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Form Date: 12 Oct - 14 Nov 2023 (Tentative)

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Form Date: 12 Oct - 14 Nov 2023

CGTET 2022 Preparation Tips and Recommendations

Updated On - February 02 2022 by Srishti Pandey

The CG TET is held by the Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board for teaching candidates in the state. It is critical for potential candidates to be well-prepared for their upcoming tests using the CG TET preparation recommendations. With the exam dates rapidly approaching, students should familiarise themselves with the guidelines for passing the CG TET 2022. We'll include specific techniques for all topics, as well as a study schedule. In this post, we'll go over a study strategy for the CG TET exam that will help you get excellent marks on the exam. To master the CG TET 2022 exam on the first attempt, one must have a thorough understanding of the various portions of the exam. The first section of the CG TET Paper 1 (for classes I to V) is divided into five sections, each with 30 questions and 30 marks. On the other hand, the CG TET Paper 2 (classes VI to VIII) is divided into four portions, with the first four sections consisting of 30 questions and 30 marks and the last section consisting of 60 questions and 60 marks. To pass the exam on the first try, the candidate must comprehend each and every section thoroughly.

CG TET 2022 Preparation Tips and Tricks

Learning, Pedagogy, and Child Development Section:
  • Both Paper I and Paper II have this section. By calculating the number of questions in this part, it is clear that it accounts for 20% of the total weight in the two papers. As a result, students should study this component as one of the fundamental sections of their CG TET exam preparation.
  • Teaching, class dynamics, and teacher-student relationships must be prioritised by applicants. Candidates should also be well-versed in the various processes through which children learn in a classroom setting, as well as their motivations for learning and the various needs of children that create a good learning environment.
Language I and II Section:
  • In general, your proficiency and linguistic skill will be assessed in the language areas of the CG TET exam.
  • The greatest way to improve your English is to develop a habit of reading and regular speaking practise. For the section on English language teaching, one must be well-versed in the various challenges that teachers face in the process of educating children in a language that is not their native tongue, as well as the various methods that can be used to ensure proper knowledge dissemination from teacher to student.
Mathematics Section:
  •  Because the syllabus covers all of the NCERT Mathematics concepts and topics, it is important for aspiring candidates to ensure that they are familiar with those topics in order to prepare for the CG TET exam. Aspirants should try to cover as many previous year's question papers as possible to familiarise themselves with the question type and phrasing.
  • Candidates must take mock tests to assess their degree of preparedness after grasping the mathematical principles and formulas and getting some familiarity.
  • Taking numerous mock tests also helps with time management. This component of the paper has a 40% weighting for Paper-II candidates.
Environmental Studies Section:
  • Aspirants in this area must have a general understanding of the environment, including the solar system, natural resources, transportation, communication, habitats, and so on.
  • A basic understanding of geography, environmental studies, and Class 12th Biology from the NCERT texts could be extremely beneficial. Watching news clips and reading the newspaper can help you stay up to date on current events in the environment.
Science Section:
  • This section gets a 40 percent weighting only for Paper-II. With this in mind, applicants should study the NCERT book and prepare for all physics, chemistry, and biology sections.
  • Important topics such as acids, bases, salts, energy sources, atomic structure, electric current, magnets, and magnetism should be thoroughly explored.
Social Studies Section:
  • Questions about history and geography make up the social studies section of the CG TET test. The NCERT history and geography books would be the beginning point for cracking the CG TET paper as a social science teacher.
  • Solving past year's question papers will surely aid in gaining a thorough understanding of the key parts. Candidates will gain more in-depth information through reference materials on the subjects.

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