Preparation Tips For Chemistry for JEE Mains & Advanced

Preparation Tips Chemistry IIT JEE MAINS ADVANCED
Preparation Tips Chemistry IIT JEE MAINS ADVANCED

The exam season is around the corner and the performance pressure is bound to build on the aspiring students who will take IIT JEE in 2020. Preparation Tips Chemistry IIT JEE Mains Advanced is very important For aspirants seeking admission in the prestigious 23 IITs across the nation, IIT JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams ever. Every year lacs of students sit for the test in pursuit of their dream engineering career.

The JEE Main question paper is on the basis of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Chemistry is one among the three main subjects and thorough knowledge of all the concepts in this subject will help you attain top AIR (All India Rank). From 2017, 12th class marks will not play a role in determining the All India Rank of JEE Main.

Latest News: JEE Main 2021 Online Application Form has been released by NTA on 15 December 2020.

Preparation Tips Chemistry IIT JEE Mains Advanced

Preparation of Chemistry for JEE Main 2020 must be according to the syllabus. There is three major sections in chemistry namely Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. From the analysis of previous year question papers, it is quite evident that more weightage is to Physical Chemistry in comparison to the other two sections. It is a very good idea to practice more numerical based on the concepts such as Solution, electrochemistry, states of matter, equilibrium, valence bond theory etc as it is easy to understand as well as it will provide you with a competitive edge over others.

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If we look at Organic Chemistry, the classification of organics compounds, problem-solving isomerism, and nomenclature of compounds must be by heart. You must refer to class XI and XII NCERT books problem-solving. Though do not leave any topic assuming it as unimportant. For the Inorganic section, one must give emphasis to the study of block elements and their properties, coordination compounds and basics of environmental chemistry. Many students find difficulty in the block elements unit but if you follow the NCERT books it will very easy to understand and you can have a solid foundation. Solving problems from NCERT books is essential in preparation for JEE Mains and Advance both.

IIT JEE advance has juxtaposed of weightage for the three sections, Organic and Inorganic section get more weightage than Physical Chemistry. In Organic Chemistry Classification of Organic Compounds consisting of Oxygen, Hydrocarbons, Isomerism is some important topics which must be crammed properly. For both the phases proper revision is equally important the revision must be carried out regularly for the previously studied topics and a numerical portion should also be covered during this time. You must give extra time to work on your weak sections to improve on them while revising the topic.

Important Topics for Preparation Tips Chemistry IIT JEE MAINS ADVANCED

Apart from the few important topics from Chemistry, I must mention that the most vital aspect for preparation is a student willpower determination and perseverance above all to motivate them at each step. I would also give very crucial advice which is not to attempt any new topic and problems when the exam dates are near. Try to revise all the previous topics now and improve on your past mistakes. Achieving mastery in studied topics is far better to move than trying hands at an unlocked topic.

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Always remember that the test not only judges your academic prowess but also your mental ability to handle the pressure. So stay calm and focus on the target ‘IIT JEE Mains”

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