NCERT Class 3 Books 2023: CBSE Class 3 Overview, PDF Download


NCERT Class 3 Books 2023: By the time children enter the third grade, they know how to read and write. Class 3 further modifies the learning habits by increasing the no. of topics and subjects. For the overall development of the children, it is important that they must be equipped with the topics and syllabus as per the subjects. NCERT textbook is widely used by the CBSE schools as it gives a better understanding of the topics in an easy way. Learning new things in an effective way positively changes the personality and mental strength of the children. 

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NCERT Books For Class 3 is designed in such a way that the children can easily grasp the things. This is because the NCERT textbooks for the grade 3 grow interest about the subjects and give the basic ideas about the topics.  

CBSE Class 3 Overview 2023

CBSE Class 3 Books Basic Details
Exam Name  CBSE Class 3 Exam (Internal Exam)
School Board Central Board of Education (CBSE)
Conducting Body  Respective Private Schools
Medium  English
Frequency of the exam Breakdown into 1 to 3 terminal as per the school
Official Website

NCERT Books For The Class 3

Third Grade  contains the 4 compulsory subjects such as English, Hindi,  Mathematics and EVS .One can download  the pdf of the subjects from the link given below. 

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  1. NCERT Book For Class 3 Maths PDF
  2. NCERT Book For Class 3 English PDF
  3. NCERT Book For Class 3 HIndi PDF
  4. NCERT Book For Class 3 EVS PDF

NCERT Textbook Content For Third Grade As Per The Subjects 2023

View the subject & topic wise in details here:


NCERT Class 3 Maths Books Unit Wise Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 Where to Look From
Unit 2 Fun With Numbers
Unit 3 Give and Take
Unit 4 Long and Short
Unit 5 Shapes and Designs
Unit 6 Fun With Give and Take
Unit 7 Time Goes On
Unit 8 Who is Heavier?
Unit 9 How Many Times?
Unit 10 Play With Patterns
Unit 11 Jugs and Mugs
Unit 12 Can We Share?
Unit 13 Smart Charts!
Unit 14 Rupees and Paise


  • Marigold 

NCERT Class 3 English Books Unit Wise Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 (i) Good Morning

(ii) The Magic Garden

Unit 2 (i) Bird Talk

(ii) Nina and the Baby Sparrows

Unit 3 (i) Little by Little

(ii) The Enormous Turnip

Unit 4 (i) Sea Song

(ii) A Little Fish Story

Unit 5 (i) The Balloon Man

(ii) The Yellow Butterfly

Unit 6 (i) Trains

(ii) The Story of the Road

Unit 7 (i) Puppy and I

(ii) Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Unit 8 (i) What’s in the Mailbox?

(ii) My Silly Sister

Unit 9 (i) Don’t Tell

(ii) He is My Brother

Unit 10 (i) How Creatures Move 

(ii) The Ship of the Desert

  • Grammar Syllabus

NCERT Class 3 Grammar Books Unit Wise Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 Prepositions
Unit 2 Nouns
Unit 3 Verbs
Unit 4 Tenses
Unit 5 Adjectives
Unit 6 Pronouns
Unit 7 Conjunctions
Unit 8 Adverbs
Unit 9 Punctuations
Unit 10 Antonyms & Synonyms
Unit 11 Vowels & Consonants
Unit 12 Animal sounds
Unit 13 Syllables
Unit 14 Story Writing
Unit 15 Silent Letters
Unit 16 Writing Composition
Unit 17 People and their work
Unit 18 Family relation vocabulary


NCERT Class 3 Hindi Books Unit Wise Details
Units Topics
Unit 1 कक्कू
Unit 2 शेखीबाज़ मक्खी
Unit 3 चाँद वाली अम्मा
Unit 4 मन करता है
Unit 5 बहादुर बित्तो
Unit 6 हमसे सब कहते
Unit 7 टिपतिपवा
Unit 8 बंदर बाँट
Unit 9 कब आऊ
Unit 10 क्योंजीमल और कैसे कैसलिया
Unit 11 मीरा बहन और बाघ
Unit 12 जब मुझे साँप ने काटा
Unit 13 मिर्च का मजा
Unit 14 सबसे अच्छा पेड़


