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Counselling: 15 Jun - 30 Jun 2021 (Tentative)

Counselling: 15 Jun - 30 Jun 2021

DHE Odisha ITI Cut Off 2021: Check Institute & Category-Wise Cut Off Marks

Updated On - March 04 2021 by Akriti Maurya

DHE Odisha ITI Cut off 2021 is released by the Directorate of Technical Education & Training. The cut off is the minimum marks a candidate has to score in order to get admission in Odisha ITIs. The cut off is displayed in the pdf form category wise and institute-wise. Furthermore, by checking the previous years’ cut off of Odisha ITI 2021, the candidate can assess their upcoming Odisha ITI merit list/result. The cut off depends on the various factors number of candidates applying for admission, seat availability, etc. Go through the article below to know more about DHE Odisha ITI 2021 Cut off.

DHE Odisha ITI Cut off 2021 Dates

The candidates must keep themselves updated with the important information pertaining to the  Odisha ITI Cut Off 2021 release dates which have been given below in the table:
EventsTentative Dates (2021)
Selection list release2nd week of July 2021
The download of the intimation letter2nd week of July 2021
Reporting of selected candidates at ITIs2nd to 3rd week of July 2021
Admission data updation selection in Phase 13rd week of July 2021
Common Application Form (CAF) availability (Phase 2)3rd week of July 2021
Last date to submit the application formLast week of July 2021
Submission of CAF by the nodal centre3rd week of July 2021
Deadline for validation of CAF1st week of August 2021
Selection list release1st week of August 2021
The download of intimation letter1st week of August 2021
Reporting of selected candidates at ITIs1st to 2nd week of August 2021
Admission data updation selection in Phase 12nd week of August 2021
Admission data update2nd week of August 2021
Phase 2 Spot Admission starts2nd week of August 2021

DHE Odisha ITI Cut off of Previous Year

Hereunder we have provided previous year category-wise cut off to get an idea:

