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Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Science, Maths, Hindi, English is available here in pdf format. NCERT Class 4 solutions are for students starting Class 4, which acts as a stepping stone for primary education. Since the students are amidst learning about various concepts, comprehending them in order to perform well in exams. Therefore, they must possess a thorough knowledge of different concepts of subjects like English, EVS & Maths. In order to perform well in exams, the candidates must prepare well. Furthermore, in order to help students, we have provided the Class 4 NCERT solutions for various subjects as per the latest CBSE guidelines. The students can download the Class 4 All Subjects in PDF format from the link provided below.

NCERT Solutions For Class 4 English


NCERT Class 4 English Solutions have been provided to students in order for them to study and prepare for the exams. In order to excel in their academics, the students must refer to the NCERT textbooks. Furthermore, the solutions have been formulated by the faculty team having expertise & vast knowledge about the subject. The module of the solutions comprises pictorial representation made for students for them to understand the concepts easily. 

Furthermore, with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English, students can easily practise a wide range of questions, which will help them in gaining more knowledge and thereby in building a firm grasp of the subject. Furthermore, in order to help the students, we have provided the solutions to all the chapters from the Marigold textbook that has been prescribed. Moreover, the experts have simplified the NCERT solutions for class 4 English in order for students to grasp the concepts with ease.

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Also, students who aim to secure high marks in the exams must study and refer to NCERT Solutions, since it is the best reference book any student can rely on. The students are advised to practice regularly since it will help them in building time management skills. Furthermore, the NCERT Solutions For Class 4 English helps the students in understanding the topics, as well as in answering all the questions. Furthermore, the students can refer to NCERT Class 4 English Solutions below as well as download the solutions. They are available in pdf format. Students can use it for future reference as well.

NCERT Class 4 English Solutions

We have provided the links to the unit-wise NCERT Class 4 English Textbook Marigold. Click on the respective links to download.

Marigold Textbook Solutions:

Class 4 NCERT English Marigold Book Solutions
Wake up!
Neha’s Alarm Clock
The Little Fir Tree
Nasruddin’s Aim
Alice in Wonderland
Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
Helen Keller
The Scholar’s Mother Tongue
A Watering Rhyme
The Giving Tree
The Donkey
Going to buy a Book
The Naughty Boy

Benefits Of Using NCERT Class 4 English Solutions

Some of the few benefits of using NCERT books:

  • The solutions are created by a team of expert faculty members with the best care.
  • The NCERT Class 4 English textbooks cover all the questions asked from the textbook.
  • The concepts for the solutions are explained in a simple manner so that all students can understand easily.
  • Furthermore, the students can unbridge their knowledge gap by referring to these books.
  • Also, all the exercise questions have been answered in an easy to understand manner so that the students can grasp the concepts easily.
  • Moreover, the students can answer a variety of questions that have been given in the NCERT textbook, which will further help them in understanding the concepts better.
  • NCERT books are provided with that cover every single topic present in the chapter.
  • Since the solutions are easily available in a pdf format, the students can download them with ease.

Download – NCERT Class 4 English Solutions

NCERT Solutions For Class 4 Maths

The solutions for NCERT Class 4, helps students in clearing their doubts & understanding the maths chapter is an easy & less complicated manner. Furthermore, the National Council Of Education Research and Training (NCERT) was established in 1961, having its headquarter in Delhi.

The textbooks for NCERT maths are prescribed by the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE). Furthermore, we have provided the solutions prepared by experts as per the syllabus prescribed by NCERT curriculum. As class 4 is a highly imaginative & creative class, therefore, we have provided 3D animated/graphical images & videos to the students in the link provided below. 

NCERT Class 4 Maths Solutions

Class 4 NCERT Maths Solutions
Chapter 1 Building With Bricks Chapter 2 Long And Short
Chapter 3 A Trip To Bhopal Chapter 4 Tick-tick-tick
Chapter 5 The Way The World Looks Chapter 6 The Junk Seller
Chapter 7 Mugs And Mugs Chapter 8 Carts And Wheels
Chapter 9 Halves And Quarters Chapter 10 Play With Patterns
Chapter 11 Tables And Shares Chapter 12 How Heavy? How Light?
Chapter 13 Fields And Fences Chapter 14 Smart Charts

Features & Benefits of NCERT Maths Solutions For Class 4

  • The maths solutions are provided by subject-matter experts in order to  help Class 4 students for clearing their doubts and learning more effectively
  • The solutions have been written in an easy-to-understand language that any student can easily comprehend.
  • In order to help students easily recall, step-by-step solutions are given and related formulas are mentioned.
  • Furthermore, exercise-wise PDFs have been provided which students can download and refer to as per their convenience.

