Privacy Policy EntranceZone India’s Privacy Policy is applicable to all the products associated or offered and information made available and services provided by the site. It also covers the exchange of information or any data that is either collected by the website or provided by its users. It governs the maintenance, disclosure, use and collection of any and all data by the website.’s Privacy Policy

Information about users that is personally identifiable will only be collected voluntarily. Users may visit and surf anonymously if they do not wish to submit information that can reveal their identity. However, the website has full authority to collect different information related to the user’s visit to this site; it is not limited only to the information provided by the user. may collect information such as the user’s interest in the sources and materials of the website and surfing trends associated with this site. The information that is voluntarily collected by the users is mostly provided by the User upon filling up and submitting an online form during registration to this website or in the process of subscribing to the resources made available on EntranceZone to exclusive users (Registered and Subscribed users) of the website. Users may voluntarily furnish details about their Name, Email ID, Phone Numbers, Mailing Address etc. to access more information, services and features provided to its registered users and subscribers.

Some non-identifiable information about the user may also be collected. This information is collected anonymously and does not directly identify the users. It is mostly technical information which may be used to enhance the experience of users in the future. Some examples of such kind of information are, the name of the Operating System being used by the website’s visitor, the kind of connection being used to access the website, the name of the Browser being used by the user, the type of connection (the name of Internet Service Provider or ISP),the make of the computer being used by the visitor and other such general information.

Use of Cookies

This website uses ‘Cookies’. Users may or may not allow the cookies to their system. They may either reject it to deny access or accept it for an enhanced experience on the website. Cookies are small text files and their function is to collect information associated with the users so that the website can use that information to provide the better experience to its users in the future by incorporating suitable changes as suggested by the random user data collected through the Cookies. It sometimes also affects the quality of web experience a user may have. EntranceZone Team suggests allowing the cookies for an enhanced and better web experience on this website. The use of Tracking Technologies that enable recording of the user’s clickstream pattern, time spent on the website, date and time of each visit and other such statistics, allows and encourages to provide relevant content that the users find useful.

Services by Third Parties

Certain services on are provided by the third parties. EntranceZone may provide such information collected on its platform to third-party collaborators and service providers. These third party agents are Entrancezone’s advertising partners, sponsors, licensors, suppliers and other such partners.  Such information may even include personal information related to the users; however, no information that is personally identifiable will be shared with the third parties without prior consent of the users. These Service providers play an important part in enabling EntranceZone in serving its users with relevant and useful information. Sharing such information with the third parties also allows EntranceZone to maintain its mailing list and also in the better management of the website and its resources. Users may also find certain advertisements on the website, the funding from these advertisements help in the website maintenance. Such sites advertising on this website are not regulated by EntranceZone’s privacy policies and may have their own company policies and privacy parameters. EntranceZone does not sell personal information of the users that is collected online. The use of this website by the Users or Visitors will consider as their consent to the Privacy Policies of

Security of the information

The security of the information the Users entrust EntraceZone with, is very important and all possible measures are taken to ensure that there is no unauthorised access or any unauthorised alteration, destruction or tampering of data or inappropriate disclosure of any kind. We allow only the trusted employees of the company to have direct access to information of the user/ visitor, to enable them to work efficiently in improving and developing our services.

Safe for Children’s

EntranceZone is very strict with its policy regarding children and will not contact children below 13 years of age with any promotional offers, advertisements, or any other communication related to the marketing of its content under any circumstances. Users are advised to fill in the correct details while submitting information on the website. EntranceZone will not be responsible for any information that is wrongly provided by the user. All Children below the age of 13 who think the use of this website’s resources can benefit them academically should provide proof of their parent’s consent/ permission to use this website.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will EntranceZone sell or rent it’s users information, unless, it is necessary to provide better website experience to its users. Such information will only be shared with other people with the users’ prior consent to provide the services and products requested by the User. At times, EntranceZone may take help of another company to facilitate better communication with its users. The sharing of information with another person or company, to improve communication between users and the website does not allow any other person or company the independent right to such information which otherwise is owned exclusively by EntranceZone.

EntranceZone fully co-operates with legal authorities and participates in ensuring that no illegal activities are carried out through its platform. If any investigation, crime prevention, or any legal action requires sharing information with the legal authorities, EntranceZone is open to doing so. EntraceZone is committed to building a safe environment for its users that strives towards creating an academically enriching experience.

Online Transactions

Information about all online transactions carried out with EntranceZone has stored away, safely in offline format to safeguard such information from wrong and illegal access to ensure maximum safety of both the parties. Maximum Care is exercised by the company in this regard. If, however, any information is illegally obtained by another party about the details of the transactions or the user’s credit/ debit card details, Entrancezone will not be held responsible in such a case. EntranceZone is not liable for any claims about the damage, omission of details, sustained in such instances.

We take proper physical, electronic and other procedural measures to protect the users from any unsolicited activities. EntranceZone does not support any illegal activities and will take appropriate actions and cooperate with the legal forces in case of any dispute or to fulfill the legal requirements in case such a scenario occurs or is advised by a law enforcing authority to do so.

EntranceZone reserves the right to make changes to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at any given time. The website may change, update or modify these terms as deemed suitable by the owner of this website.


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If you would like to contact EntranceZone in regards to a concern or with a comment about the website’s Privacy Policy statements, you can do so by writing to us, using the ‘Contact Us’ link available on the website.