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Chhattisgarh Pre-Polytechnic Test 2020

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CG PPT Syllabus 2020: Exam Pattern, Details

Updated On - May 12 2020 by Kartik Arya

CG PPT Syllabus 2020 is released by CG Vyapam. But the syllabus is supposed to be common and same as the previous year entrance exam. Whole syllabus of the examination can be classified into two major divisions includes Maths and Science. This exam is conducted once every year to enroll the eligible candidates in Diploma Courses in Engineering. For the candidates to prepare better and smart, a synopsis of the CG PPT syllabus for the exam and subject-wise weightage is the most important step. So,read the below-given article to know more about CG PPT 2020 Syllabus in detail.

CG PPT Syllabus 2020

CG PPT 2020  will have questions from the subjects of Science and Mathematics. Included within the sections, there are a range of topics in the CG PPT 2020 syllabus from which the candidates have to preapare for the examination. The detailed list of CG Vyapam PPT syllabus is given below


TopicsImportant Topics
General Properties of Matter and SoundMeasurement, Motion, Force, Work & Energy, Wave & Sound
Matter(Structure & Behavior)Nature of Matter, Structure of Atom
Light, Electricity & MagnetismLight, Electricity and its Effects, Magnetic Effect of Current, Magnetism
Classification Of Elements, Chemical Bonding, Reaction & Some Important CompoundPeriodic Classification of Elements, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Bonding, Rate of chemical reaction & chemical equilibrium, Some important chemical compounds
Natural ResourcesMetals, Nonmetals, Coal and petroleum, Hydrocarbon, Source of Energy 
EnvironmentBiosphere, Pollution


TopicsImportant Topics
AlgebraRational Number & Expressions, Surds, Indices, Ratio & Proportion, Quadratic Equations, Polynomials, Linear Equation, Arithmetic Series
TrignometryRatios, Equations, Identities, Height & Distance Problems
GeometryFundamental concepts of Geometry,  Different theorems or axioms & their converse
Co-Ordinate GeometryDistance, Section & Mid-Section Formula, Area of Triangle, Centroid and Incentre of Triangle, Three collinear points
MensurationTriangle, Rectangle, Circle, Cube, Cuboid, Prism, Cylinder, Cone & Sphere
StatisticsStatistics & its Defination, Collection & Presentation of Data,  Arranging data in ascending and descending order, true class-limits, construction of cumulative frequency table, Inclusive & Exclusive class, Variate, class-interval, class-size, class-mark, frequency of a class, cumulative frequency of a class, class-limit, mean, mode, median & pie chart, Probability.
ComputerIntroduction, What is computer, constituents of a computer, working of computer, Basic structure of a computer, use of Venn diagram in logic, Implication, Biconditional, Truth table, negative statement, conjunction, Disjunction, , change in binary number to decimal number & decimal number to binary number ,Binary digit system

Candidates can download CG PPT Exam Syllabus in Hindi also.

CG PPT Exam Pattern 2020

Candidates must be aware of the CG PPT 2020 Exam Pattern to get an idea regarding the exam. Check the exam pattern for CG PPT for admission Diploma in Engineering below:

Exam PatternDetails
Examination ModePen- Paper(Offline) Based Test
Medium of ExaminationEnglish and Hindi
Exam Duration3 hours
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions
Total Number of Questions150 questions
Total Marks 150 marks
Marks of Correct Answer+1 marks
Marks for Wrong Answerno negative marking
SubjectsWise Marks:-
SubjectsTotal marksTotal Questions
Physics50 marks50 questions
Chemistry50 marks50 questions
Mathematics50 marks50 questions
Total150 marks150 questions

CG PPT 2020 Important Books

Given below are the preparation books to related to the preparation for CG PPT 2020 below:-

Books NameAuthor Name
Chhattisgarh PPT Pre-Polytechnic Entrance Exam 2020Arihant
Chhattisgarh Pre-Polytechnic TestLal & Sharma
Chhattisgarh Pre-Polytechnic TestTajdar Khalil

CG PPT 2020 Preparation Tips

Apart from knowing the exam pattern and books to prepare for CG PPT 2020, the test-takers must know some preparation tips as well for CG PPT 2020. Check some of the expert tips given below.

  • Analyze the exam pattern properly: Candidates must read carefully the exam pattern before starting the preparation.
  • Proper time management: The sections covered in the exam are vast, so make sure you have make proper time table to cover a particular section well in advance . Follow the same time table and Practice before the examination
  • Practice Online mock tests: Practice the CG PPT 2020 online mock tests.
  • Start the preparation early: For any exam, it is important for the candidates to start their CG PPT preparation as early as possible. This will enable you to know your weak and strong topics will in time and you can rectify the errors too.
  • Practice previous year question papers: To score well in any examination, it is important for the candidates to practice from the CG PPT previous year question papers and sample papers.

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