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JAC 10th Syllabus 2022: Check Jharkhand Board Matric Syllabus Pdf Here


JAC 10th Syllabus 2022 will be released in pdf form. JAC prescribes the 10th syllabus for Science, Maths, English, Hindi, Social Science & more. It consist of the important topics from which questions will be picked up for the board exam. Candidates can get the detailed JAC Class 10 syllabus from the article below.

Check here for JAC 10th Exam Time Table 2022

JAC 10th Maths Syllabus 2022

Refer the given table to check the important topics to prepare for Mathematics in JAC Class 10th board exam along with the correct marking scheme

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Jharkhand Matric Mathematics Syllabus & Marks Distribution
Units Sub-Topics Marks
Number System Real Numbers 6
Algebra Polynomials 3
Pair of Linear Equations 6
Quadratic Equations 7
Arithmetic Progression 4
Trigonometry Introduction of Trigonometry 3
Trigonometric Identities 3
Heights & Distances 6
Coordinate Geometry Distance Formula 3
Area of Triangle 3
Geometry Triangles 9
Circles 3
Constructions 3
Mensuration Area Related to Circle 4
Surface Areas & Volumes 6
Statistics & Probability Statistics 7
Probability 4

JAC 10th Science Syllabus 2022

There are three sections in Science Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Refer to the table below.

Jharkhand Matric Science Syllabus & Marks Distribution
Units Sub Topics Marks
Natural Phenomena Light- Reflection and Refractions 7
Human Eye 5
Effect of Current Electricity 9
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 4
Chemical Substances Chemical Reactions & Equations 6
Acid, Base and Salt 4
Metal & Non-Metals 8
Carbon Compounds 4
Periodic Classification 3
Natural Resources Sources of Energy 3
Environment 2
Management of Natural resources 2
World of Living Life Processes 9
Control & Co-ordination 7
Reproduction 3
Heredity & Organic Evolution 4

JAC 10th Social Science Syllabus 2022

Social Science is divided into 04 sections History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics. Each section will be of 20 marks & questions will be asked in both English and Hindi medium.

Jharkhand Matric Social Science Syllabus & Marks Distribution
Subjects Topics
  • Unit I: Events and Processes-1) Nationalism in Europe, 2) Nationalist Movement in Indo-China, 3) Nationalism in India: Civil Disobedience Movement.
  • Unit II: Economies and Livelihoods-4) Industrialisation the 1850s–1950s, 5) Urbanisation and Urban Lives, 6) Trade and Globalization.
  • Unit III: Culture, Identity and Society-6) Print Culture and Nationalism, 7) History of the Novel
Geography Resources: Types — natural and human; Need for resource planning. Natural Resources: Land as a resource, soil formation, types and distribution; changing land-use pattern; land degradation and conservation measures. Forest and wildlife resources: Types and distribution, depletion of flora and fauna; conservation, protection of forests and wildlife. Agriculture: Types of farming, major crops, cropping pattern, technological and institutional reforms; their impact; the contribution of Agriculture to the national economy — employment and output, food security, impact of globalization
Political Science 1. Working of democracy

  • Are divisions inherent to the working of democracy?
  • What has been the effect of caste on politics and of politics on caste?
  • How has the gender division shaped Understand and analyse the challenges posed by politics?
  • How do communal divisions affect democracy?  Power-sharing mechanisms in democracy
  • Why and how is power shared in democracies? How has the federal division of power in India helped national unity?
  • To what extent has decentralisation achieved this Objective? How does democracy accommodate different social groups?
  • Competition and contestations in democracy
  • How do struggles shape democracy in favour of ordinary people?
  • What role do political parties play in competition and contestation?
  • Which are the major national and regional parties in India?
  • Why have social movements come to occupy a larger role in politics?
Economics The Story of Development: The traditional notion of development – National Income and Per-capita Income – Growth of NI – critical appraisal of existing development indicators (PCI, IMR, SR and other income and health indicators.

Money and Financial System: Role of money in an economy, Formal and Informal financial institutions for Savings and Credit; Select one formal institution such as a nationalized commercial bank and a few informal institutions – Local money lenders, landlords, self-help groups, chit funds and private finance companies. Theme III

The Role of Service Sector in Indian Economy: What is service sector (through examples); Importance in generating Employment and Income to the nation (with the help of a few case studies); Growth of Service Sector in India; India as a major service provider to the world; The need for public investment – The role of important infrastructure – education and health.

JAC 10th English syllabus 2022

Refer the important section of JAC 10th English syllabus-

  1. Tenses
  2. Reported speech in extended texts
  3. Modal auxiliaries
  4. Complex and compound sentences
  5. Interpreting information given in tabular form and schedule
  6. Phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases
  7. Cohesive devices
  8. Punctuation, role-playing
  9. Dramatizing and miming
  10. Problem-solving and decision making

How to download JAC 10th Syllabus 2022?

Aspirants can follow the below-mentioned steps to download Jharkhand Board Matric Syllabus Pdf:

  • Step 1: Visit the JAC Board official website i.e. https://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/
  • Step 2: On the home page a link will be provided click on the “Syllabus” option under the “Others” section
  • Step 3: Thereafter click on “Click here to view syllabus” option displayed on the new page.
  • Step 4: A new window will open with the syllabus for different classes. Click on the “Syllabus for Secondary and Higher Secondary” Classes” link.
  • Step 5: Download and save the PDF to start preparing for the board exam.

Note: Download JAC class X board exam syllabus

Jharkhand JAC 10th Class Syllabus 2022 Highlights

Jharkhand JAC 10th Class Syllabus key highlights are given below. JHARKHAND ACADEMIC COUNCIL RANCHI (झारखंड शैक्षणिक परिषद रांची EDUCATION BOARD INSTITUTE Jharkhand)

JAC Board Class 10 Syllabus 2022 Basic Details
Name of Exam Jharkhand JAC 10th Board Examination
Name of Board Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) Ranchi
Official Website https://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/
Short Name JAC 10th Class Syllabus
Board Type State Board
Syllabus Type Matric – Jharkhand State Board Syllabus

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