Class 5 NCERT Solutions 2023: Download Maths, English, EVS PDF Here


Class 5 NCERT Solutions 2023 is available here in pdf format. The NCERT Class 5 solutions help students by providing them with an excellent understanding of basic concepts of Maths, English, and EVS. The students who face difficulty in understanding any topic can go through related answers that have been explained in NCERT Class 5 Solutions. All the solutions are prepared by subject experts in order to help the students in answering their queries in regard to Class 5 NCERT textbooks. Furthermore, practicing questions help solutions in cross-checking their answers and subsequently learning from their mistakes. Moreover, NCERT solutions help students in relieving their anxiety and also helps in assessing themselves in order to get an optimal score in the exam.

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Download Chapter Wise PDF NCERT Solutions For Class 5 English


We have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English for students in order for them to boost their confidence in the final examinations. With the help of NCERT Solutions, students come out with flying colors in their academics. Moreover, regular practicing of these solutions will help the students to develop better learning of concepts & will prepare them for their exams effectively. Furthermore, the answers are formulated by the panel of subject matter experts in a clear-cut manner for in-depth knowledge of the covered concepts amongst students. 

The answers to the many questions are prepared in a comprehensive manner so that the student understands them easily. The young students will get a great learning experience from the provided solutions and thereby would answer the questions in the exams more effectively. 

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Furthermore, the students can cross-check their answers with the help of the NCERT Solutions whilst solving textbook questions in order to analyze their level of expertise. Practicing the solutions on a regular basis will help students in providing precise answers to questions asked & on which they may get stuck. We have provided accurate answers to all the chapters of the Marigold textbook. 

The students can download the solutions pdf as per their requirements and thereby use it as the best study source for effective exam preparation.

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapters

We have provided the links to the unit-wise NCERT Class 5 English Textbook Marigold. The students can download from the link provided below.

Marigold Textbook Solutions:

NCERT Class 5 English Textbook Marigold
Ice Cream Man
Wonderful Waste
Flying Together
My Shadow
Robinson Crusoe Discovers a Footprint
My Elder Brother
The Lazy Frog
Rip Van Winkle
Class Discussion
The Talkative Barber
Topsy-turvy Land
Gulliver’s Travels
Nobody’s Friend
The Little Bully
Sing a Song of People
The Village Child, The City Child
Malu Bhalu
Who will be Ningthou?

Benefits of Using NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

The few benefits of using NCERT Books are as follows

  • The solutions provide precise answers and in-depth knowledge of complex concepts.
  • The NCERT Solutions prepared by experts with utmost care strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum. Moreover,  most of the board exam questions appear here.
  • The solutions pdf can be downloaded by students free of cost, both in online and offline mode.
  • The various methods of solving complex questions have been provided for students in order to enhance their conceptual knowledge.
  • The NCERT book describes every topic accurately & in an elaborate manner in accordance with students’ intelligence quotient.
  • Furthermore, the illustrative answers for textbook questions help students in cross-checking their answers so that they can subsequently easily analyze their exam preparation.
  • Moreover, by practicing various questions present in the textbook will boost student’s confidence in solving complex questions without any difficulty.
  • Also, the NCERT Class 5 English book explains all the concepts present in the textbook.

Download – Class 5 NCERT Solutions English

Download Chapter Wise PDF NCERT Solutions For Class 5 Maths

NCERT solutions for class 5 maths are created for students who have difficulty in finding the right solutions for difficult Maths problems. Therefore, the solutions are constructed comprehensively and carefully by subject experts. Furthermore, many complex problems are solved in a step-by-step manner that allows students to grasp concepts easily and in understanding quickly. Moreover, the solutions are created whilst keeping the latest syllabus (2020-2021) in mind as per CBSE board guidelines. The class 5 Maths NCERT solutions comprise detailed answers to questions asked in textbooks &  prescribed by the board.

Furthermore, Maths NCERT solutions for class 5 comprises all the basic concepts like Large Numbers, Factors, H.C.F And L.C.M., Tests Of Divisibility, Fractions, Decimals, Averages, Percentages, Simple Interest, Profit And Loss, Time, Unitary Method, Metric Measures, Bills, Temperature, Geometry and more. Therefore, we have provided the student’s chapter-wise Maths summary in order to motivate an in-depth understanding of concepts. The students can download  Maths Class 5 NCERT Solutions PDFs for each chapter from the link provided below.