NCERT Class 3 EVS Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 Poonam’s Day out
Unit 2 The Plant Fairy
Unit 3 Water O’ Water!
Unit 4 Our First School
Unit 5 Chhotu’s House
Unit 6 Foods We Eat
Unit 7 Saying without Speaking
Unit 8 Flying High
Unit 9 It’s Raining
Unit 10 What is Cooking
Unit 11 From Here to There
Unit 12 Work We Do
Unit 13 Sharing Our Feelings
Unit 14 The Story of Food
Unit 15 Making Pots
Unit 16 Games We Play
Unit 17 Here comes a Letter
Unit 18 A House Like This
Unit 19 Our Friends – Animals
Unit 20 Drop by Drop
Unit 21 Families can be Different
Unit 22 Left-Right
Unit 23 A Beautiful Cloth
Unit 24 Web of Life

How To Download The NCERT Class 3 Textbook?

Those who are willing to download the NCERT Books for Class 3 can check the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official site of NCERT i.e
  • Locate “Publication” in the home page  and from the drop down menu click on PDF (I-XII)”
  • Enter  “Select Class”, “Select Subject”, “Select Book Title” and click on “Go”
  • For individual chapters click on the “Open” button  OR
  • Click on the “Download Complete Book” at the end of the left hand corner side
  • Download or print the chapters.

Class 3 Syllabus

In grade three, apart from the 4 main subject, children are also required to study the subjects such as:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Drawing
  3. Computer Science

Let’s check the details view of the above mentioned subjects

 General Knowledge

Topics under the general knowledge study are:

NCERT Class 3 GK Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 Plant world
Unit 2 Animal world
Unit 3 Science and technology
Unit 4 Sports
Unit 5 India
Unit 6 The animal kingdom
Unit 7 Landmarks
Unit 8 States and Capital
Unit 9 Important days
Unit 10 Festivals
Unit 11 World Capitals
Unit 12 Continents and Countries
Unit 13 Wonders of India 


NCERT Class 3 Drawing Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 Colour Shading
Unit 2 Frog On Mushroom
Unit 3 Aeroplane With A View
Unit 4 Colourful Snail
Unit 5 Ice-Cream Shop
Unit 6 Cute Dinosaur
Unit 7 Two Happy Bees
Unit 8 Different Houses
Unit 9 Fairy Tale
Unit 10 The Pink Elephant
Unit 11 Caterpillar’s New Home
Unit 12 Little Indian Mermaid

Computer Science

NCERT Class 3 Computer Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 : Computer Basics
  • Introduction to computer
  • Identify the parts of the computer
  • Starting and shut down computer
  • Computer Room Etiquettes
  • Identify the keys of the keyboard
  • Do’s and Do not of while working on the computer
  • Strengths and Limitation of Computer
Unit 2: Fun With Paint Brush
  • Introduction
  • How to start Paintbrush.
  • Home Tab
  • Pencil, Eraser, Fill with colour, pick colour, brush, Airbrush
  • Text tool, Shapes, Magnifier
Unit 3: More About Paint Brush
  • Selection-Rectangular Selection
  • Freeform Selection
  • View Menu
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Full Screen
Unit 4: About Desktop and Computer Peripherals
  • Desktop
  • Purpose of Desktop
  • Identify the Icon on the Desktop
  • Start button and Taskbar
  • My computer 6. Recycle bin
  • Input and Output devices
  • Memory device
  • CPU

Books For Class 3

Check out the textbook names for the Grade 3.

NCERT Grade 3 Books List
Subject Book Name 
Maths Book  Math Magic 
English Book  Marigold
Hindi Book Rimjhim (रिमझिम) 
EVS Looking Around

List Of Olympiads For Class 3

Students of class 3 are expected to be familiar with the fundamental concepts of the topics.  Olympiads reflect the children’s understanding towards the subject. Through the olympiads children actually learn about the competitive environment that keeps motivating them to do good in studies in comparison to others.  Class 3 students can go for the following Olympiads. 

  • Class 3 International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  • Class 3 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  • Class 3 English International Olympiad (EIO)
  • Class 3 General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  • Class 3 International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
  • Class 3 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
  • Class 3 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
  • Class 3 National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
  • Class 3 National Social Studies  Olympiad (NSSO)

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