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NIFT 2023 Cutoff: Check Previous Year Category-wise Cutoff Marks

Updated On - May 20 2023 by Abhinandan Singh

The NIFT cutoff marks for the year 2023 are the minimum scores required by candidates to secure admission to any of the NIFT institutes. These cutoff marks are released during the counselling process conducted for admission to NIFT institutes and their various campuses. Candidates can also refer to the previous year's cutoff marks for reference.

The NIFT cutoff marks for 2023 will be made available online. They are determined based on the performance of candidates in the NIFT Entrance Exam. The participating institutes will release their individual cutoff lists after the announcement of NIFT results.

Specifically, the NIFT cutoff marks for the B.Des and B.FTech courses, as well as for the General category, will be provided. These cutoff marks serve as a benchmark for admission decisions, helping students understand the minimum score required for admission to their desired colleges.

NIFT Previous Years cutoff marks

The NIFT cutoff marks vary annually and are influenced by factors such as the number of exam candidates, exam difficulty, and available seats. It's essential to understand that cutoff marks indicate the minimum required score for NIFT admission. The actual cutoff marks can differ due to the aforementioned factors.

NIFT Previous Years cutoff marks



NIFT Previous Year (2019) Cutoff

Here we are providing the NIFT expected cut off of the year 2020 for general candidates:

NIFT CampusCoursesQuotaLast Merit Rank
SrinagarFashion DesignHome State4418
KangraFashion CommunicationHome State3699
KangraAccessory DesignHome State3012
KangraApparel ProductionHome State1589
KannurKnitwear DesignHome State2236
KangraTextile DesignHome State4861
RaebareliLeather DesignOther State2074

NIFT 2021 Seat Matrix

Through NIFT exam, candidates can get admission in various seats offered by NIFT campuses. NIFT will offer admission in approximately total 2370 seats for B.Des & B.F.Tech programs. Below mentioned is the seat matrix of NIFT: 

CourseSpecializationsTotal Number of Seats
Bachelor of Design (B. Des)Textile Design390
Knitwear Design210
Leather Design120
Fashion Communication420
Fashion Design450
Accessory Design420
Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B. F. Tech)Apparel Production360

NIFT 2016 Bengaluru Cutoff 

Table given below shows the CMR (Closing Merit Rank) of 2016 NIFT entrance exam for admission to various courses at NIFT Bengaluru campus. The score obtained by candidates decides the rank obtained by them in NIFT exam. Candidates from general category will have to secure low rank in order to get admission in any of the courses:
Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B. Des Accessory Design9024378349150664194
B. Des Fashion Communication5171638283919533736
B. Des Knitwear Design10071143289851174797
B. Des Textile Design1001 -384039903631
B.Des in Fashion Design264352469513293289
B.F. Tech Apparel Production2362103141927822005
M.F. Tech Apparel Production502151459 -
Master of Fashion Management116318437428482

NIFT 2016 Bhopal Cutoff 

Table given below shows the Closing Merit Rank (CMR) of NIFT 2016 for admission in various courses offered at NIFT Bhopal campus. Score obtained by various candidates decides the rank obtained by them in NIFT 2016.
Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B. Des Accessory Design2671-47455270-
B. Des Textile Design1672-37795236-
Master of Fashion Management409-501-539

NIFT 2016 Bhubaneswar Cutoff 

The following table consists of last year cut off that a candidate needs to score, to get admission in NIFT campus in Bhubaneswar. 

Course nameGeneralOBCSCST
B. Des Accessory Design402047665287
B. Des Fashion Communication2347463639444334
B. Des Textile Design2915403252644758
B.Des in Fashion Design1054356049844352
B.F. Tech Apparel Production123225371162 -
Master of Fashion Management338527 -490

NIFT 2016 Chennai Cutoff 

NIFT Chennai campus closing rank for OBC/SC/ST category is a little bit similar. Candidates who are wishing to take admission in NIFT Chennai must have a good NIFT Score. Table given below shows the previous year cut off. Through this candidates will get to know the expected closing merits for NIFT 2020.
Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B. Des Accessory Design2002 -428548954108
B. Des Fashion Communication2688 -320438754617
B. Des Knitwear Design2364 -41584195 -
B. Des Leather Design2740 -442244175224
B. Des Textile Design206760417050723695
B. Des in Fashion Design7843313172232461741
B.F. Tech Apparel Production520 -175826351300
Master of Fashion Management3966517506-

NIFT Gandhinagar Cut off 2016

NIFT Gandhinagar is the most preferred NIFT for the NRI candidates for Masters Course. Candidates who are wishful to take admission in NIFT Gandhinagar must have a good NIFT Score. The tabulated data is from the previous year. Through it, a candidate can figure out the expected closing merits for NIFT 2020 for different categories.
Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B. Des Fashion Communication7253051391945343102
B. Des Textile Design11663076363933313791
B. Des in Fashion Design3622946327216691255
B.F. Tech Apparel Production2621184156618662217
Bachelor of Accessory Design (Jewellery)7902478351535914563
M.F. Tech Apparel Production513-50880-
Master of Fashion Management162395481498546

NIFT Hyderabad Cut off 2016

The following table talks about the CMR of NIFT Campus in the city of Hyderabad. The cut off is as per the categories. The data given below is of the previous year. It will help aspirants to calculate, how much they need to score in order to get admission to their desired college.

Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B. Des Accessory Design11183177396952214102
B. Des Fashion Communication9532331321235854060
B. Des Knitwear Design1562-398951594477
B. Des Textile Design1565-394950783466
B.Des in Fashion Design4222379149225422719
B.F. Tech Apparel Production465-11671745-
Master of Fashion Management242304479495544

NIFT Jodhpur Cut off 2016

NIFT Jodhpur offers limited programmes. Candidates can go through the following table to know about the programme wise cut off, each category has to score. The cut-offs are of previous year i.e. of NIFT 2016. 

Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B.F. Tech Apparel Production1218-23422916-
Master of Fashion Management386-535--

NIFT Kangra Cut off 2016

NIFT Kangra does not offer any Masters courses. Also, the closing Rank is also very high. Hence, candidates can easily apply and get admissions in the Kangra NIFT Campus. 

Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B.Des Accessory Design2061-42365085-
B. Des Fashion Communication1694-45974816-
B. Des Textile Design2489-46795313-
B. Des in Fashion Design1809-398238613463
B.F. Tech Apparel Production573-25521614-

NIFT 2016 Kannur Cutoff 

Table given below shows CMR and NIFT score that would qualify a candidate to get in various programmes offered by NIFT Kannur.

Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B.Des Fashion Communication2637-42113839-
B. Des Knitwear Design4207-366442174872
B. Des Textile Design3225-39414223-
B. Des in Fashion Design19545926189683271
B.F. Tech Apparel Production1615-2294-2620
M.Des Design Space161 162128168
Master of Fashion Management406-526525-

NIFT 2016 Kolkata Cutoff 

NIFT Kolkata is one of the top most institute that offers various Bachelor programs in the field of fashion and design. The following table indicates the CMR for each of the courses. The data given is of the previous year. 

Course nameGeneralNRIOBCSCST
B.Des Accessory Design1224491041144995-
B. Des Fashion Communication1078-344836433747
B. Des Knitwear Design1571-469945115105
B. Des Leather Design2366-452640234327
B.F. Textile Design1150-351235414515


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