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Founded in 2009, EntranceZone.com is an educational portal that has stayed true to its commitment for almost 7 years now, of providing conducive advice and quality guidance to the High School graduates seeking admission to different Law Schools, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, Commerce and Computer related courses, Architecture and Arts Institutes in India. This platform was created with a vision to help High School students to provide Informational Services and Support related to career news after class 12. Often, it is noticed that +2 students and those freshly out of the High School are confused about which career direction to take to make a  career that promises them success and a bright future. Sometimes, students know what they want to do in the future i.e. what do they want to study and from where, but have no idea about the admission procedure, eligibility criteria etc., sometimes students are totally clueless  about the next academic step that they should be taking, this website caters to the needs of all such students.

About Us

EntranceZone.com helps students create an academic plan for themselves by helping them figure out which is the most suitable career option for them in accordance with their qualifications and capabilities. This website also provides information about different colleges, their requirements for admission to various courses, the procedure of admission, notifications about entrance exams and other important announcements related to different Courses and Colleges.

EntranceZone has something for every student! This portal covers a wide plethora of topics aiming to provide the most comprehensive database of colleges, courses, eligibility criteria, to students in their quest to find the right college and course. Our mission is to make correct educational information accessible to all students. This website is a premier internet resource for such information and listings.

For those of you looking to find information about a specific College/ University or a particular exam or course will find that EntranceZone has several useful links and pages dedicated to such information. We follow a definitive pattern to reach out to you with the best and most accurate information that you require. We also try to present the information in a simple style and clear language. Our website is resourceful and a rich source of useful information for +2 students! Millions of students have benefitted from this site over the past several years we have been active and they swear that EntranceZone was like their secret best friend because it helped them sort their careers with accurate information and right guidance.

Each topic (Colleges, Subjects, Particular exams etc. ) has an exclusive page dedicated to it that provides a concise overview of the topic at hand. These topics also have subsections such as exam schedule, course details, exam syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility criteria, application process, information about the admit card, etc., that discusses clearly even the minute details of the topic at length so that you don’t have any doubts remaining after reading up the article. It even has a section where you can find information about different courses and the career prospects related to each course. You will also find that an alphabetical listing of different colleges and coaching institutes is also available on the website that features students reviews as well.

EntranceZone has a section called ‘MyZone’ for its registered users. In this section, users can create a profile page for themselves, interact with other users, connect with them as friends, join various informative and interesting groups, and find many useful photos and videos! We also provide information and alerts about various National and International scholarships and a discussion forum to interact with other visitors to exchange notes and post queries to clear doubts.  But this is not all, you will also find a preparation calculator that is like a mock test which can assess your preparation for the exam!

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