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AMU BA LLB - Preparation Tips

Aligarh Muslim University Law Entrance Exam

Form Date: 01 Apr - 30 Apr 2023 (Tentative)

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Form Date: 01 Apr - 30 Apr 2023

AMU BA LLB 2022 Preparation Tips: Tips to crack the exam

Created On - March 03 2022 by Shilpee Ghosh

AMU Exam Preparation Tips 2022 can assist students in simply passing the examination. Aligarh Muslim Institution (AMU) is a state-run university in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. This university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as engineering, medicine, dentistry, management, and many more. AMU University holds a variety of entrance exams for admission to various courses. We will provide some helpful suggestions and tricks on How to Prepare for AMU Exam 2022 in this article.

AMU BA LLB 2022 Preparation Tips

Make a Preparation Schedule

First and foremost, students should create a study plan to help them prepare for the exam. Candidates must obtain information regarding the test and its exam format. Get all of the information you need about the mandated curriculum. Determine which parts require more attention and which aspects may assist you in improving your score.

Take Control of Your Time

After you've learned about the syllabus and exam format, schedule your time according to your daily schedule. Spend some extra time on the subjects where you're having trouble. Prepare your schedule based on the syllabus. Make brief study sessions a part of your preparation. Include short pauses and other intervals to allow you to recover from your study.

Material for Studying

For exam preparation, candidates should read from good books. Students will be able to study for exams using exam preparation books that will be available on the market. Candidates can also use online study tools to prepare for the exam. Some preparatory books can be perplexing and written in a difficult language, so choose books that are written in a language that is understandable to pupils.

Previous Year Question Papers & Mock Tests

Candidates can prepare for the exam by taking Mock Tests that will be available on the internet. Attempt to complete the fake test in the allotted time. You will be able to examine your performance with the help of mock tests. Exam preparation can also be aided by reviewing the previous year's question papers. Candidates should practice with prior year's question papers to acquaint themselves with the exam format.

Continue to be healthy

Never put your health on the back burner when studying for a test. Stress, whether physical or mental, will have an impact on your academic performance. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Consume a good and healthful diet. Meditation or Yoga can assist you in focusing on your studies.


Because of the long syllabus, the candidate will not have enough time to revise. Candidates will forget to review essential topics due to a shortage of time. Candidates must attempt to revise the entire syllabus as well as essential topics three to four days before the examination. Students will almost certainly receive good grades if they devote the final three or four days to revision.

AMU 2022 Last-Minute Preparation Tips

  • At this point, students should concentrate on revising their previously studied material.
  • The candidate's primary focus should be on the adjustment of crucial formula stages and assumptions.
  • Students must take mock tests on a daily basis in order to assess their progress.
  • Solve past year question papers on a daily basis to improve your understanding of formulas, methodologies, and other concepts.
  • To save time, use shorthand methods to solve queries.

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