96 Civil Engineering & Allied Courses Under 31 Major Headings

civil engineering
civil engineering branches

The AICTE listed 96 Civil Engineering Course or program that a student can opt in Indian Colleges. Many of them are available in Colleges affiliated to AICTE, All India Council for Technical Education.

Civil Engineering and Allied Courses

These Courses are majorly from core branch of civil eng. and also from allied courses Under 31 Major Headings.

Atmospheric Science


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Building and Construction Technology
Building Construction Technology

Civil & Allied courses

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Civil & Rural Engineering
Civil (Public Health & Environment) Engineering
Civil and Water Management Engineering
Civil Draftsman
Civil Eng. & Planning
Civil Engineering (2 Shift)
CE (Environmental Engineering)
CE (Public Health Engineering)
CE (Rural Engineering)
CE (Sandwich Pattern)
CE (Water Resources And Management)
Civil Eng. Environment & Pollution Control
CE (Construction Technology)
Civil Environmental Engg.
Civil Technology
Civil (Sfs Mode)

Construction Engineering

Engg. and Management
Construction Technology
Technology And Management

Digital Techniques for Design & Planning

Drilling Engineering

Drilling Technology

Earthquake Engineering

Energy Engineering

Energetic Materials & Polymers
Energy And Environmental Management
Energy Management
Energy Science and Technology
Energy Systems
Energy Systems Analysis And Design
Energy Systems And Management
Energy Systems Engineering
Energy Technology

Environment Engineering

Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science And Engineering
Environmental Science And Technology


Geo machines and Structures
Geomechanics And Structures
Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) & Global Positioning System
Geotechnical And Geoenvironmental Energy
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Green Technology

Health Science And Water Engineering

Highway Engineering

Highway Technology

Hill Area Development Engineering

Irrigation Engineering

Irrigation And Drainage Engineering

Mine Engineering

Mine Surveying
Mineral Exploration
Mining & Mine Surveying
Mining Engineering

Plant Design

Pre-Stressed Concrete

Precision Manufacturing

Product Design

Product Design And Commerce
Product Design And Development
Product Design And Manufacturing

Production Technology

Production Engineering And Engineering Design
Production Engineering System Technology

Renewable Energy

Safety And Fire Engineering

Seismic Design And Earthquake Engineering

Shipbuilding Engineering

Soil Mechanics

Soil And Water Conservation Engineering
Soil Mechanics
Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering

Steel Technology

Structural Design

Structural And Foundation Engineering
Structural Design
Structural Dynamics And Earthquake Engineering
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering And Construction

Transportation Engineering

Traffic and Transporting Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Transportation Engineering And Management
Transportation System Engineering

Water Resource Engineering

Water and Environmental Technology
Water Resource Engineering
Water Resource Management
Water Resources & Hydraulic Engg
Water Resources And Environmental Engineering
Water Resources And Hydro Informatics
Water Technology And Health Science

Source: www.aicte-india.org

Candidate before choosing a particular stream or branch must go though to their own internal skills and capability of learning more and more during their study life.