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BITSAT 2023 Preparation Tips: How to Crack BITS Exam?

Updated On - October 03 2022 by Swagota Nandi

BITSAT 2023 is designed in such a way that it measures a candidate's time management skills and presence of mind and so candidates must have a strong preparation to ace the exam. BITSAT is an online exam that includes questions from the NCERT syllabus in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology for grades 11 and 12. It is vital to have a clear understanding of the test format and syllabus before commencing the preparations. Examine the BITSAT Syllabus. Candidates should read this article for BITSAT 2023 preparation suggestions. One can pass the entrance exam with the help of appropriate preparation advice and exam strategy. Candidates should read this post for a complete list of BITSAT 2023 preparation recommendations.

Preparation Tips to Crack BITSAT 2023

Time Management at BITSAT 2023
  • BITSAT 2023 covers all of the essential aspects of the 10+2 syllabus. It incorporates English and logic as well as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • The majority of the questions on BITSAT 2023 are conceptual and must be answered quickly.
  • When studying for the exam, students should devote equal attention to all courses.
  • All of the sections must be answered swiftly; delaying and opting for a long solution is a waste of time.
Understanding of the BITSAT 2023 Syllabus
  • The BITSAT 2023 syllabus emphasizes conceptual questions. If you're studying for JEE, you should be aware of the differences between the two syllabuses.
  • Unlike JEE, the portions are not all equally weighted. As a result, aspirants taking BITSAT 2023 can prioritize their studies.
  • Logical and English These portions do not require any equations or memorization; instead, they require analysis.
  • Candidates taking the BITSAT 2023 exam should practice answering the conceptual and predictable questions as quickly as possible.
  • Prepare the scoring sections ahead of time and answer the questions about which you are absolutely confident and which take the least amount of time to answer.
Prepare using the BITSAT 2023 Marking Scheme as a guide
  • All of the sections have distinct marks on them. Prepare all of the sections' conceptual questions, but don't waste time on the areas you don't understand.
  • In the second week of February 2023, the official notification for BITSAT 2023 will be released, which will include details on the Exam Pattern and Syllabus. Any modifications to the BITSAT 2023 Exam Pattern and Syllabus will be posted here as soon as they become available.
  • Starting with the most difficult section is not a good idea.
  • It's advisable not to answer any questions that aren't clear because each accurate response is worth three points and each incorrect answer is worth one point.
  • Determine the section of the exam you are most comfortable with. Be mindful of and understand the graphs while taking the mock tests.
  • Improve the skills of the portions that are relatively weak. When compared to JEE negative marks, BITSAT 2023 has a higher total number of negative marks. As a result, candidates should proceed with caution and answer only those questions about which they are reasonably certain. The region of the paper in which you have the most confidence should be the first one you attempt.
Test yourself/Revise Daily/Repeat Daily
  • After you've finished your one-time preparation for all of the exam's subjects, you should set aside at least one or two months for review.
  • When you've had enough practice, you can go on to the mock tests.
  • To get a feel for the exam, take as many BITSAT 2023 online practice exams as you can. BITSAT 2023 practice tests are widely available on the internet.
  • When you finish the tests, keep track of your time and keep track of it separately for each component.
  • Solve all of the examples as well as the question papers from the previous year. Recognize the pattern of questions that appeared in previous year's question papers.
Make use of the bonus questions
  • The only exam that offers students additional questions is the BITSAT 2023.
  • This set contains a total of 12 questions. These aren't any easier than the other questions on the test.
  • Candidates will be offered these questions once they have completed the paper on time.
  • The only stipulation is that they must finish the rest of the paper before proceeding to the bonus questions; you will not be able to go back to those answers. However, going for these questions is an excellent idea because they have a greater positive marking.

What if candidates have less time to prepare?

If candidates only have less time to prepare, they can use the preparation plan listed below.

  • If a candidate has been studying for the exam for the past two to three months, the final month should be used for revisions. However, if a candidate has not yet begun their preparation, they must devote 8-9 hours every day for one month to prepare for the exam.
  • To increase their speed and accuracy, candidates should solve BITSAT 2023 practice examinations, online papers, or previous year papers. If you can score around 300-350 on your practice tests, you have a good chance of doing well on the final exam.
  • Try to increase your speed and accuracy when answering questions so that you can take advantage of bonus questions and get a good score on the BITSAT 2023.
  • The majority of candidates treat the English section carelessly and do not practice it. Focus on this area because it does not require any lengthy calculations, and if you have a solid command of language and vocabulary, you will be able to answer the questions in this section effortlessly and fast.
  • Taking notes while preparing is quite beneficial. Every student is encouraged to take notes on every topic that they study. These notes will assist you in memorizing things for a longer period of time.

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