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BVP CET 2023 Syllabus: Subject-wise Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Books

Updated On - September 19 2022 by Srishti Pandey

BVP CET 2023 Syllabus: Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University Common Entrance Test is a national level examination for admissions into the Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University, Pune and 12 other affiliated colleges across Pune and a few other neighbouring states. The syllabus for the UG Common Entrance Test would primarily consist of questions from class 11th and 12th Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The streams involving subjects like aptitude, social sciences, etc. would include general topics. The detailed topics for and medical courses are given below:

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BVP CET 2023 Syllabus

Check the BVP CET syllabus 2023:





Sets, relations and functions

Complex numbers 

Quadratic root equation 

Sequence and series 

Permutations and combinations

Mathematical induction and binomial theorem

Limits and continuity 


Applications of derivatives 

Differential equations 

Boolean algebra 

Mathematical logic



Three- dimensional geometry


Linear programming 


Physical-world and measurements 



Current electricity 

Laws of motion

Magnetic effects of current 

Work, energy and power 



Electromagnetic waves

Properties of bulk matter 

Dual nature of matter and radiation 


Atoms and nuclei 

Motion of system of particles and rigidity 

Electronic devices 

Perfect gas behaviour and kinetic theory 

Electromagnetic induction 

Waves and oscillations 



Basics of chemistry 

Redox reactions 

Structure of atom 


Classification of elements and periodicity 

Environmental chemistry 

Chemical bonding and molecular structure 


States of matter: liquid and gases





Kinetic surface 


Diversity in the living world 


Structural organization of plants and animals 

Genetics and evolution of human welfare

Cell structure and function 

Biotechnology and its applications 

Plant physiology 

Ecology and the environment 

Human physiology 


The exam is an objective type of examination with multiple choice questions having four options of which one is a correct answer. A thorough reading of the standard prescribed textbooks gives better clarity and required knowledge of the concepts in subjects like physics and helps the candidate to score better. 

BVP CET 2023 Preparation Tips

  • The candidates are strongly advised to give a thorough reading of the textbooks and only then solve the previous papers and sample papers. 
  • Few topics that demand a lot of memorization can be written in the form of short notes or flowcharts and mind maps well in advance. This can be referred to a few days before the examination as a short revision. 
  • Descriptive diagrams can be remembered by going through them at the end of each day of study. 
  • Writing down the important and standard formulae in a single place helps during revision for easy reference. 
  • Once the candidates have completed one thorough preparation, they can go for solving the previous papers and a few other sample papers. 
  • The most recommended book for the previous papers and solved papers is mentioned in the next sections.
  • An analysis of the paper by cross-checking the answers of the candidate with the given solutions helps the candidate identify its weaker areas. 
  • Rectifying the issues with the weaker areas during the initial phase by revision helps a candidate increase their score. 
  • During the last few days remaining, candidates are advised to not emphasize on learning new and unknown concepts. 
  • Doing so can create confusion among the topics previously prepared. 
  • Instead, focusing on topics strong to the candidate and clearing any confusions left would ease the scoring of the candidate. 
  • Aptitude gets better only with a lot of practice so that the candidate’s mind gets trained to think more logically. 
  • Few topics in aptitude where repeated trends can be found must be practised more so that it gets better during the examination and helps reduce the time on aptitude. 
  • The time saved during the aptitude section can be utilized on other sections where memory or more thinking is necessary. 


There would be no topic that can be considered more important than another as such. But, a close view of the previous papers gives a few particular topics that share a major portion of the questions. The important topics from previous papers for mathematics and physics are:

  • Mathematics: Complex Numbers, Differential Theories, Equations, Geometry, Vectors, Trigonometry etc.
  • Physics:  Basics of Physics, Kinetics, Laws of Motion, Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism, Oscillation, Optics, Atoms, etc.

From the previous years’ papers, a strong revision of these topics would help the candidate score more on a comparative level. 


The main textbooks to be preferred are the standard 11th and 12th books. For the previous years’ solved papers and test modules, the candidates can go through:

Solved Papers 2005-2016 for BVP (Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune) Engineering 2017 by Arihant Express

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