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Confused about choosing the right profession/career? Need to go for career planning guidance for various entrance exams? If yes, then you can solicit guidance from our experts regarding your career and course related queries.

Our experts have delivered professional counselling sessions for various reputed institutes in India. Whether you are a school student or a graduate or have finished your masters and are still very confused about further education choices, we have the answers to all your queries.

Career Planning

Whether it is picking the right stream after class 10th or the right course after 12th or you are a graduate who is in the dilemma about whether to go for higher studies; if yes then which course. Our specialists can help you make the right vocational choice.Our experts also provide private Career Counselling in all over India.

Administrations offered for Career Counselling in all over India.

Personality Test, aptitude Test and another kind of tests for students: Senior students, of 14 years or more can take these tests at our branches. These tests identify the original intrinsic talent, aptitude and personality profile of the student. This is truly the beginning stage where our Career expert would discover the Talent profile of the candidate. The test requires no planning and is a restrictive assessment of EntranceZone.

Fitness Test for graduates or masters: Postgraduates and graduates with experience who are looking for a profession change/searching for higher studies can take the test at our branches. No preparation is required for this evaluation test.

Test and Report: The evaluation is carried out by our specialists and the results of the Aptitude, identity, and Interest Test are presented in Personal Career Assessment report. Scores and profile of your Personality, Interest and Aptitude recommendation for the most appropriate vocational options are stored in confidential reports.

Customised veteran counselling: Students and their parents can get personalised career planning for yourself from our specialists. The counselling will help you focus on your qualities regarding your aptitudes, interests, and personality and will help you in picking the right course after twelfth and in making the right career choice. The specialists also provide alternative career options and information about top universities In India.The vocational guidance caters to your specific learning style and hence is very effective for an individual.

Online Career Counselling: In fact, EntranceZone’s one of a kind procedure makes it simple for anybody in the nation to get professional guidance from the most esteemed career advisors. The tests can be taken online and the reports are sent to students in a pdf. What’s more, you can get customised counselling from experts over the telephone or skype. All you have to do is to be online and one can get quality counselling for their vocation.

EntranceZone is one of the main online career counselling portals in India and numerous student from various regions of the country have taken EntranceZone’s professional counselling.

What has changed in profession advising in recent years?

While there has been Career Counseling in India in a customary way, however providing advice has been the key. Be that as it may, the nature of career counselling has changed in the most recent couple of years and Entrance Zone has spearheaded this new, enhanced and innovative procedure of career counselling pan india.

A couple of decades back professional counselling was about getting the data about the different schools and courses and the course counsellor was the person who had access to this data. Counselling was done for a course, in a specific school. There was less professional alternatives present, however, today when there is such a variety of vocational choices and a tonne of data about professions, courses and universities are accessible on the web, Career planning is more about what’s the right course or program is for you and what professional path one must choose.