Download – NCERT Solutions For Class 4 Maths

NCERT Solutions For Class 4 EVS

The NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS is one of the most important resources for the students. The solutions are designed by subject experts, not only to help students clearing their doubts instantly but also in order for them to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts. Furthermore, the students must note that solving the questions in NCERT Class 4 EVS book does not only help the students in analyzing the expertise of their preparation but also help students in understanding the concepts better & thereby further help in developing problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, the solutions for NCERT Class 4 EVS are immensely helpful for students as with the solutions in hand, the students are no longer required to pile up their queries and thereby can clear their confusion in no second. Furthermore, the NCERT solutions also help students in order to understand the best answers for all the respective exercise-wise questions, thereby,  helping them in preparing in a more efficient way for their upcoming exams.  

NCERT Class 4 EVS Solutions

The students of class 4 can download the EVS Solutions in PDF format. Furthermore, download the list of Class 4 EVS Chapter-wise Solutions in PDFs below

Class 4 NCERT EVS Solutions
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Environmental Studies (EVS)
Chapter 1 Going to School Chapter 15 From Market to Home
Chapter 2 Ear to Ear Chapter 16 A Busy Month
Chapter 3 A Day with Nandu Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai
Chapter 4 The Story of Amrita Chapter 18 Too Much Water Too Little Water
Chapter 5 Anita and the Honeybees Chapter 19 Abdul in the Garden
Chapter 6 Omana’s Journey Chapter 20 Eating Together
Chapter 7 From the Window Chapter 21 Food and Fun
Chapter 8 Reaching Grandmother’s House Chapter 22 The World in my Home
Chapter 9 Changing Families Chapter 23 Pochampalli
Chapter 10 Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu Chapter 24 Home and Abroad
Chapter 11 The Valley of Flowers Chapter 25 Spicy Riddles
Chapter 12 Changing Times Chapter 26 Defence Officer: Wahida
Chapter 13 A River’s Tale Chapter 27 Chuskit Goes to School
Chapter 14 Basva’s Farm

Importance & Features of NCERT EVS Solutions for Class 4

  • The NCERT EVS Solutions are easy to understand and further help students in clearing their doubts in no time.
  • They cover each & every chapter and exercise from the Class 4 EVS book.
  • Furthermore, the students can download solutions in a PDF format and thereafter, refer to them in offline mode
  • Also, the solutions are comprehensive and are prepared by subject experts
  • Therefore, it is imperative for the students to keep the solutions handy whilst studying, & then referring to them whenever a tough question arises. Also, apart from the former fact, the students must refer to the solutions in order to know the best & correct answers to the respective questions. 

Download – NCERT EVS Solutions For Class 4 EVS

Class 4 NCERT Solutions FAQs

Q1. How many units are there in Class 4 NCERT Solutions English?

Ans: There are a total of 09 units in Class 4 NCERT Solutions English.

Q2. How many chapters are there in Class 4 NCERT Solutions Maths?

Ans: There are a total of 14 chapters in Class 4 NCERT Solutions Maths.

Q3. How many chapters are there in Class 4 NCERT Solutions EVS?

Ans: There are a total of 27 chapters in Class 4 NCERT Solutions EVS.

Q4. Why is it important to consult the Class 4 NCERT Solutions?

Ans: The students must consult the Class 4 NCERT Solutions because without having any deep knowledge of the different concepts of various subjects like English, Maths & EVS, they find it altering their performance in the exams. So, it is vital for students to consult the solution in order to score an optimal result. 

Q5. What is the method to download the Class 4 NCERT Solutions?

Ans: In order to download the Class 4 NCERT Solutions, the students must click on the link provided at the end of every subject bar  (Maths, EVS, English).

NCERT Solutions for all Classes

Students can also check out NCERT Solutions of other classes here. Click on the respective class given below to go to relevant NCERT Solutions of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

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