VTUEEE 2020 Syllabus: Vel Tech University Engineering Entrance Exam


VTUEEE 2020 Syllabus covers the topics from class 11 and 12. Also, the subjects from which questions are asked are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Candidates can go through the detailed syllabus before beginning the exam preparation. Candidates should visit the official website to find the updated VTUEEE syllabus and list of all the topics included. Moreover, the syllabus is also present in the prospectus available with the application form. Also, proper knowledge of syllabus is helpful in the timely preparation of all the subjects.

VTUEEE 2020 Syllabus

Vel Tech Technical University Engineering Entrance Exam (VTUEEE) 2020 is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy Pattern. But, the pattern examines the subject knowledge, comprehension and critical analysis ability. Also, the questions are 1-tier and 2-tier multiple choice types. Moreover, Veltech Dr RR & Dr SR University conducts VTUEEE for admission to undergraduate engineering courses. Also, the candidate will get admission at the VTU Chennai campus.

VTUEEE Syllabus For Physics:

  • Units and Measurement

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  • Kinematics

  • Work, Energy, and Power

  • Laws of Motion, Rotational Motion

  • Gravitation and Satellite

  • Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

  • Heat and Thermodynamics

  • Electrostatics

  • Current electricity

  • Heating and magnetic effect of current

  • Optics

  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

  • Semiconductor Physics

  • Electromagnetic Induction

  • Alternating Currents.

  • Oscillations and Waves

VTUEEE Syllabus For Chemistry:

  • The States of Matter

  • Atomic Structure

  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure

  • Solutions

  • Chemical thermodynamics

  • Equilibrium

  • Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

  • S-block elements

  • P-block elements

  • d and f – block elements

  • Coordination compounds

  • Nomenclature

  • Basic principles of organic chemistry

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Organic compounds containing halogen, oxygen, nitrogen

  • Stereochemistry

  • Bio-molecules

  • Polymers

VTUEEE Syllabus For Mathematics:

  • Algebra

  • Matrices and determinants

  • Trigonometry

  • 2D coordinate geometry

  • 3D coordinate geometry

  • Vectors

  • Differential calculus

  • Integral calculus

  • Differential equations

  • Probability

  • Statistics

  • Linear programming.

VTUEEE Syllabus For Biology:

  • Living world and diversity of life

  • Cell and cell division

  • Morphology of plants and animals

  • Genetics

  • Biology in human welfare and ecology

  • Physiology of plants and animals

  • Environment

Important Points Regarding VTUEEE 2020 Syllabus

  • Moreover, VTUEEE Syllabus mainly comprises of four subjects mainly Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology.

  • Also, Syllabus of VTUEEE is based on class 11 and 12 CBSE curriculum.

  • Then, Click here to download the VTUEEE 2020 Syllabus.

Finally, read more detailed information about VTUEEE 2020 and related featured articles.

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