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GITAM GSAT Syllabus 2020: Details, Exam Pattern

Updated On - May 11 2020 by Swagota Nandi

GITAM GSAT Syllabus 2020 is released by GITAM University. The syllabus remains as same as the previous year's entrance exam. This exam is conducted once every year to enroll the eligible candidates in the Bachelor's & Master's degree in different courses. On qualifying, GITAM GSAT 2020 candidates can choose degree courses such as B.Sc/BCA/BEM/M.Sc/MCA in different subjects. For the candidates to prepare better and smart, a synopsis of the  GITAM GSAT syllabus for the exam and subject-wise weightage is the most important step. So, read the below-given article to know more about GITAM GSAT 2020 Syllabus in detail.

GITAM GSAT Syllabus 2020

There is a range of topics in the GITAM GSAT 2020 syllabus from which the candidates have to prepare for the examination. The detailed list of GITAM GSAT syllabus is given below:-

Test Code 101:
SubjectsImportant Topics
Physical Science(M.Sc)Real Number System, Sequences & Series, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation & Integration, Vector Calculus, Groups, Rings, Vector Spaces, Inner product Spaces, Differential Equations, Solid Geometry, Matrices 
Data Science(M.Sc)Limits, Continuity, Differentiation & Integration, Groups, Rings, Differential Equations, Matrices, Numbers, Average, Percentage, Ages, Ratio and proportion, Decimal fractions, Area, Volume & Surface Area, Simple Interest, Profit & Loss, Heights and Distances
Electronics(M.Sc)AC Fundamentals, AC & DC Network theorems, RC & RL Circuits, PN Junction, Transistor, RC Coupled Amplifier, Feedback, Operational Amplifiers, Communications, Power Supplies, Digital Electronics, Combinational & Sequential Circuits, Introduction to Microcomputer & Microprocessor
Physica(M.Sc)Mechanics of rigid bodies, Central forces, Central forces, Thermodynamics, Quantum theory of radiation, Optics, Laser & Fiber optics, Dielectrics, Moving charge in electric & magnetic field, Electromagnetic induction
Statistics(M.Sc)Basics in Statistics, Probability, Distributions, Correlation & Regression, Concepts of Sampling & Testing of Hypothesis, Large Sample Tests, Theory of Estimation
Mathematics(MCA)Limits, Continuity, Differentiation & Integration, Groups, Rings, Differential Equations, Matrices, Numbers, Average, Percentage, Ages, Ratio and proportion, Decimal fractions, Area, Volume & Surface Area, Simple Interest, Profit & Loss, Heights and Distances
Test Code 102:
SubjectsImportant Topics
Environmental Science(M.Sc)Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies, Ecosystems, Biodiversity & its conservation, Natural Resources, Water Resources, Energy & Land resources, Environmental Pollution, Solid Waste Management, Social Issues & the Environment, Global Environmental Problems, Human Population & the Environment
Test Code 103:
SubjectsImportant Topics
Inorganic ChemistryAtomic Structure, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Coordination Chemistry, Crystal Field Theory
Organic ChemistryFundamentals of Organic Chemistry, Stereochemistry, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatic hydrocarbons, Alkyl Halides, Aryl Halides, Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers, Aldehydes and ketones, Carboxylic acid derivatives, Amines & Diazonium Salts, Diazonium salts, Amino Acids, Peptides & Proteins, Carbohydrates
Physical ChemistryChemical Energetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibria, Solutions, Phase Equilibrium, Conductance, Electrochemistry, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Liquids, Solids, Chemical Kinetics,  

GITAM GSAT Exam Pattern 2020

Candidates must be aware of the GITAM GSAT 2020 Exam Pattern to get an idea regarding the exam. Check the exam pattern for GITAM GSAT below:

Exam PatternDetails
Examination ModePen and Paper(offline) based
Medium of ExaminationEnglish
Questions TypeObjective Type
Exam Duration1 hour
Total Number of Questions60 questions
Total Marks60 marks
Marks for a correct answer+1 marks
Marks for the wrong answerno negative marking

GITAM GSAT 2020 Important Books

Given below are the preparation books to related to the preparation for GITAM GSAT 2020:

Books NameAuthors Name
Vedic Mathematics: The Student Taking Competitive ExamsRajesh Kumar Thakur
Problems in Calculus of One Variable I. A. Maron
Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics V. Krishnamurthy,  K.N. Ranganathan, C.R. Pranesachar, B.J. Venkatachala
Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics A. Das Gupta 
Differential Calculus for IIT-JEEAmit Agarwal
Calculus and Analytic GeometryThomas & Finney
Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced Arihant Publications
Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEESK Goyal
Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chem.Peter Sykes
Numerical Chemistry 22/eP Bahadur
University ChemistryBruce Mahan
Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ. D. Lee
Organic ChemistrySolomons & Fryhle
Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry for JEE/ISEETAnanya Ganguly
Essential Physical Chemistry for JEE Main/AdvancedRanjeet Shahi
A Textbook of Physical Chemistry for JEE Main & AdvancedDr. R.K.Gupta
Organic ChemistryMorrison & Boyd
Concepts of Physics (Volume I) H.C. Verma
Concepts of Physics (Volume II) H.C. Verma
Handbook Physics: Key Notes, Terms, Definitions & FormulaeArihant
Mechanics Part-1 & 2DC Pandey
Understanding Physics Electricity & Magnetism DC Pandey
Complete Physics for JEE MainIrodov
Diversity of the living organismsR.S.K.Barnes
Biology for class 12S. Chand
Biology books NCERT
Biology books for class 11 & 12Trueman
Objective BotanyAnsari
Objective BiologyDinesh

GITAM GSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

Apart from knowing the exam pattern and books to prepare for GITAM GSAT 2020, the test-takers must know some preparation tips as well for GITAM GSAT 2020. Check some of the expert tips given below.

  • Analyze the exam pattern properly: Candidates must check the exam pattern carefully before starting the preparation.
  • Proper time management: The sections covered in the exam are vast, so make sure you have decided the time to cover a particular section well in advance. Follow the same time table to Practice before the examination
  • Practice Online mock tests: Practice the GITAM GSAT 2020 online mock tests.
  • Start the preparation early: For any exam, the candidates need to start their GITAM GSAT preparation as early as possible. This will enable you to know your weaknesses and strengths will in time and you can rectify the errors too.
  • Practice previous year question papers: To score well in any examination, the candidates need to practice from the GITAM GSAT previous year question papers and sample papers. To understand the difficulty level of the exam over the year.

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