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CEED 2024 Syllabus : Check Important Topics, Sample Paper, Download PDF

Updated On - October 19 2023 by Abhinandan Singh

CEED 2023 Syllabus will comprise the topics from both the parts, Part A and Part B. Common Entrance Exam for Design is a national level exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB). Through CEED 2023, candidates will get admission into Master of Design (M.Des) and Ph.D. in Design programs. Candidates can go through the complete article to know the CEED 2023 Syllabus in detail. Also, download CEED 2023 Syllabus pdf given below.

CEED 2023 Syllabus

Candidates should know the CEED 2023 Syllabus so that they can prepare accordingly. It is advised to check the CEED's detailed syllabus given below not to miss out on any topics. CEED 2023 Syllabus for both parts - PART A and PART B is given in hereby in detail:

Part A 
Visualization and spatial ability• Visualization of 2D shapes and 3D objects• Transformation and manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects• Spatial relationships• Understanding of plans, elevations and sections• Visualizing an object from different perspectives• Mentally rotating and manipulating objects
Environmental and social awareness• General awareness of environmental factors (climate, population, water, vegetation, pollution, weather, natural resources)• Implications of environmental factors on the design of products, images, infrastructure, and environment• Understanding of social and cultural factors• Impact of design on society and culture
Analytical and logical reasoning• Ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative information• Problem-solving skills• Logical reasoning• Critical thinking• Identifying patterns and relationships
Language• Proficiency in reading and comprehending Standard English• Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely• Vocabulary and grammar• Understanding of nuances and shades of meaning
Observation and design sensitivity• Capacity to detect concealed properties in day-to-day life and think critically about them• Attention to details• Classification, analysis, inference, and prediction• Sensitivity to design principles and aesthetics
Part B 
Design Drawing• Ability to express ideas through sketches and drawings• Understanding of different drawing techniques• Proficiency in using drawing tools and materials• Ability to represent 2D and 3D forms accurately• Creative use of drawing to communicate design concepts
Design Aptitude• Ability to understand and analyze design problems• Creative thinking and problem-solving skills• Understanding of design principles and processes• Ability to generate innovative and feasible design solutions• Effective communication of design ideas

CEED Syllabus of PART A

Part A will have a question related to the following topics that are given below:

CEED Syllabus 2023 for Part A
Visualization and Spatial AbilityPictorial and diagrammatic questions to test the understanding of transformation and/or manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships.
Environmental and Social AwarenessGeneral awareness of environmental factors such as climate, population, water, vegetation, pollution, weather, natural resources, etc., and their implications on the design of products, images, infrastructure, and environment. Awareness of design terminologies, social and cultural connection with the design, history of the designed artifact, and socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design responses. History of art, sculpture, and literature.
Analytical and Logical ReasoningAbility to analyze given information logically and select the most appropriate solutions. Ability to weigh opinions, arguments, or solutions against appropriate criteria. Ability to use logic and structured thinking to deduce from a short passage which of several statements is the most accurate response to a posed question.
Language and CreativityAbility to understand passages in commonly used English language. Ability to think creatively in terms of alternatives, ability to distinguish innovative options, and think out of the box
Design Thinking and Problem SolvingAbility to understand the context, the users, and the constraints and select the most appropriate solution for a given design problem.
Observation and Design SensitivityAbility to detect concealed properties in day to day life and think critically about them. Ability to discern subtle differences in visual properties and aesthetic outcomes.

CEED Syllabus of PART B

Question asked in Part B will be from the following topics given below:

CEED Syllabus for PART B
DrawingAbility to draw products, people, or scenes in proportion with good line quality, composition, proportion, perspective, and shading.
CreativityAbility to think out of the box and come up with unique as well as diverse solutions.
Communication SkillsAbility to communicate concepts and ideas clearly with the help of text and visuals.
Problem Identification SkillsAbility to understand the user and the context, knowledge of properties of materials and their appropriate use in design, etc.

How to Prepare for CEED 2023 Examination?

Common Entrance Exam for Design 2023 is an aptitude test. Therefore, no specific textbook or guide can be recommended for its preparation. Also, the candidates can practise their drawing, rendering, and visualization skills. Some of the tips for preparing for the CEED exam are given hereby:

  1. Candidates should be able to manage their time wisely not to get exhausted during their study time. A proper schedule should be made and followed.
  2. Sketching, practising, and improving designing skills, solving papers, and improving logical reasoning quality should be part of the timetable.
  3. Candidates must be fluent with the syllabus and try to solve all past year's question papers to know the pattern of questions asked. They can find the Question Papers on the official website of CEED.

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