Career Opportunities after MCA course: Focus areas of Computer Application


MCA is an acronym for Master of Computer Application which is a 3 years postgraduate program. Though it can be pursued after any graduation degree(Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, etc.) but BCA candidates are more preferable. Also, one must have Mathematics at XII or graduation level to choose MCA as a PG level course. Candidates get admission in MCA either based on university-level entrance exam or any state level entrance exam or merit basis score i.e based on the scores of graduation level exams.

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This professional course is designed to meet the requirements of not only the IT(Information Technology) sector but also other sectors also like Network Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Analyst, etc.

Focus areas of Master of Computer Application (MCA)

MCA program focuses on the areas like Application Software Development, Computer Networks, Web Design & Development, Data Mining & Warehousing, Mobile Technologies, Database Administration, etc.

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  • In the first year, it focuses on data structure, computer fundamentals, discrete Mathematics, financial accounting & management, communication, etc. Basically first-year courses are based on the BCA level program.
  • In the second year, the focus is on the operating system, web technology(including all the stages of development), design & analysis of algorithms, database management system, computer networks, artificial intelligence, compiler design, etc.
  • In the third year, it focuses on computer graphics, software testing, cloud computing, big data, etc.

What are the Career Opportunities after MCA course?

On the completion of Master of Computer Application, the aspirants get the opportunity to industries like software development & engineering, troubleshooter, system analyst, hardware engineer, software consultant, technical writer, etc.

In the technological era today, candidates have good opportunities to make their career in IT. At the initial level candidates can start their career as a junior programmer, web designer, web designer, etc. gradually with the experience in area opportunities increases. Like with an increase in experience candidates can become project leaders or managers also an entrepreneur.

Few job profiles for MCA candidates are:

  • Web Designer / Developer – Those who learn technical skills relating to this constructs the website for corporates. A junior web developer earns almost Rs 20k as a fresher but with the increase in experience salary package also increases.
  • Social Media Handler- In today’s competitive era companies hire a specialist to handle their social media for their product’s or service advertisement. Hence, the job of social media handler is to handle all the social media platforms of the company. At an early stage, they are paid approximately Rs 15-20k but add to an experience adds to their salary too.
  • App Development- Job of an app developer is to build an app for mobile like iOS, windows, etc. The salary package for fresher lies between Rs 18K-25K. 
  • Business Analyst- A business analyst is one who analyzes an organisation’s or business domain or assesses the business model or its integration with the use of technology. They basically help in businesses in improving their processes, software through data analyzation. The salary package for them is handsome enough with the experience of 5-7 years. After approximately 5 years of experience, they can earn up to Rs 60k-70k. For freshers, its Rs 20k-25k or can be less or more depending on the company profile.
  • Database Engineer- Their job is to use specialized software to store & organise data of a company. Their role includes capacity planning, database design, migration, backup, data recovery, etc. The salary package for Database Administrator having 1-4 years of experience is Rs 30-40K depending on last CTC, job location, company profile, etc.
  • Ethical Hacker- They actually are experts who in hacking the network or computer system on behalf of an organization owner to uncover security vulnerabilities of other company. The salary package for them at an initial level of career lies between Rs 30-40K.
  • Hardware Engineer- Their work is to research, design, develop and test computer systems & its components like circuit boards, etc. Though at the start of a career salary package for them as low as the candidates get to experience their pay increases & also they get an opportunity to overseas corporates.
  • Technical Writers- Technical writers are professionals whose job is to transfer knowledge of any fields between a group of peoples. The knowledge can be spread through any medium. It is a good opportunity to make a carrier for those having a good GK. The salary package for them is low at the start of their career. So it lies between Rs 18-25K. 
  • Troubleshooters- The troubleshooter’s job is to analyse & solve issues of a company. Basically, they trace the issues of mechanical & electrical system of an organization. The skill of troubleshooting is often applied to repair failed products of a machine or a computer system. On average they are paid between Rs 30K per month.

Few top-rated companies after Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Below list shows the top-rated companies in which candidates can apply after MCA:

  1. TCS(Tata Consultancy Services) – Till now it has provided placements to more than 3 lakh people.
  2. Infosys – It has provided homes to approximately 2lakh people among which few Indians are like Mr Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, etc.
  3. Wipro – Till now it has provided placements to more 1,50000 lakhs professionals.
  4. Cognizant Technology Services – As per the placement officers, Cognizant hires an average of 15,000 to 20,000 freshers every year. It has recruited over 500 IITians in the last 3 years.
  5. Accenture – Every year Accenture hires approximately 6 to 7K professionals in India from different fields.
  6. HCL Technologies – It has offered placements to around 1lakh professionals. It has its offices in around 35 countries.
  7. Tech Mahindra – It has provided homes to approximately lakhs of people.

There are other IT companies which are established and doing god in their field. Like Mindtree, Mphasis, Rolta, etc.

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