preparation.

Below, we have enlisted some of the top online resources that are helpful for your preparation during or before exams.

1. Quizlet

The more student plays the quizzes, the more chances of better preparation. In light of the quizzes, this tool helps with the cheat sheets, tests, field tests, coordination games, and even reporting tools.

  • Quizlet also has a free mobile phone application to learn in a hurry and even concentrate on the concerned topic.
  • The two games inside the app, Scatter and Space Race, allow you to familiarize yourself with the material and have fun with it.
  • In Scatter, users pull definitions or data to their connected partners as quickly as they would expect under the circumstances and clear the screen.
  • In Space Race, definitions look across the screen and you type in the right word or expression before the definition arrives at the end of the screen.
  • With pioneer loads and high scores, you can fight to grab the best opportunities by adding the inspiration of rivalry to your gaming interface.

2. Evernote

The students can cover a few unique phases from time to time, but with Evernote, all of your notes, data, and research can be brought together in one place.

  • With this free education tool, this website can synchronize your information across PCs and phones, share it with different fellows.
  • Evernote can be used in a variety of ways including gathering research data, arranging the cover notes, conducting studies that turn away from notes in the classroom, even from ordinary, non-academic activities.

3. MeraCalculator

Calculations and conversions are one of the important parts of education whether primary or higher education.

  • For this, you don’t need to do manual calculation especially when you are in hurry for preparing for the examination.
  • MeraCalculator is one of the famous websites for providing multiple subjects calculator including Physics, Chemistry, Finance, Business, Mathematical, statistics, and a lot more.
  • This site can be used for quick calculations when revising your syllabus. For example, the business students might need to convert billion to crore and for this, they can use this website’s tool.
  • The website is completely free and you can use it for any purpose even without the aspect of education.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another amazing choice for people who need to learn more outside the educational institute.

  • This free website offers you lessons that are relevant to the course at your institute. You can discover data on mathematics, physics, science, microeconomics, and computer, and this is just the beginning.
  • When you choose your inclinations, this online academy will put you on the path to your goals with courses that will keep you up to date with your development to help you stay on track!
  • When you are preparing for the examination, you can collect some additional data from the expert at Khan Academy while most of the instant information will let you cover the topic easily.

5. Slideshare

SlideShare is a well-known presentation provider that is an innovation by the famous website LinkedIn.

  • Since LinkedIn is a type of social media site, SlideShare clients will generally be visiting for education-related presentations and research material.
  • SlideShare has a growing number of visitors. In 2020, SlideShare estimated the number of customers at about 80 million. There are 40 unique categories and a large number of slideshows have been downloaded.
  • The best part is that there is no cost to download that is shared on SlideShare instead just sign-in and download whatever presentation you are required.

6. Studyblue

StudyBlue is a quick testing application that is specifically designed for secondary schools and students.

  • Students manage their advanced tests using text, images, or language chronicles. StudyBlue is intended to serve as a report to the test that allows peoples to search for their respective school, subject, class, and teacher.
  • If their school is not included in the application library, customers can add it themselves. The idea is that all the quick study in a particular class will receive a similar arrangement of notes and learning materials at this website.
  • The quick notes or tests can be revealed or used privately for individual or collective studies.
  • Customers create a profile when they join StudyBlue and provide the name of their school and the explanation behind their use of the application.
  • When they join, they can welcome their fellows to join them. The registered students can browse the library of curated cards for a more self-coordinated learning experience.
  • The free form grants students limited access to content. The premium account at this website, StudyBlue Pro, requires an annual membership of $9.99

7. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an Internet search engine (provided by Google) that focuses on facts writings and research material. However, high-class students around the world know it as a beneficial tool to help them find writing material or facts about their research topic.

  • The tool enables users to discover full content or brief information about the topic with different resources and helping material.
  • It has an interface comparable to Google, which makes it easy to use, especially for those who already know the search engine.
  • Google Scholar regularly connects its customers with essays and articles on websites that expect customers to purchase a membership or pay for an article, but it is a beneficial phase to the students seeking course material for exam preparation.

Using this tool, you can prepare yourself for your next examination easily without spending much time finding the best learning resources.

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