Digital Marketing Course: Offline VS Online Course


    Digital Marketing Course: Digital marketing is the marketing of the products or services through the internet or to interact with the customers to tell them about the products and services digitally. As nowadays, traditional marketing is moving to digital, as users have increased the use of internet in reading, buying & viewing videos. And most of the work which was earlier done through print media, newspaper, radios or television now can be done through digital media.

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    Offline VS Online Course

    To avail the services of digital marketing there are courses to learn- one has the option of doing that course maybe he/she can do an online course or offline course.


    The offline course is the classroom study where the students and the instructor personally interact with each other. But it has its own advantages and disadvantages-

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    Advantages of offline digital marketing course are-

    • It provides the quality of the training content.
    • The matter of study easily reaches to the students so it will become easy for them to understand.
    • Students can also interact with their instructor anytime within or after the class to ask any doubts.
    • The queries and concerns can be solved immediately without delays.
    • Their Students can learn how to work in a team and build up their communication skills.


    • It is lack of flexibility on the part of students as they have to attend the classes on the prescheduled time and dates.
    • Students become overdependent on the instructor for the help or notes.
    • It is more expensive than online course because of the infrastructure and the instructor time involved.


    The online course is the course which can be done on the internet in which the students do not have to go anywhere. But the online course has its own advantages and disadvantages-


    • The online courses are comfortable on the part of the students they can do that anytime when they are free having the time or comfortable to do.
    • It saves time because a student doesn’t have to travel to the centre.
    • It is also cheaper in terms of money than the offline course.
    • There will be no distraction between the session so the course can be completed in less time.
    • The videos and notes can be downloaded for the later reference.
    • Students can do the course by the universities or institutes outside the country.


    • This will not provide the group learning experiences.
    • Students will not be able to interact with other students and the instructor.
    • The course depends on the internet connectivity as some places do not catch the network so it will become the problem for the students.

    Conclusion: According to me, the offline course is better than online course because the students can learn more from the classroom study under the guidance of the instructor and they can learn also many things like teamwork others people experiences and they also can build their networks with others.

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