How to prepare for VITEEE 2021 (VIT University Admission Test)?

How to prepare for VITEEE 2020
How to prepare for VITEEE 2020

VITEEE or Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination is one of the popular University level Engineering Entrance Exam in India. Vellore Institute of Technology is one of the best Engineering colleges in India. Admission to this institute is based on performance in the VITEEE. There is a total of 125 questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English, which the candidates have to solve in 2.5 hours. To know about some tricks and tips to crack VITEEE 2021 scheduled to be held on 28, 29 and 31 May, a candidate can read the article below. Candidates need to implement these tips while exam preparation to get the benefit out of it.

How to prepare for VITEEE 2021?

The main points to prepare for VIT University Engineering Entrance Exam is given here.

  • Vast Syllabus: Syllabus for VITEEE is huge, covers more than 100 chapters. The candidate needs a specific schedule and should give sufficient time to all the portions.
  • Syllabus: Questions are almost always asked about the basic concepts taught in NCERT books. Candidates are advised to practice them thoroughly. Mathematics questions need practice, thus candidates should solve all the questions taught in NCERT Mathematics and should be well prepared for the exams.
  • Revision: Candidate should take notes of the concepts they read. This can be used for revision. Revision of such notes should be frequent so as to remain in touch with all the key concepts of a topic.
  • No negative marking: There is no negative marking in VITEEE 2021 and thus, candidates can attempt all the question in the exam. They should practice the techniques of eliminating wrong answers and taking a calculated guess in the examinations.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Candidates will have to solve 125 questions in 150 minutes. This requires speed and precision. Though there is no negative marking, as VITEEE is based on the relative performance of the students, candidates would not like to lose marks on a question they can solve.
  • Chemistry: Chemistry is a subject where the candidates will have to memorise a lot of Chemical Equations, Properties of Compounds, etc. They should thus revise Chemistry frequently and have a thorough in-depth revision just before the examination. Questions can be directly from the book.
  • Know the Exam Pattern: Candidates should solve last year’s paper and get familiar with the type and style of questions. There will be 40 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and 5 questions from English. They should also check for the topics which are more important from the examination point of view and give more emphasis on those topics.
  • Don’t Panic: Candidates should work sincerely according to the timetable they made and should not panic towards the end. It is very important to remain calm and try to enhance efficiency towards the end. Candidates should practice being in exam-like conditions. They should read for around 3 hours without any breaks. This will enhance their efficiency during the examinations.
  • Reference Books: Syllabus for VITEEE is similar to that of other national levels examination such as JEE Main and BITSAT. Thus candidates can use reference books used for those exams such as H.C. Verma and R.D. Sharma for a detailed understanding of any concept.
Name of the Book Author
Arihant Series DC Pandey
Concepts of Physics (Vol 1 and Vol 2) HC Verma
Physics MCQ Multiple Choice Question Bank D Mukherjee
Physics Class Class 12 (part 1 and part 2) NCERT
Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry DK Singh
Essential Organic Chemistry Ranjeet Shahi
Chemistry Class 12 (part 1 and part 2) NCERT
Objective Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2 RD Sharma
Problems in Calculus of One Variable IA Maron
VITEEE Solved Papers and Mock Tests Disha Experts

VITEEE is one of the most straightforward examinations, where questions are directly from the book. With the proper schedule and techniques, candidates can easily crack VITEEE.

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