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Recommended SRMJEEE 2020 Books – SRM University

Recommended SRMJEEE 2020 Books – SRM University
Recommended SRMJEEE 2020 Books

SRMJEE 2020 will be conducted by SRM University on 12 – 20 April 2020. The type of questions asked in SRMJEE 2020 will be similar to that of JEE Main 2020 but they are expected to be relatively easier. Candidates are expected to have a thorough understanding of the concepts taught in NCERT. Apart from that, there are some books that are recommended to the students for better understanding of selected topics. Candidates are advised to solve as many problems as they can from these books as well. Syllabus for almost all the famous engineering exams such as JEE Main 2020, BITSAT 2020, etc. are the same. Candidates can thus choose from a set of books and prepare for all the exams. Candidates can see the list of Recommended SRMJEEE 2020 Books in the article given below.

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Recommended SRMJEEE 2020 Books

SRMJEE 2020 Books – Mathematics

Book Author
NCERT Mathematics (class 11 and 12) NCERT
Algebra (Overall Reference) RD Sharma
Higher Algebra (Coordinate geometry) Hall & Knight (Arihant)
Calculus I. A. Maron
Trigonometry S. L. Loney (Arihant)
Algebra S. K. Goyal (Arihant)
Integral Calculus Amit Aggarwal (Arihant)

But, apart from these, books containing a lot of sample question papers from Arihant Publications, etc. are a very useful source for preparation of SRMJEE 2020.

SRMJEEE 2020 Books – Physics

Books Author
NCERT (Class 11 and 12) NCERT
Concept Of Physics H. C. Verma
Problems in General Physics I. E. Irodov
Fundamental of Physics V. K. Mehta
Principles of Physics Resnick, Halliday, and Walker

Moreover, these are some of the most famous books for preparation for any engineering examination around the world. Though for an examination like SRMJEE 2020, NCERT books are sufficient, Candidates can use these books for solving more questions (H. C. Verma) or understanding a concept better.

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SRMJEEE 2020 Books – Chemistry

Books Author
NCERT (class 11 and 12) NCERT
Organic Chemistry O. P. Tandon
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. LEE
Organic Chemistry Morrison Boyd.
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
Numerical Chemistry P. Bahadur

Also, Chemistry is more about learning the concepts. Further, Chemical equations in Inorganic Chemistry, Formulae in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Structure, etc. in Organic Chemistry. Candidates should thus extensively focus on NCERT Chemistry, as no question will be asked outside NCERT. For reference, such as solving more questions in Physical Chemistry, Candidates can refer to the above-mentioned books.

There are many more books available in the market, but candidates are advised to stick to the main books and solve as many questions as they can to prepare for SRMJEE 2020. Candidates can buy SRMJEE 2020 books that have a lot of last year’s paper and sample papers. There are many publications such as Arihant Publications, Pearson Publication, who publish such books.

However, the syllabus for SRMJEE 2020 is almost similar to that of JEE Main 2020. Thus the candidates can do its preparation alongside JEE Main 2020. So, candidates can see more details regarding Recommended SRMJEEE 2020 Books at EntranceZone.

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