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MH-SET 2022 Preparation Tips: Tips to crack the exam

Created On - March 05 2022 by Shilpee Ghosh

Maharashtra SET 2022 is a state-level admission test held by Savitribai Phule Pune University in Pune for individuals seeking assistant professorships in Maharashtra's colleges and universities. The MH SET Exam 2022 is held in thirty-two disciplines from the Arts, Commerce, Science, Management, Law, Mental, Moral, and Social Sciences, Education, and Education and Education schools. Every year, a large number of people apply to take this exam. Applicants will receive full information about MH SET Preparation Tips 2022 by reading this material.

MH SET 2022 Preparation Tips

Passing an exam isn't easy, and it's even more difficult when it comes to getting into one of the most famous universities. To pass this exam, you'll need a well-thought-out strategy. This page will give you information on MAH SET 2022 preparation suggestions.

To finish your syllabus, make sure you have a good time management system in place

Without proper discipline, the MH SET exam syllabus is hard and difficult to cover. In this situation, as in any other renowned entrance exam, having a solid study strategy is critical. It is not a good idea to devote long periods of time to studies, such as 10-12 hours at a time on a given day, with breaks in between. Given that the exam is only four months away, you'll need to establish a daily regimen to ensure consistent focus on your study. Rather than the number of questions answered, the emphasis should be on the quality of concepts grasped. Make sure you have a daily schedule with a specific number of hours set aside for each task.

Concentrate on honing your weaker areas

If you pass all of the topic cut-offs, you'll be able to pass the MH SET exam. It is understandable that not everyone will excel in all topics and subjects. As a result, it is critical for you, as a candidate, to consider and choose which areas are weak and which you would like to revisit in order to strengthen your comprehension. Once you've worked it out, you'll need to put in extra effort to increase your performance in those areas.

To crack the Logical Reasoning section, improve your logical skills

While reasoning problems in Paper 1 (Teaching Ability & Research Aptitude) may appear perplexing and time-consuming during the exam, developing a good technique will help you master this skill. It is vital to have a firm grasp on the various types of questions that may arise and to extensively practice them. If you approach them as if they were a mind game or a puzzle, you will rapidly grasp the underlying principle and be able to solve them.

Make the most of your score by making logical guesses - Try eliminating the options logically

Aim to answer all possible questions because there is no negative marking in this exam for incorrect replies. To fully benefit from this, though, you must begin critically examining the questions and develop the capacity to estimate a solution as closely as feasible. This method will enhance your chances of getting better grades.

Keep the formulas in mind

Having the relevant math formulae easily recallable can come in handy during the exam when there is limited time and a large number of questions to answer. This advice becomes a crucial component of the four-month plan for topics like Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, and Chemistry, which have a lot of equations or chemical compositions to remember. Begin by scribbling down or pasting significant math formulae on a sheet in front of you while studying. You will be able to recall the formulae more easily if you do it this manner, as they will become subconsciously embedded in your mind.

Enhance your language abilities

The MH SET Paper 1 (Teaching Capacity & Research Aptitude) basically assesses a candidate's ability to teach and research, as well as their general knowledge, ability to think critically, and ability to express an opinion on a variety of issues. As a result, it is critical to stay informed by reading newspapers, journals, and reputable news websites. Apart from that, take advantage of this opportunity to create comments on current events and other news to increase your overall awareness.

Create visual strategies that are specific to the subject

Papers 2 and 3 of the MH SET are subject-specific exams that will thoroughly assess a candidate's knowledge in that sector. From a post-graduate level of difficulty standpoint, you will need to prepare for the whole MH SET syllabus. It is widely believed that humans retain more information from visual media than from written or aural media. To increase your retention, try incorporating them into your efforts. Develop a photographic memory by generating brief notes on the concept incorporating the keywords, using highlights and bulleting techniques to mark crucial aspects, and creating visual representations of essential concepts such as flowcharts and diagrams.

Attempt to complete your MH SET syllabus on time

Plan your exam approach so that you have at least 2-3 weeks before the exam to revise and take practice exams. You'll feel safe and have enough time to brush up on some shaky notions if you have this buffer. It will also boost your confidence as you approach the last stretch before the exam. A good attitude will boost your test-taking abilities significantly.

The secret to success is practice (and only practice!)

No amount of preparation for any subject will result in success unless and until you routinely practice the principles. Staying in contact with all topics, whether through concept tests or practice papers, will ensure that you remember the subjects until exam day. As a best practice, once you've finished the curriculum, try to take an MH SET fake test every day until you're ready to take the real exam. There are numerous reputable websites and course materials to which you can turn to refresh your knowledge and assess your readiness.

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