New Admission Criteria Without Board Exams 2021


The Prime Minister has already announced the cancellation of class 10th and 12th board exams due to COVID-19. Also, along with that ICSE board and ISC has also cancelled the board exams for session 2021. Now the question arises of what will be the admission criteria into colleges for this year?

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Many schemes are under consideration for this. The idea is to use some combination of the marks obtained in internal assessments during the year, the marks of the final exams for Class XI, and even the marks obtained in Class X board exams. Many issues can be anticipated right away, irrespective of which scheme is finally adopted. The marking schemes for school exams vary not just from board to board, but even within the same board, from school to school, and from region to region.

With online classes being the primary mode of instructions during the past year, the divide between affluent and poor schools has become glaring. As we already know teachers and students in underprivileged schools often do not have proper access to digital platforms. In contrast, wealthy schools and students have no such limitations. All of this will be reflected in the internal class assessments and pre-board exams for session 2021.

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As per the CBSE, the students will be assessed out of 100 marks for each subject for class X boards Result. The Internal assessment will be done out of 20 marks and for the rest 80 marks will be distributed among periodic test(10 marks), half-year/midterm exam(30 marks), Pre-board exam(40 marks). Whereas CBSE Class XII Result 2021 Evaluation method is still to be decided.

CISCE has asked the schools to provide two types of marks – average marks of class 9 and class 10. After that, CISCE will announce the assessment criteria for ICSE class 10th Result 2021.

Simple and transparent evaluation criteria will work best as it is easy to nationalize them, they contain the least amount of statistical noise, and everything is open. Therefore, the marks of the Class XI final exams, plus marks of Class XII internal pre-boards should be used, and perhaps scores from a midterm exam for Class XII Result. It is illogical to use the Class X marks as one of the inputs because of the great differences in the difficulty levels of the syllabi as compared to class XII; also, students may have shifted streams after class X. Other internal assessments may not have been carried out by many schools so it is best to avoid them.

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