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Amrita University Mass Communication & Journalism Communication Aptitude Test

Form Date: 01 Mar - 30 Jun 2023 (Tentative)

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Form Date: 01 Mar - 30 Jun 2023

AMRITA CAPTEST 2022: Preparation Tips and Tricks

Updated On - January 08 2022 by Srishti Pandey

AMRITA CAPTEST 2022 Preparation Tips- The correct study material and preparation method can help you prepare for the CAPTEST. Some of the topics that may be asked in the admission exam have been specified by the Amrita School of Communication. It all comes down to scheduling, having the correct study materials, and being in the right frame of mind when it comes to CAPTEST preparation. Aside from preparation, ample revision and rest are also required. Candidates can prepare for the CAPTEST 2022 by using the methods listed below.

AMRITA CAPTEST 2022 Preparation Tips

Figure out the Potential:

The first stage in CAPTEST preparation is to figure out how many topics you can cover in a day and how many questions you can answer quickly according to the curriculum. It is vital to study according to a set schedule in order to prepare for any exam.

Be familiar with Pattern:

The CAPTEST Pattern is a pattern that you should be familiar with.

First and foremost, students must comprehend the entrance test pattern, which includes questions such as whether the exam is objective (MCQ) or subjective (multiple choice), how long the exam will be, and if the exam will be taken online or offline. When you grasp the pattern, you may create an exam preparation blueprint in your head and know how to manage your time when taking this university entrance exam.

Be informed about the Marking Scheme:

The CAPTEST Marking Scheme is something that you should be familiar with.

Candidates should understand the CAPTEST marking scheme in addition to the exam pattern. You should be aware of the details because they will assist you in better preparing for the exam and increasing your chances of success.

Understand the CAPTEST Syllabus:

You should also be familiar with the topics covered in the course you are applying for. Know the facts, elements, and themes to appear in the entrance exam, whether it's for a BA in Mass Communication, MA in Communication, or PG Diploma programme. Even if you've already studied these general themes, go through them again. Plan ahead of time on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. There is no such thing as success without effort. So you can better prepare for admission by knowing which areas to cover in depth and other sections, such as General Studies, would require only a basic understanding. In the realm of mass communication, it is also necessary to remain up to date on current events in the world. You can do so by following the steps given below:

  • Cover the topics thoroughly and be aware of the crucial themes that must be covered.
  • Divide the subjects and topics into two categories: Simple and Challenging. Discuss issues that you find difficult.
  • Make a list of the themes with the highest weighting (based on past years' question papers).
Create a schedule:

Before you begin your preparation, make a schedule. Make a plan for how much content you'll be able to cover each day, week, and month. The ability to plan allows the candidate to cover all of the topics that will be included in the entrance exam. It's pointless to read at the last minute since it won't benefit you. In mass communication, there are numerous points to remember, and it is difficult to do so all at once. Set aside time for study, revision, and leisure activities.

Examine Question Papers from Previous Years:

Going over past year's question papers is the greatest method to acquire a sense of what to expect in the exam. You can figure out how many questions and answers there are, the weightage of the marks, the kind of questions, and how many sections have the highest possible score.


It's time to go over what you've learned after you've prepared. It's important to keep in mind that you'll need to revise your work.

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