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NERIST EE 2021 Syllabus: Subject-Wise Syllabus Pdf

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NERIST EE 2021 Syllabus has been released by the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) along with the Information Brochure on its official website. Applicants must know the exam syllabus as it helps in better preparation & also in knowing the topics from where questions will be asked. For NEE I there will be three subjects from which questions will be framed namely Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics of X level for NEE II there will be PCM / PCB of XII level & NEE III will be for admission to Degree Module in Engineering & Technology. Below subject-wise detailed syllabus has been mentioned. 

NERIST EE 2021 Syllabus

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology Entrance Exam 2021 detailed syllabus can be checked below:

NERSIT EE-I Syllabus

In this, questions will be of X level from below-mentioned subjects for those seeking admission in Base Module in Engineering & Technology.

NERSIT EE-I Physics Syllabus
  • Measurement in Science and Technology: Measurements & measurement systems, historical developments in measurement science, modern measurement system. The international system of units (SI); Maintenance of standards of measurements; Multiples and fractions; Indian national standards of measurements.
  • Structure of Atom: Fundamental Experiments and discharge tube & the discovery of the electron; Canal rays or positive rays; X-rays and radioactivity; Atomic nucleus; Structure of atom; Discovery of the neutron; Atomic Number and atomic mass; isotopes.
  • Motion: Motion of living & non-living objects; Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion, Distance and displacement; Velocity; Non-uniform motion and acceleration; Graphs and their uses; Uniform circular motion.
  • Gravitation: Universal law of gravitation; Motion of particles under gravity; Motion of a projectile,
    Mass and weight; Geotropism.
  • Work, Energy and Power: Work, work is done when the force is not along the direction of motion; Energy; Power, Transformation of energy, Conservation of energy
  • Heat: Heat & temperature; Thermal equilibrium; Mercury thermometer, Heat as a form of energy, Effects of Heat; Changes of state.
  • Wave motion and sound 
  • Light reflection and refraction: Nature of light; a reflection of light by a mirrors-by plane mirror, spherical mirrors, new Cartesian sign convention for reflection by spherical mirrors, magnification; Refraction of light-the refractive Index, reflection through a rectangular glass slab, refraction by spherical lenses, sign convention with spherical lenses - Lens formula, power of a lens, total internal reflection, some optical phenomena in nature; dispersion of white light by a glass prism; color of objects-primary colours of light and pigment
  • Optical Instruments
  • Electricity, its heating and chemical effects
  • Magnetic effects of electric current
  • Nuclear Fission and Fusion
  • The Universe: The solar system, the Jovian planets, the terrestrial planets, asteroids, meteorites & comets. The Structure & evolution of the earth; The stars and constellations; Milky way galaxy and other galaxies; Space exploration-Space Programme in India. 
NERSIT EE-I Chemistry Syllabus
  • Matter Around Us
    • Physical nature of matter, states of matter
    • General concept about the mixture
    • Effect of pressure and temperature on states of matter
  • Atomic Structure
    • Dalton‟s atomic theory, elements, compounds, cathode ray, X-ray,
    • Thomson‟s model of an atom
    • Rutherford‟s model of atomic structure
    • Bohr‟s model of atomic structure.
    • Electronic configuration 
    • Isotopes and Isobars
    • Radioactivity. 
  • Classification of Elements
    • Mendeleev & Modern periodic table
    • The periodic trend of metallic & non-metallic character, etc.
  • Chemical Bonding:
    • Octet rule or inert gas configuration as criteria of stability
    • Ion, atom & valency
    • Ionic bonds, covalent bonds, the shape of Molecules of H2O NH3, CH4 CC14, C2H2, C2H4 SF6, PCI5, CO2 BeCl2 BF3
  • Chemical reactions and Some basic concepts
    • Decomposition
    • Displacement reactions,
    • Isomerization, Combination
    • Reversible and Irreversible reactions
    • Chemical equilibrium, Law of chemical equilibrium, etc.
  • Energetics
  • Metals
  • Non-Metals
  • Bio-mass as fuel
  • Environmental Pollution
NERSIT EE-I Mathematics Syllabus
  • Algebra
    • Number System
    • Polynomials
    • Rational Expression
    • Linear Equations in one & two variables
    • Quadratic Equations
  • Geometry
    • Lines, Angles and Triangles
    • Circles
    • Trigonometry
    • Mensuration
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Coordinate Geometry (2D)


In this, questions will be from XII level from below-mentioned subjects for those seeking admission in Degree Module in Engineering & Technology and Degree Module in Forestry, respectively. 

NERIST EE II Physics Syllabus 
  • Physical World and Measurement
  • Kinematics
  • Laws of Motion
  • Work, Energy and Power
  • The motion of system of Particles and Rigid Body
  • Gravitation 
  • Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Oscillations
  • Waves
  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Magnetic effects of current & magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating currents
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Optics
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
  • Atomic Nucleus
  • Solid and Semi-conductor Devices
NERIST EE-II Chemistry Syllabus
  • Some Basic concepts of chemistry
  • Structure of Atoms and Chemical Bonding
  • States of Matter
  • Solutions
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • Co-ordination and Organo-metallic Compounds
NERIST EE-II Maths Syllabus
  • Algebra
  • Relations and functions
  • Complex Numbers
  • Theory of quadratic equation
  • Sequences and series
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Mathematical logic
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Differentiation
NERIST EE-II Biology Syllabus
  • Origin and Evolution of life
  • Physiology of plants and animals
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Morphology of plants and animals
  • Application of biology

NERIST EE-II Syllabus(Vocational)

For Class -XII vocational / ITI / NERIST Certificate holder applicants seeking admission to Diploma module in Technology stream.

Physics Syllabus
  • Units and dimensions
  • Laws of motion
  • Rotational motion
  • Gravitation
  • Properties of matter
  • Heat and thermodynamics
  • Oscillations and waves
  • Ray Optics and Optical Instruments 
Chemistry Syllabus
  • Structure of Atom
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Periodic Properties of Elements
  • Gaseous State
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Redox Reactions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Organic compounds with one functional group
Mathematics Syllabus
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry(2D)
  • Coordinate Geometry (3D)
  • Statistics
Section-D Vocational Subject

Note: Each Vocational Subject consists of the Syllabus of Common Engineering Sciences (a) and that of one Trade/Branch subject (b) appropriate to the academic qualification of an applicant. 


This includes a syllabus for those seeking admission to Degree Module in Engineering & Technology.

Physics Syllabus
  • Units: Fundamental & derived units with particular reference to S.I. units-illustrations. Explanation of dimensions with examples
  • Mechanics
  • Properties of Solids
  • Properties of Liquids
  • Heat & Thermodynamic
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Electrostatic
  • Electricity
  • Electromagnetism
Chemistry Syllabus
  • States of Matter
  • Solution and Colloidal solution
  • Colloidal solution
  • Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
  • Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
Maths Syllabus
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Differential Calculus
  • Coordinate Geometry (3D
  • Probability

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