Know about the Streams after 10th: Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities


    Finishing 10th boards is a day of celebration for a student’s journey but it also comes with a sudden huge responsibility for the student. After the results have been declared and the student has graduated, time has come to decide what stream and henceforth what career the student chooses. 

    To make an informed and educated decision, students need to be aware of all the streams available to them, what better aligns with their interests and what the future holds for each stream. 

    Streams after 10th: Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities

    There are three main streams that can be opted after the 10th standard – Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities.

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    • Science stream: The Science stream is further divided into Medical and Non Medical. It covers how things work whether in the medical field or the non-medical aka engineering field.
    • Commerce stream: The Commerce stream is related to the financial sector i.e. business, trade and commerce of our societies. 
    • Humanities/Arts stream: The Humanities/Arts stream covers a breadth of fields in it including Psychology, Design, Languages, Political Science, History, Sociology and many more. 

    Choosing between these streams is a big decision for a student, as this decides what the future holds for them.

    A student should choose his stream based on what interests them, what kind of a career they want and what people they idolise. 

    Here is a detailed description of each stream and what kind of careers open up if you choose that stream 


    Science is most popular among students passing the 10th standard and anybody passing with a certain minimum criteria can choose this stream. This field is for the logical and inquisitive minded, someone who is curious about how the world works and willing to do more research to make things work. 

    There are two sub streams available in this field. 

    • The Engineering stream – is for the more mathematically inclined. This stream is for someone who loves building and gaining knowledge of how things work.
    • The medical stream – is for someone who finds biology of all things living very interesting. It could entail biology of humans, animals or plants, microbes.

    Some amazing careers this stream opens up are

    • Medical
      • Physician
      • Veterinarian 
      • Zoologist
      • Surgeon
      • And many more
    • Engineering
      • Civil Engineers
      • Computer Engineers
      • Mechanical Engineers
      • Biomedical Engineers
      • And many more

    The career opportunities in the science field are abundant so much so that this field is overpopulated by students who are more after the financial safety that it offers. 

    People should note that even though this field comes with financial independence it might not be very stimulating for you if you’re not of that mindset. 


    This stream is for people who are interested in the economics, accounting and financial management of organisations or groups in general. Choosing the Commerce stream can be a ticket to open up various prestigious careers options. 

    You can become a CA, CEO or CFO, and you can work with MNCs in important positions. You can even run your own business a few years from now. Commerce stream can be opted with Mathematics and also without Mathematics.

    Some of the courses a student can study if taking commerce after 10th standard are

    • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
    • Bachelor of Economics
    • CA
    • CS
    • Cost and Work Accountant
    • Law 
    • Management (BBa, BMS, BBS, BFIA)

    Commerce stream as we see opens up a plethora of career opportunities for students. 

    • With Math
      • Economist
      • Actuary
      • Statistician
      • Accountant
      • Analyst
      • And many more
    • Without Math
      • Law 
      • BBA
      • Hotel Management
      • And many more

    Students should proactively opt for the commerce stream as it is an exciting and important field with a great career trajectory for anyone having passion for this field. 

    Humanities/ Arts

    This stream holds the widest variety of subjects that can be chosen for study. While History, Geography, Political Science, and English are the core subjects. You can also choose from a wide variety of elective subjects including, Psychology, Fine Arts, Sociology, Economics, Physical Education, literature subjects, etc. 

    Arts is indeed a very diverse field and the students belonging to this discipline can make their career in a variety of fields including- law, journalism, fashion, marketing and tourism and many more.

    Choosing a stream should not be a rash decision, or be affected by what our peers are doing. Choosing a stream is equivalent to choosing a career and affects what our day to day life will be like in the future.

    It is a good decision, therefore, to take the time to study what each stream offers and what the future holds for them. Students should take the time to consult their teachers, seniors as well career counsellors before making such an important decision.

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