DTU or NIT ? Which One to Prefer ?

DTU or NIT ? Which One to Prefer ?
DTU or NIT ? Which One to Prefer ?

Everyone who appears for Joint Entrance Exam (MAIN) and figures that they have done no good in it, they come to choose between NITs and DTU. To be honest and to answer in a nutshell, Delhi Technological University is far better than National Institutes of Technology. Situated in the national capital of India, the amount of exposure it gets is something to take into consideration, while choosing one in between the both.

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Comparison Between DTU and NITs

The students should not consider NITs as bad. It is good in its own ways. You will get a remarkable faculty in National Institutes of Technology, which is not the case with Delhi Technological University. But, this thing matters a little. According to a survey conducted, a majority of the students from entire globe prefer self-study. It answers the fact that this thing of best faculty matters a little.

The cutoffs of Delhi Technological University are very high as compared to National Institutes of Technology. It itself sings the galore of the Delhi Technological University. The placement opportunities of DTU are also very awesome. People here get the package in crores as well. And, not just a hefty package. There is this thing called social atmosphere and exposure. Delhi Technological University gives it at its best. Students here get many start-up opportunities. The workshops and on ground internships happen here in bulk. Students get to know about the different working environment from these workshops.

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Also, the infrastructure of the college stands out. It has got very primitive facilities. The course structure of Delhi Technological University is something to take into account while taking a side in between the both. Also, the communication of DTUites is very much better if compared with the students of NITs. It is a fact that Delhi schools are the best in the country. And, as 85% of seats in Delhi Technological University are reserved for Delhi students, the communication skills among the students of DTU are something not to be questioned.

Also, students generally do M.B.A., Civil Services, and Other Coachings along with their study in technological institutions. If we talk about those things, Delhi Technological University situated at the national capital gives the best coaching facilities.

Conclusion of DTU vs NITs Comparison

DTU has been ranked 14 by the Outlook India, and 39 by the National Institutional Ranking Framework. It also conducts many cultural and annual festival. The research presented by DTUites are considered best in itself. A student should also get varied exposure along with a bit of everything. Delhi Technological University makes it sure to provide the same to its students.

NITs are in no way bad. There stand exceptions for the case too. There are certain NITs which are better than DTU. But, if one asks in general as to what will be the best, the answer will always be Delhi Technological University.

The article is solely based on a personal view of the Author. And the comparison is based on open sources available. It may differ from another view. so do a personal research before choosing any college. – By Manmohan Agarwal

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