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Prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 2 months
Prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 2 months

According to an Expert, students must be thorough with NCERT books and exemplary, and should now focus on practising JEE sample papers Prepare for JEE Main 2020 in 2 months. He advises them to build and strengthen their concepts by solving as many problems as possible in order to score high in JEE Mains 2020.

As part of a special series of features on How to Prepare for JEE Main 2020 in 2 months, Entrance Zone brings to you expert interview, Director, Aakash Educational Services. In this interview,  Expert suggests study material required and shares tips on preparation strategy for JEE Main aspirants, who will be appearing for the desired entrance exam in April 2020.

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Q1. Do you think studying only NCERT syllabus would be sufficient for a student to clear JEE Main and will help in follow up on JEE Advanced?

Ans. NCERT is just a reference text to give an idea about the syllabus. I believe covering NCERT books is mandatory, but at the same time, it doesn’t complete the purpose for JEE Advance & JEE Main 2020 Preparation in 2 Months. It is really good for conceptual knowledge and has a good number of solved problems. Apart from this, one needs to practice at least one good question bank designed for JEE Main 2020 and thereafter a question bank for JEE Advance as well as Taking up online mock tests before the final exam would help the students in becoming well known with the online system.

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Q2. What are the important topics in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that you think students must focus on to perform well in JEE Main 2020?

Ans. Every portion of the syllabus is crucial, but there are certain topics that require special attention. It is important to understand and practice these topics, as a good understanding of these topics will make it easier to understand the remaining chapters. To Prepare for JEE Main 2020 in 2 months, these are some JEE Main most important topics:

Important Topics of Mathematics:

  1. Calculus
  2. Determinants
  3. Sequences
  4. Permutation and Combination
  5. Co-ordinate Geometry
  6. Vectors
  7. Trigonometry
  8. Three-dimensional geometry

Important Topics of Physics

  1. Laws of Motion
  2. Conservation laws like Conservation of linear momentum, angular momentum, mechanical energy
  3. Concept of potential energy and uniformly accelerated motion
  4. Field theory (electric, magnetic and gravitational field)
  5. Kinematics and Dynamics
  6. Theory of Fields (Electromagnetism)
  7. Optics
  8. Modern Physics

Important Topics of Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry is quite scoring
  • Students tend to neglect Inorganic Chemistry, but just a proper understanding of it can prove beneficial.
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Going through complete Inorganic Chemistry 4-5 times is very important.

Q3. What changes in strategy should a student need to bring in to prepare for JEE Main 2020 in 2 months? What importance does solving sample paper hold?

Ans. Solving sample papers is very important. A lot of practice will definitely ensure good results. Candidate must practice developing some shortcut tricks for cracking JEE problems. After board exams are over, the major change in strategy is to read less theory and solve more problems. Solve as many problems as possible, and thus strengthen and build your concepts.

Q4. Time is a crucial criterion in attempting JEE Main 2020. Any suggestions on how a candidate should go about answering since negative marking exists. Students need to know how best to tackle doubtful ones and sure answers to ensure maximum marks?

Ans. Take online mock tests before going for the final exam, it will help you become well-known with the online system and will give the idea of do’s and don’ts to be followed. One should know if a question is in his/her domain or not. It is essential to have a better strike rate than attempting all the questions. Trying a new question of which you do not have any idea, might waste a lot of time. It is not necessary to attempt all the questions but it is important to attempt those questions for which you are confident.

Q5. Nearly two months are left for JEE Main 2020. What strategy do you suggest to the students to Prepare for JEE Main 2020 in 2 months and balance it with their class XII board preparation?

Ans. They can go through the below-given tips to enhance their preparation and pass the exams.

  • It is important for them to remain calm and patient. To deal with this, Candidates have to accept the fact that they have to be adapted in multi-tasking.
  • Make a good and almost fixed routine for the last two month in which you sleep at right time at night and wake up at say 6.00 am.
  • You must also develop a habit of sitting for 6 hours continuously with a break of 30 minutes after 3 hours.
  • The entire syllabus is important. But there are some topics whose concepts are present everywhere in the rest of the syllabus.
  • In the last couple of weeks after board exam, practice as many questions as you can.
  • To prepare simultaneously for the board exam and JEE Main, thoroughly read NCERT textbooks and solve the back exercises.
  • The last months require relentless preparation.
  • Students need to concentrate on the important topics and cover class XII syllabus with the focus on JEE Main as well.

Q6. Any message you would like to give to JEE Main 2020 aspirants?

Ans. For Mathematics, prepare Vector, 3D Coordinate Geometry and Calculus thoroughly. In Physics, pay due attention to the second half of class XI and XII syllabus. In Chemistry, practice problems of Inorganic Chemistry. Most important, be alert and keep a tab on the time while taking the exam.

Best of Luck to Prepare for JEE Main 2020.