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NCERT Class 2 Books: CBSE Hindi, English PDF Download


NCERT Class 2 Books: When growth is parallel to the country’s future, the quality of education is very important in gearing up the children. CBSE pays attention towards the Class 2 students by designing the syllabus in such a way that it enhances their reading, writing and memory based skills. Grade 2 is the early phase for one’s personality, thus accordingly the NCERT Class 2 Books is prepared. Learning in class 2 cultivates the healthy thought process among the children.

NCERT Class 2 Books strictly adhere to the CBSE guidelines. The books are available offline as well as in online mode. The pdf of the subjects as per the class is available on the  NCERT website. 

CBSE Class 2 Overview

CBSE NCERT Class 2 Books
Exam Name  CBSE Class 2 Exam (Internal Exam)
School Board Central Board of Education (CBSE)
Conducting Body  Respective Private Schools
Medium  English
Frequency of the exam Breakdown into 1 to 3 terminal as per the school
Official Website https://www.cbse.gov.in/

NCERT Books For The Class 2

Grade 2 contains the 3 compulsory subjects such as English, Hindi & Mathematics . The pdf of the subjects can be downloaded from the link given below. 

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  1. NCERT Book For Class 2 Maths PDF
  2. NCERT Book For Class 2 English PDF
  3. NCERT Book For Class 2 HIndi PDF

NCERT Textbook Content For Second Grade As Per The Subjects

View the subjects & topics in details here:


NCERT Class 2 Maths Books Unit Wise Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 What Is Long, What Is Round?
Unit 2 Counting In Groups
Unit 3 How Much You Can Carry
Unit 4 Counting in Tens
Unit 5 Patterns
Unit 6 Footprints
Unit 7 Jugs and Mugs
Unit 8 Tens and Ones
Unit 9 My Funday
Unit 10 Add Our Points
Unit 11 Lines and Lines
Unit 12 GIve and Take
Unit 13 The Longest Step
Unit 14 Birds Come, Birds Go
Unit 15 How Many Ponytails 


There are two books: 1) Marigold 2) Raindrops

1 ) Marigold Part 2

NCERT Class 2 English Books Unit Wise Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 (i) First Day At School

(ii) Haldi’s Adventure

Unit 2 (i) I Am Lucky!

(ii) I Want

Unit 3 (i) A Smile

(ii) The Wind And The Sun

Unit 4 (i)Rain

(ii) The Storm In The Garden

Unit 5 (i) Zoo Manners

(ii) Funny Bunny

Unit 6 (i) Mr Nobody

(ii) Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Unit 7 (i) On My Blackboard I Can Draw

(ii) Make It Shorter

Unit 8 (i) I Am The Music Man 

(ii) The Mumbai Musicians

Unit 9 (i) Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair

(ii) The Magic Porridge Pot

Unit 10 (i) Strange Talk

(ii) The Grasshopper And The Ant


2) Rainbow

NCERT Class 2 English Rainbow Book
Units Topics
Unit 1 Action Song (Poem)
Unit 2 Our Day
Unit 3 My Family
Unit 4 What’s Going On?
Unit 5 Mohan, The Potter
Unit 6 Rain In Summer (Poem)
Unit 7 My Village
Unit 8 The Work People Do 
Unit 9 Work (Poem)
Unit 10 Our National Symbols
Unit 11 The Festivals Of India 
Unit 12 The Monkey And The Elephant
Unit 13 Going To The Fair
Unit 14 Colours (Poem)
Unit 15 Sikkim 


NCERT Class 2 Hindi Book Unit Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 ऊँट चला
Unit 2 भालू ने खेली फुटबॉल
Unit 3 म्याऊँ, म्याऊँ !!
Unit 4 अधिक बलवान कौन?
Unit 5 दोस्त की मदद
Unit 6 बहुत हुआ
Unit 7 मेरी किताब
Unit 8 तितली और कली
Unit 9 बुलबुल
Unit 10 मीठी सारंगी
Unit 11 टेसू राजा बीच बाजार
Unit 12 बस के नीचे बाघ
Unit 13 सूरज जल्दी आना जी
Unit 14 नटखट चूहा
Unit 15 एक्की-दोक्की

How To Download The NCERT Class 2 Textbook?

