UGC soon to be repealed by Higher Education Commission, India


How different is the proposed HECI from the present UGC? The Higher Education Commission of will be a new avatar of UGC with a different vision, focus and commands. The University Grants Commission, India’s national overseer for higher education may be abandoned, as it stands. As said by the Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, the education regulator could be replaced by a higher education commission. The HECI  will be set up to surrogate UGC which will emphasise on promoting brilliance and facilitating the growth of the Indian education system.

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UGC soon to be repealed by Higher Education Commission, India


MCI and UGC completely outdated, worst kind of institutions: Amitabh KantEconomics Times

 “Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi has embarked on a process of reforms of the regulatory agencies for the better administration of the HE sector (sic). In a landmark decision, a draft Act for repeal of #UGC & setting up #HECI (Higher Education Commission of India) has been prepared,” Javadekar tweeted.

HECI would focus merely on students interest and academic matters.

The proposed authority will be freed of monetary funds and will solely focus on educational terms, according to the draft.

The Act will be named  The Higher Education Commission of India Act, 2019 that will be set up after dismantling the UGC Act, 1951. The draft has been circulated for feedbacks on the HRD Ministry website. The HRD Ministry has appealed to all educationists, stakeholders, sponsors and the general public for their comments and suggestions. The new draft law is likely to be scheduled in the Parliament during the monsoon session.

“There will be an Advisory Council to render advice to the Commission on matters concerning coordination and determination of standards in the country. This will be represented by the Chairpersons/Vice-Chairpersons of State Councils for Higher Education and chaired by the HRD Minister,” as mentioned in the draft law.

“The Commission shall have the power to grant authorization for starting of academic operations on the basis of their compliance with norms of academic quality. It will also have the powers to revoke authorization granting to a higher education institution where there is a case of wilful or continuous default in compliance with the norms,” it added.

The government decided to modify the commission as they felt that the UGC is mostly preoccupied with disbursing grants and is unable to focus on its other key matters including mentoring institutes, focusing on research and quality measures in the sector.

“The draft Act is in accordance with the commitment of Government for reforming the regulatory systems that provide for more autonomy and facilitate the holistic growth of the education system.” says the minister.

How different is the proposed HECI from the present UGC?

The Central Government has announced to establish a Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) in the place of the University Grants Commission (UGC). Know the Facts about same.

Particulars UGC HECI
Financial powers The main role of UGC is in the disbursement of grants to Central Universities & Institution out of its funds. Higher Education Council will specify standards for grant of authorisation to the affiliated university &  institution to run its academic operations.
Academic powers UGC is central power to promote and coordinate university education and regulate the standards of teaching, examination and research in institutions. -do-
Inspection University Grant Commission while inspecting, use to assess the financial needs and also keep checking the standards of teaching in an institution. No inspections. it will only be in prescribing norms on academic performance.
Action on bogus institutions Affiliations of colleges/ universities can be terminated. And grants to universities can be withheld. HECI will be empowered to penalise or even shut down sub-standard private universities and institutions without affecting students’ interests. Also, If the college management of the institution does not comply with the penalties, then they may land in jail for up to three years.
Composition Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and 10 members appointed by the Central government, some ex-official members and some from academia, industry. It shall comprise a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and 12 members to be appointed by the Centre, including educationists and a member of the industry.
Disputes If there will be any dispute between the Centre and the UGC on policy, the Centre prevails. The Centre prevails in case of any dispute between the HECI and Central Government policy.

What will happen to the Regular staff of UGC?

Till now UGC appointed its own staff. And the same will happen to the HECI as well. Furthermore, the present UGC staff will continue and re-trained to work on fully digital mode — without physical files — at HECI.

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