How to Schedule IIT JEE Preparation Timetable 


How to Schedule IIT JEE Preparation Timetable: When it comes to exam preparation setting a time-bound study schedule is a big challenge to all. It doesn’t matter when you start preparation, what all matters is how disciplined you are in your approach to studying and how realistically you set goals in your daily based time-table. When you start planning your timetable keeping in view the exam date, make sure you are left with enough time to revise everything and avoid last minute panics. Since some like to study in the early morning and some prefer night study, so it’s solely your responsibility to make an effective study plan in accordance with your daily routine and work obligations. However, we will guide you the basic things that you have to keep in mind while preparing your study timetable.

  1. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses: Firstly you must take enough time to identify your strong and weak topics in all the three subjects and rank them accordingly. Now begin with one subject at a time and pick up the weak topic first and then set targets. Items should be prioritized and an effective timetable should be drawn keeping in view certain things in mind like how many free hours are available? How much time should be devoted to each subject in a day? Last but not least how to prepare and procure the course material? It should be your responsibility to create a balance between all the three subjects daily and should follow the timetable religiously with a determination to achieve progress and results.

  1. Schedule time breaks: If you are following the timetable as decided with honesty than you deserve a short break too. Taking breaks to relax, de-stress and clear your head can make your study time more efficient and effective. Spreading out your studying into multiple sessions with breaks in between not only helps your brain remember information more effectively, but it can improve your concentration and motivation while you are studying. But when can you take a break is a good question to ask?

Candidates May Need a Break When:

  • You’ve been concentrating deeply and focusing on your work for 45-60 minutes, so schedule a break in your timetable after every 60 minutes.
  • Short breaks of 5-10 minutes are advisable when you’ve been studying for a while and you’re no longer able to focus as effectively as when you started. You notice your mind wandering more frequently, or you’re unable to recall information as easily.
  • Take another break of 15-20 minutes when you’re switching from one course subject to another and need a stimulating break.
  1. Time to review: Now comes the time in your timetable when you have to review what you had learned a whole day. It’s advisable to choose night time after dinner to review your learning. Besides revision allot time to practice IIT JEE mock tests to improve your speed, stamina and accuracy, and to assess your performance. You can also set time to solve few practice questions of medium difficulty too.

How to Schedule IIT JEE Preparation Timetable

Schedule IIT JEE Preparation Timetable
Schedule IIT JEE Preparation Timetable


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