Partnerships with EntranceZone

General Information about Partnerships with EntranceZone: Very soon we will be launching our market place for study materials & educational products.

  • Any partnership with any person or organisation/institution would be of the general form.
  • The partnership will be done according to the terms and conditions of our organisation and as per the applicable laws in the country.
  • The name of this partnership shall be EntranceZone Partners and shall transact business under the official company name.
  • The partnership will be made solely for business purposes only with any other organization/institution/ resource vendors.
  • That the principal place of business of this partnership shall be located at our office Address.
  • The partnership shall have a fixed term of years as specified in the documents. It can be extended or terminated as per our requirement.
  • The partnership document should have names, complete residence addresses and nationalities of the partners.
  • The capital of this Partnership shall be fixed and will be documented properly at the time of signing the partnership agreement.
  • The profits and losses of this partnership shall be divided and distributed proportionately on the ratio of the capital contribution from each partner.
  • This partnership shall be under the higher management team, who shall be in charge of the management issues related to our company. The team shall have the power to use the partnership name in the management of the company and for lawful purposes.
  • The partners undertake to change the name of this partnership, as herein provided or as amended.
  • The partnership or person has got a prior right to the use of that name or that the name has been declared as misleading, ambiguous, similar to a registered company name or is against the public policy, ethics and good morals.
  • The partnership will be generally be done to provide educational resources and information to the interested party.

“Please mail us if you think we can mutually beneficial to each other.”

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