NCERT Solutions Class 5 Maths Chapters

Class 5 Maths Solutions
Chapter 1 The Fish Tale Chapter 8 Mapping Your Way
Chapter 2 Shapes And Angles Chapter 9 Boxes And Sketches
Chapter 3 How Many Squares? Chapter 10 Tenths And Hundredths
Chapter 4 Parts and Wholes Chapter 11 Areas And Its Boundary
Chapter 5 Does It Look The Same? Chapter 12 Smart Charts
Chapter 6 Be my Multiple, I’ll Be Your Factor Chapter 13 Ways To Multiply And Divide
Chapter 7 Can You See The Pattern? Chapter 14 How Big? How Heavy?

The students are advised to solve Maths NCERT solutions, in order to prepare for examinations. They can refer to the solved questions in order to boost their scores whilst getting clarity on all Maths-related topics.

Furthermore, the students will be provided with lots of study materials for easy and smooth learning. Also, along with the solutions, the NCERT books, notes, examples, etc. have also been provided along with important questions from the exam point of view. The students can solve more questions from the materials provided in order to gain confidence and perform well in exams.

Features of NCERT Solutions Class 5 Maths

  • The students can access all the questions and chapters that are included in the class 5 Maths NCERT book.
  • Furthermore, step-wise solutions are provided in order to help students understand the concepts better.
  • Moreover, the easiest methods have been followed in order to solve the questions.
  • The solutions for class 5 Maths can be downloaded and referred offline as well.
  • The CBSE solutions for 5th class maths are available for free. Any student can download them.

Download – Class 5 Maths NCERT Solutions

Download Chapter Wise PDF NCERT Solutions For Class 5 EVS

The students who practice the problems explained in the Class 5 NCERT EVS Solutions definitely score higher in exams & thereafter are applauded by the teachers. The solutions provide the students with a helping hand during exam preparation & help them learn in an exciting manner. Furthermore, the NCERT solutions are perfect from the exam point of view as they follow the NCERT class 5 syllabus. Therefore, they will help the student in securing good marks in the exam.

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapters

  • Chapter 1 Super Senses
  • Chapter 2 A Snake Charmer’s Story
  • Chapter 3 From Tasting To Digesting
  • Chapter 4 Mangoes Round The Year
  • Chapter 5 Seeds And Seeds
  • Chapter 6 Every Drop Counts
  • Chapter 7 Experiments With Water
  • Chapter 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes
  • Chapter 9 Up You Go!
  • Chapter 10 Walls Tell Stories
  • Chapter 11 Sunita In Space
  • Chapter 12 What If It Finishes?
  • Chapter 13 A Shelter So High!
  • Chapter 14 When The Earth Shook!
  • Chapter 15 Blow Hot, Blow Cold
  • Chapter 16 Who Will Do This Work?
  • Chapter 17 Across The Wall
  • Chapter 18 No Place For Us?
  • Chapter 19 A Seed Tells A Farmers Story
  • Chapter 20 Whose Forests?
  • Chapter 21 Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Chapter 22 On The Move Again

Benefits of Using NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS

  • The NCERT EVS Solutions are effortlessly easy to understand and subsequently help students in clearing their doubts.
  • All the chapters and exercises are covered from the Class 5 EVS book.
  • The students can also download the solutions in a PDF format & then refer to them in offline mode
  • The solutions are prepared by subject matter experts. Hence, they are reliable.

Download – Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions

Class 5 NCERT Solutions FAQs

Q1. How many units are there in Class 5 NCERT Solutions English?

Ans: There are a total of 10 units in Class 5 NCERT Solutions English.

Q2. How many chapters are there in Class 5 NCERT Solutions Maths?

Ans: There are a total of 14 chapters in Class 5 NCERT Solutions Maths.

Q3. How many chapters are there in Class 5 NCERT Solutions EVS?

Ans: There are a total of 22 chapters in Class 5 NCERT Solutions EVS.

Q4. Why is it important to consult the Class 5 NCERT Solutions?

Ans: It is important to consult the Class 5 NCERT Solutions because students who don’t have any thorough knowledge of the different concepts of various subjects like English, EVS & Maths, find it lowering their performance in the exams. Therefore, it becomes imperative for students to consult the solution in order to secure an optimal result.

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