Odisha General ITI 2018 Cut Off
ITI Talcher, AnugulMech. MV/ 10th/ 2 Yr58480050
ITI Talcher, AnugulElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr73.1763.3336.83067.17
ITI BargarhI&C Tech Sys Maint (IT & ESM)/ 10th/ 2 Yr43.54236.33035.83
ITI BargarhElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr61.836039.83051.5
ITI BargarhFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr55.550.533.33050.83
ITI BolangirMech. MV/ 10th/ 2 Yr43.3337.50034.83
ITI BoudhWelder/ NM/ 1 Yr413633.8300
ITI BoudhElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr49.3343.17000
Gandhamardana ITI, BolangirElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr66.6759.1740.67054.17
ITI Matheli, MalkanagiriFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr46.541.54300
ITI Matheli, MalkanagiriElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr5042.14500
TTI Takatpur, MayurbhanjSheet Metal Worker/ NM/ 1 Yr61.3337.6745.83052
TTI Takatpur, MayurbhanjWireman/ NM/ 2 Yr52444000
TTI Takatpur, MayurbhanjTurner/ 10th/ 2 Yr56.5374900
TTI Takatpur, MayurbhanjMech. MTM/ 10th/ 2 Yr53.834545.8300
Purna Chandra ITI Baripada, MayurbhanjI&C Tech Sys Maint (IT & ESM)/ 10th/ 2 Yr5442.8339.1700
Purna Chandra ITI Baripada, MayurbhanjElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr6547.6744.33050.33
Purna Chandra ITI Baripada, MayurbhanjSewing Tech (C&S)/ 10th/ 1 Yr40.5039.8300
ITI Chandahandi, NabrangpurElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr57.3355.3355.8339.330
Purna Chandra ITI Baripada, MayurbhanjStenograph er & Secretarial Assistant (English)/ 10th/ 1 Yr56.6733.3344.1700
ITI Raighar, NabrangpurElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr50.6750.334700
ITI Raighar, NabrangpurFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr50.67494600
ITI Chandahandi, NabrangpurFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr55.549.6751.8300
ITI Umarkote, NabrangpurElectronic Mech./ 10th/ 2 Yr51.84449.500
ITI Umarkote, NabrangpurFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr5752.8354.33042.67
ITI Umarkote, NabrangpurDress Making/ 10th/ 1 Yr5242.17000
ITI NayagarhElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr48.6738.170035.83
ITI Khariar, NuapadaElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr63.3360.3354.8300
ITI Umarkote, NabrangpurElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr5647.553.500
ITI Umarkote, NabrangpurSewing Tech (C&S)/ 10th/ 1 Yr00000
ITI Khariar, NuapadaFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr55.33544400
ITI Khariar Road, NuapadaMech. MV/ 10th/ 2 Yr56.83033.1700
ITI Khariar Road, NuapadaElectronic Mech./ 10th/ 2 Yr56040.500
ITI Khariar Road, NuapadaElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr0037.8300
ITI Khariar Road, NuapadaFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr53.8303300
ITI PuriMech. MV/ 10th/ 2 Yr58.8355.170058
ITI Khariar Road, NuapadaWireman/ NM/ 2 Yr56.50000
ITI Khariar Road, NuapadaWelder/ NM/ 1 Yr500000
ITI PuriElectronic Mech./ 10th/ 2 Yr61.5570060
ITI Gajabahal,Biss amcuttack, RaygadaElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr41.17034.1700
ITI Gajabahal,Biss amcuttack, RaygadaFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr330000
ITI PuriWireman/ NM/ 2 Yr55.3351040.8355.1
ITI PuriMachinist/ 10th/ 2 Yr60.8360000
ITI RayagadaElectronic Mech./ 10th/ 2 Yr330000
ITI Rasanpur, SambalpurElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr59.1755.8356.6700
ITI RayagadaFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr36.533.833300
ITI Rasanpur, SambalpurFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr55.152.835100
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurMech. MV/ 10th/ 2 Yr51.1742.3348.33044.33
ITI RayagadaElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr37.3336.83000
ITI RayagadaMachinist/ 10th/ 2 Yr38.1735.33000
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurDiesel Mechanic / 10th/ 1 Yr4539.8339.67041.67
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurMech. Ref. & A.C/ 10th/ 2 Yr330000
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurWelder/ NM/ 1 Yr33.38333300
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr66.558.3358058
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurWireman/ NM/ 2 Yr37.6734.6734.1700
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurTurner/ 10th/ 2 Yr41.173638.1700
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr60.856.3353053.33
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurMachinist/ 10th/ 2 Yr50.1746.547.5043.83
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurI&C Tech Sys Maint (IT & ESM)/ 10th/ 2 Yr330000
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurInstrument Mechanic/ 10th/ 2 Yr54.675150.8300
ITI Hirakud, SambalpurStenograph er & Secretarial Assistant (English)/ 10th/ 1 Yr00000
ITI SonepurMech. Ref. & A.C/ 10th/ 2 Yr00000
ITI SonepurFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr00000
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhD/Man (Civil)/ 10th/ 2 Yr48.534.3347.8300
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhDiesel Mechanic / 10th/ 1 Yr52.1739.550.3300
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhMech. Ref. & A.C/ 10th/ 2 Yr49.6737.3348.6700
ITI SonepurElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr33.170000
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhMech. MV/ 10th/ 2 Yr60.1749.175900
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhWelder/ NM/ 1 Yr51.3340.1750.1700
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhElectrician/ 10th/ 2 Yr706368064
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhElectronic Mech./ 10th/ 2 Yr60.6749.559.17038.33
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhWireman/ NM/ 2 Yr51.6741.55000
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhI&C Tech Sys Maint (IT & ESM)/ 10th/ 2 Yr47.833344.3300
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhCOPA/ 10th/ 1 Yr40.3303700
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhD/Man (Mechanical )/ 10th/ 2 Yr46043.1700
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhFitter/ 10th/ 2 Yr65.3357.563.83058.9
ITI Rourkela, SunderagarhTool & Die Maker (PTJ&F)/ 10th/ 2 Yr4835.8346.500

Steps to download DHE Odisha ITI Cut off 2021?

The candidates must follow below-given steps in order to download the Odisha ITI Cut off 2021. 

  • Step 1 - The candidate must visit the official website.
  • Step 2 - Then, click on the “Odisha ITI Cut Off Marks 2021” link.
  • Step 3 - Subsequently, the cut off list will open up in a PDF Format.
  • Step 4 - Thereafter, the candidates must further save & download for future purposes.

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