AEEE 2020 Syllabus & Previous Year Question Paper


AEEE 2020 Syllabus has been released by Amrita University on 19 September 2019 for Amrita Engineering Entrance Exam. AEEE is a University Level Entrance Exam conducted by Amrita Engineering University for those aspirants who are aiming to enrol themselves in Engineering courses at the university campuses. The syllabus of AEEE 2020 will include the topics and chapters from Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. With the information regarding the syllabus, candidates will be able to prepare in a better way. AEEE 2020 exam will be conducted in both online and offline mode. The AEEE 2020 exam will be of 2 hours and 30 minutes in English language mode in multiple-choice questions format. For a better understanding of Amrita Univerity Exam Syllabus, Previous year question paper is attached below.

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AEEE 2020 Syllabus

Amrita University Entrance Exam Syllabus for B.Tech Admission 2020 is given below.

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  • Firstly, the three AEEE campuses are located in Bangalore, Coimbatore & Amritapuri.
  • As it is a university level entrance examination, aspirants from every state can apply.
  • Further, aspirants not residing in India can also apply.
  • Given below are topics that are included in the syllabus of AEEE 2020 according to their priority to be convenient for the candidates.
  • Finally, candidates can either download all or write it down.


  1. Wave optics
  2. Heat and thermodynamics
  3. Electrostatics
  4. Ray optics
  5. Modern physics
  6. Current electricity
  7. Electromagnetic induction
  8. Physics of nucleus
  9. Wave motion
  10. Solids and semiconductor devices
  11. Alternating current
  12. Heat and chemical effects
  13. Electromagnetic waves
  14. Fluids
  15. Principles of communication


  1. Probability
  2. Vectors
  3. 3-D geometry
  4. Sets, relation, and functions
  5. Matrices determinants
  6. Limits
  7. Indefinite integration
  8. Definite integration
  9. Complex numbers
  10. Theory of equation
  11. Permutation and combination
  12. Sequence and series
  13. Binomial theorem
  14. Continuity and differentiation
  15. Trigonometric ratio
  16. Dynamics
  17. Statics


  1. Biomolecules
  2. Principles and processes of extraction
  3. Carboxylic acids and its derivatives
  4. Aldehyde ketone
  5. Alcohol, phenol, ether
  6. 5th- block elements
  7. Alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes
  8. Mole concepts
  9. Chemical equilibrium
  10. Redox reaction
  11. Chemical kinetics
  12. General organic chemistry
  13. Ionic equilibrium
  14. Chemical bonding
  15. Periodic classification of elements
  16. Atomic structure
  17. P-block elements
  18. Coordination compound
  19. Transition elements
  20. Surface chemistry
  21. Nuclear chemistry
  22. Gaseous state

AEEE 2020 Syllabus: Most Important Chapters

Finally, after thorough analysation we have come across chapters that are most important in any Engineering Entrance Exam in each subject there is follows:

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* Electrostatics

* Ray optics

* Current Electricity

* Magnetism

* Nuclear Physics

* Thermodynamics

*  Harmonic Motion

* Fluids

* Rotational Dynamics


* Integration

* Matrices and Determinants

* Probability and Statistics

* Applications of Derivatives

* Vector Algebra

* 3-D Geometry

* Sequence and Series

* Complex number


* P-block elements

* Alcohol

* Phenols and Ethers

* Atomic structure

* Coordination Chemistry

* Mole concept

* Electrochemistry

Paper Pattern for AEEE Exam 2020

The AEEE Paper pattern is given below.

  • The test will contain 120 questions.
  • All the questions will be in MCQ form.
  • Also, Physics and chemistry will have 35 questions each whereas Mathematics will have 50 questions.
  • Further, 3 marks will be awarded for the correct answer.
  • 1 mark will be deducted for incorrect answer.
  • Moreover, the total duration of the exam will be 2 hours 30 minutes.

Download Previous Year Question Paper Pdf.

Syllabus PDF for B.Tech Admission Test

Also, Find Syllabus PDF for B.Tech Admission Test for Amrita University Engineering Entrance Examination. Download AEEE B.Tech. Syllabus PDF Here.

Finally, the official website of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham:

Stay tuned about Amrita Engineering Entrance Exam Syllabus.

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