Take your photography hobby to the next level. Here’s how!


    In recent times when everyone has access to DSLRs and camera phones, people very easily click and share their photos on social media platforms. This is making people exposed to photography and visual imagery in various forms. In fact, photography has now become an integral part to communicate, promote and express. Looking at the importance of photography these days, many colleges and universities have launched professional courses. Read on to discover how a professional degree in MA photography can help you succeed in the current job market.

    • Licensing your photos: One of the best ways of earning more money as a hobbyist is to license your images for future use. Make yourself available for contracts from small card companies or even avenues outside of season’s cards. You may also choose to take up contracts from fashion agencies, where they can use your pictures for a fee. Furthermore, this can be considered a great way of networking and potentially sell your photography work.
    • Shoot at events: Attending events is yet another way to enhance your photography hobby. You could take a bunch of photos, edit them and then create your own gallery. You can then share this gallery in every group and forum related to the event and include your contact information for the event organisers to buy a digital downloadable, which they can own and print for private use.
    • Sell photos to media or small business houses: If you use your camera to shoot current affairs, it can turn out to be a great way of earning money on the side. You can shoot while travelling to capture noteworthy happenings or maybe local woes. Then, you can contact news and media outlets to sell those photos, or maybe put up those images and videos on the internet to gain demand for your talent. You can also conduct paid shoots for people and small companies and charge them slightly less than what a full-time photographer would.
    • Put those prints up for sale: Selling prints online, either locally or privately, is yet another way to earn money while being a photography hobbyist. You can go to local art shops which sell photography prints and may lookout for websites that are willing to stock up your photography works. It is always preferred that you choose to approach photography outlets with high-quality sample prints, to make it easier for them to decide whether or not to sell your work.
    • Indulge in stock photography: This is an incredible way of earning money but can be very difficult at the same time. There are a plethora of stock websites available, where you can upload your pictures both as a hobbyist and a professional photographer. Stock photographs are generally put up both for private or commercial use.

    Do you wish to take your photography to the next level by attaining success making money? Studying MA Photography can help you polish your photography skills to kick start your career in this industry.

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