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Tripura TET Syllabus: Topic Wise, Subjects Included, Test Centres

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Tripura TET 2023 Syllabus will be released by the Teachers’ Recruitment Board, Tripura (TRBT). This test is reserved for teachers at the elementary (classes I through V) and upper primary (classes VI through VIII) levels in the state of Tripura. At the state level, the test is held once a year. Paper I and Paper II of the Tripura Teacher Eligibility Test 2023 will be administered. Candidates who desire to work as a primary school teacher must also pass Paper I (classes I through V) and Paper II (classes V through VIII) to be considered for the upper primary teaching position. Before applying for the exam, candidates must make sure they are eligible.Furthermore, the candidates must read the complete article to know more about Tripura TET 2023..
Candidates who pass the Tripura TET 2023 exam will receive a provisional T-TET Eligibility certificate. The certification does not ensure the selected candidate's appointment as a teacher, but it does serve as a criterion for persons applying for teacher recruitment campaigns at various schools in Tripura. Aspirants must fill out an online application form available on the Teachers Recruitment Board Tripura's official website to apply for Tripura TET 2023.
The Tripura TET 2023 exam consists of two examinations, each with its own syllabus and five subjects. Paper 1 is for those interested in teaching Classes 1 – 5, also referred as the Primary level, while Paper 2 is for those interested in teaching Classes 6 – 8, also known as the Upper Primary level. The curriculum for the Tripura TET Recruitment may be found on the Teachers' Recruitment Board of Tripura's official website.

Tripura TET 2023 Syllabus

The Teachers Recruitment Board of Tripura or TRBT has established a different syllabus for both papers of the Tripura TET test. The detailed syllabus for both Paper I and Paper II of Tripura TET 2023 is provided below.

T-TET Paper-I

I.Child Development And Pedagogy: (30 Mcqs)

(A). Child Development (Elementary School Child):
  • Development as a concept and its relationship to learning.
  • Infancy, childhood, and youth are all periods of growth and development. Children's development principles.
  • The impact of genetics and environment on a child's development, as well as the teacher's function. The participation of parents, friends, and educators in the socialisation process, as well as the social world and children.
  • Piaget's cognitive development theory, Kohlberg's moral developmental psychology, and Vygotsky's social constructivism theory, constructions and critical views, Piaget's cognitive development theory, Kohlberg's moral development theory, and their pedagogical implications
  • Child-centered and progressive schooling concepts, teaching and learning techniques, progressive education concepts, and the teacher's role
  • Multidimensional intelligence, Sternberg's information processing theory, the idea of I Q, and intelligence from a critical perspective
  • Language and thinking, several phases of language development, and the role of teachers in the language development process are all discussed.
  • Gender as a cultural structure, gender roles, gender bias in education, gender equality, and the role of the teacher
  • Individual differences among students, as well as differences in vocabulary, social position, gender, community, and religion, must be understood.
  • Assessment for learning vs. assessment of learning, classroom assessment, ongoing and thorough evaluation, viewpoint, and procedures are all discussed.
  • Developing relevant questions to measure learners' preparation levels for boosting thinking and problem solving skills in the classroom, as well as measuring student performance.
(B) The Concept Of Inclusive Education And Understanding Special Needs Children
  • Educational implications for students from various backgrounds, including underprivileged and bereft students.
  • Identification and remedial procedures for children with learning disabilities, mental retardation, physical challenges, and social and cultural deprivation. Providing for the needs of gifted and talented students, including gifted, creative, and differently abled youngsters.
(C) Pedagogy and Learning:
  • The teaching and learning process, establishing learning circumstances, learning experience criteria, multiple modalities of learning, social learning, cooperative and collaborative learning, discussion in groups, and the role of the instructor are all covered.
  • Learning motivation, learning variables, learning theories: Pavlov, Thorndike, Skinner, Piaget, and Vygotsky
  • Motivation: Definition, kinds, and relevance to learning, as well as motivation theories.
  • Perception, concept generation, thinking, imagination, reasoning (inductive and deductive), problem-solving, and remembering are all cognitive processes.
  • Characteristics, emotional stability, emotional maturity, and emotional quotient are all terms used to describe emotions (EQ). Personality and adjustment: Concepts, methods, personality types and traits, personality measurement, projective and non-projective procedures, and adjustment mechanisms.

T-TET Paper-II

II. Language-I: English: (30 Mcqs)

A. Language Comprehension:

  • Concord
  • Question tags
  • Prepositions
  • Tense and time
  • Determiners
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Gerunds
  • Error identification
  • Modals
  • Degree of comparison
  • Transformation of sentences
     Vocabulary Test:
  • Word formation from jumbled letters, antonyms, and synonyms, affixes, one-word substitution, idioms, and phrases.

B. Pedagogy For Language Development:

  • Language acquisition and learning.
  • Principles of language teaching.
  • Language skills – strategies to develop them.
  • A critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas in oral and written form.
  • Challenges of teaching language in diverse classrooms- language difficulties, errors, and disorders.
  • Introduction to English Phonology – stress, intonation, IPA, transcription, and prosody.
  • Teaching-learning materials: textbooks, multimedia materials, ICT, multilingual resources of the classroom.
  • Assessment- self, peer, and teacher.
  • Strategies for teaching children with special needs (CWSN).
  • Remedial teaching.

Tripura TET 2023 Test Centres

Following is the list of T-TET Exam Cities, aspirants need to choose the Tripura TET Exam Centres as per the interest and suitability while filling Tripura TET Application Form 2023.
Name of the Districts Test Centres
West TripuraAgartala
North TripuraDharmanagar
Sepahijala Sonamura
South TripuraBelonia
Unokoti Kailashahar
Khowai Khowai

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