Physical Science Course Details: Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus


Physical science is the study of chemistry and physics of nature and its life sciences in a way to include ecology and the evidence of historical facts. The department of Physical Sciences is dedicated to offering quality education while also preparing candidates for a life of service and faith. The candidates are advised to read the complete article given below to know more about Physical Science courses, eligibility and admission procedure.

Popular Physical Science Courses


Candidates can check the list of courses for Physical Science given below:

  • B. Sc 
  • M. Sc
  • B. Tech 
  • M. Tech Biological Engineering

Candidates can apply for the above-given courses to get admission in Physical science.

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What is Eligibility Criteria for Physical Science Course?

The candidate must check the Physical Science course requirement for the admission  given below:

Physical Science Admission Criteria
Courses Eligibility
B.Sc Candidates must have completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 examination with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.
  • Applicant must have a valid score in JEE Main.

Skills required for Physical Science

Candidates who are interested in studying the properties of energy and non-living materials can go for this course. 

  • This course aims at providing a general understanding and foundation of the sciences for which any candidate must possess problem-solving ability and reasoning capabilities.

Physical Science Course Duration

The candidate can check the course time and duration from the below-given table:

Physical Science Course Duration
Course Duration
BTech 4 Years
B.Sc 3 Years

What is Syllabus for Physical Course?

UGC prepares a proper set of the syllabus to be covered by universities during the course term. Given below are some of the important subjects prescribed:

Syllabus For B.Sc. in Physical Science

B.Sc Physical Science Syllabus
Name of the Course Topics Covered Description
Calculus and Matrices
  • Matrices
  • Concept Of Linear Independence
  • Interpretation Of Eigenvalues
  • Matrices InDiagonal Form
  • Calculus
  • Radioactive decay
  • Leibnitz theorem
  • Successive
  • differentiation
The following course gives knowledge of various calculus and matrices concepts.
Analytical Chemistry
  • Chromatography
  • Principle of differential migration
  • Modes of chromatography
  • Experimental modifications
  • Rf values
Students with this course learn about the analytical prospects of Chemistry.
Solvent Extraction
  • Distribution law
  • Determination of distribution ratio
  • Batch extraction
  • Continuous extraction
  • Discontinuous extraction
The course is about solvent extractions which are the part of chemistry itself.
Technical Writing and

Communication in English

  • Language and communication
  • Distinct features of speech
  • Linguistic unity
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Expository and argumentative writing
  • Formal and informal writings
  • Common errors to be avoided
  • Transitional and concluding paragraphs
English is an important subject to be studied by students of every branch, so this course helps to learn the basics of the English language.
Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics
  • Laws of thermodynamics and their consequences
  • Thermodynamic potentials
  • Maxwell relations
  • Micro- and macro-states
  • Micro-canonical
  • Classical and quantum statistics
  • Blackbody radiation and Planck’s distribution law
The course imparts the knowledge of laws and other factors of thermodynamics.
Computer Fundamentals
  • Characteristics & features of Computers
  • Algorithm and Flowcharts
  • Generation of Computers
  • Classification of Computers
  • Types of Programming Languages
  • Computer Memory
  • Operating system Concepts
Here students learn about the fundamentals and working of the computer system.
Quantitative Methods Of Analysis
  • Precipitation methods
  • Volatilization methods
  • Drying and Ignition of precipitates
  • Practical gravimetric procedures
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Gravimetric titrimetry
  • Coulometric titrimetry
This course is about analytical chemistry. 