Downloading  the e-books of Class 2, required certain steps The steps are:

  • Visit the official site of NCERT i.e https://ncert.nic.in/
  • In the home page, locate “Publication” and from the drop down menu click on PDF (I-XII)”
  • Enter the “Select Class”, “Select Subject”, “Select Book Title” and click on “Go”
  • Now click on the “Open” button if one has to go through individual chapter OR
  • Click on the “Download Complete Book” which is at the end of the left hand corner sid
  • Download or print the chapters as per your convenience. 

Class 2 Syllabus

Apart from the main subjects, children are are need to study the subjects such as:

  1. EVS
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Drawing
  4. Computer Science

Let’s check the details view of the above mentioned subjects


NCERT Class 2 EVS Book Chapters Detail
Chapters Topics
Chapter 1 Invention of the Wheel
Chapter 2 Good Habits
Chapter 3 Means of Communication
Chapter 4 Clothes
Chapter 5 World Around Me
Chapter 6 Get To Know Me
Chapter 7 Understanding Directions
Chapter 8 Houses
Chapter 9 Services In Neighbourhood
Chapter 10 Time
Chapter 11 Air, Water, Food, Shelter
Chapter 12 Means of Transport
Chapter 13 Our Family

General Knowledge

Topics under the general knowledge study are:

  1. The Sky
  2. Continents and Oceans
  3. Mountains and Valleys
  4. Water and its Forms
  5. Plants
  6. Flowers
  7. Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables
  8. Animals Revise
  9. Birds
  10. On Land and in Water
  11. Parts of a House
  12. On the Road
  13. Port
  14. Airport
  15. Station
  16. Special Vehicles
  17. Around the Vehicles
  18. Clothes from Different places
  19. Who Does What
  20. Fun and Games
  21. Festivals
  22. Skeleton
  23. Keeping Time
  24. Directions
  25. Names of Groups
  26. Around India
  27. Dances of India
  28. Dresses of India
  29. Famous Indians
  30. Religion


  • Rainbow, Draw & Colour Kite.

  • Butterfly, Scarecrow, Scenery, Rainy day
  • Lion face, Dholak, Bottle doll
  • Elephant, Tree, Pattern design, Enjoying car ride
  • Tortoise, Collage work, Train, An aquarium.

1st Terminal Drawing exam on topics :- Rainy day, Rainbow, An Aquarium

  • Boat, Butterfly, Scenery My School
  • My family, Fairy, Joker, Santa
  • My toys, Ducks swimming in water.
  • Playing with balloons.

2nd Terminal Drawing exam on topics :- Ducks swimming in water,My family,Playing with balloons

Computer Science

  • LESSON-1 Early Times and Now
  • LESSON-2 Computer Parts
  • LESSON-3 Additional Parts and Storage.
  • LESSON- 4 Working on a Computer
  • LESSON- 5 Uses of Computer.
  • LESSON-6 Let us Paint
  • LESSON-7 The first Interaction with the keyboard

Books For Class 2

Check out the textbook names for the Grade 2.

NCERT Grade 2 Books
Subject Book Name 
Maths Book  Math Magic 
English Book  Marigold


Hindi Book रिमझिम
GK Book Junior Knowledge By Bharti Bhavan
Computer Book Beyond Windows Towards Understanding Computer
Drawing Book Creative Champs – 2

List Of Olympiads For Class 2

Olympiads help the candidates to identify their capabilities and potential towards the topics and subjects. Broader aspect of understanding the topics and solving the questions enhances the child’s educational development. When they lack in some topics then proper orientation must be there to improve the learning. Class 2 students can participate in the following listed Olympiads. 

  • National Science Olympiad (NSO)
  • National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)
  • National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)
  • International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
  • Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO)
  • Unified International English Olympiad (UIEO)
  • International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)
  • International English Olympiad (IEO)


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