 Syllabus For B.Tech in Physical Science

Bachelor of Technology Syllabus
Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Geometry and Calculus Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Complex Analysis and Integral Transforms Numerical Methods, Partial Differential Equations and Calculus of Variation
Physics I Physics II Computer Networks And DBMS Modern Optics or Analytical and Computational Chemistry
Chemistry I Engineering Materials Optics and Electromagnetic Waves Classical Mechanics
Basic Mechanical Engineering Basic Electronics and Computer Engineering Organic Chemistry and Polymer Science Earth System Science
Basic Electrical Engineering Engineering Mechanics Remote Sensing and Applications Measurements and Instrumentation
Physics Lab I Engineering Graphics Introduction to Economics Introduction to Social Science and Ethics
Chemistry Lab I Basic Electronics and Electrical Engineering Lab Physics Lab II or Chemistry Lab II Optics Lab or Computational Chemistry Lab
Basic Engineering Lab Basic Programming Lab Remote Sensing Lab Earth System Science Lab
Communication Skills Lab —- Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
Bachelor of Technology (Physical Science) Syllabus
Semester V Semester VI Semester VII Semester VIII
Probability and Statistics Statistical Mechanics Principles of Management System Stream Comprehensive Vice-Voce
Quantum Mechanics Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics Stream Elective IV Project Work
Atmospheric and Ocean Science Pattern Recognition Stream Elective V
Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics Stream Elective I Department Elective
Environmental Science and Engineering Stream Elective II Institute Elective
Computational Physics Lab Stream Elective III Elective Lab
Digital Signal Processing or Basic of Chemical Engineering Modern Physics Lab Seminar
Digital Signal Processing Lab or Chemical Engineering Lab

What is Admission Process for Physical Science Course?

In physical admissions are done through both merit and entrance test. The different cutoff is prepared by the colleges.

For B.Tech

  • Institute generally take their entrance test for admission to the course. 
  • Candidates have to qualify JEE to get admission in this course.
  • JEE Mains offers two papers and candidates are required to take anyone paper for admission, or both as required in their discipline.
  • The maximum number of valid attempts that a candidate can avail for JEE Mains is 3, while for JEE Advanced, it is 2.

Job Profiles After Physical Science Course

Candidates who will successfully graduate in B. Tech with Physical Sciences can find a range of rewarding career opportunities such as the ones listed below with the corresponding job descriptions and salaries offered:

After B.Tech:

Job Profiles
Designation Description
Academic Editor- Physical Science Responsible for focusing on specific subjects of expertise such as Health, technology and medicine.
Research Scientists Responsible for carrying and planning out experiments in different fields like geosciences, medical research, meteorology and pharmacology and planning.
Process Safety Engineer Responsible for developing practices for process safety strategies and supporting the project team for purpose and cost.
Assistant Professor Responsible for teaching lab sessions as adhering to lab safety, assigned and hazardous waste disposal.

Job after successful completion of B.Sc in Physical Science:

Physical Science Jobs after B.Sc
Job Profile Description
Research Scientist A research scientist is supposed to make research on ceramic materials.
Clinical Research Scientist One is responsible for analysing, formulating and interpreting various clinical development plans.
Chemical Research Scientist The concerned person has to conduct various research to develop new chemical products.
Pharmacist A pharmacist has to develop automated data and analytics to support pharmacy services.
Quality Control Manager The person is responsible for handling lab and quality assurance of products.

Physical Science Course Application form

The candidates must read all the points given below to apply for the course of Physical Science:

  • The applicants can apply through online mode.
  • Candidates must check their eligibility before applying for this course.
  • Candidates must fill the application form correctly and carefully otherwise authority will reject the registration form.
  • Candidate must have qualified the JEE Main with valid scores to apply for the course in B.Tech.
  • Only those candidates will be called for the interview and counselling who have completed the application process.

Colleges/Universities Offering Physical Science 

The candidates can check the list of universities and colleges who offer Physical science course in India:

Physical Science Course Highlights

Candidate can check the overview of the physical course from the below-given table:

Physical Science Basic Details
Branch Name Physical Science
Popular Courses B.Tech/ and B.Sc/M.Sc
Duration of course B.Tech- 4 years 2 years

Selection Criteria Based on the merit in JEE main and other institute exams

About Physical Science

The interdisciplinary field of physical science combines studies in math, chemistry,  medicine, environmental science and geology. Through these courses, candidates can explore the world around them to understand the non-living systems. Physical science courses are available in undergraduate degree programs in chemistry,  physics and the earth sciences, which include geology, oceanography and meteorology.

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